(Open) Gaming Night at the Starboard Lounge

Posted May 10, 2021, 12:58 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Reia Shandy (CIO) (Catt Bennett)

Posted by Ensign Kesh (Engineer) in (Open) Gaming Night at the Starboard Lounge
The quite simply named ‘Starboard Lounge’ was not as sought-after a place as the one gazing out the front of the ship, nor, perhaps, the ones deeper within the Genesis’s bowels where things can get rowdier at times. This made it just about ideal for the socially awkward type such as one of the ship’s newest additions, Ensign Kesh. The dim lighting around the holoprojection-equipped tables along the walls toward the back of the room is just the place to be to recover from a dizzying first ship on the bridge.

The pale light casting over the table shimmers occasionally in a very subtle representation of distant lightning that isn’t troubling to the eyes of the others in the lounge, with the occasionally faint sound of wind audible over the quiet hum of the ship and murmur of other conversations in the room. All other sound effects of the game the caitian was playing had enough tinniness to only be heard when in close proximity. The wooden texture of the floor, tiny barrels, and hay bales seemed to be that of a fantasy-style barn, while a few figures standing with constant idle animation moved about in response to Kesh’s occasional interaction. Rather than pick up and move her own game piece, she rather just sort of nudged it, while shrinking circles and glowing highlights around various objects and characters convey what she can do in her current turn, up until her nudging turns to tap at the controls on the edge of the table.

Anyone familiar with it would know Dungeons and Dragons Seventeenth Edition Solo-Adventuring by the interface and character design, other than her piece ( which looked entirely custom-made, as to be expected for most any avid player of the genre.

Why doesn’t Kesh just do this in her quarters? No doubt she could have a holo-projection table set up, and her roommates probably already have one, anyway. Then again, how does one become acclimated to a new crew by hiding away during off-hours? If nothing else, those that come this way will get a glimpse of this old cat’s hobbies.

->Kesh, Engineering

Reia decided she needed a cup of tea and time to think. Perhaps she would run into some of the bridge crew but it wasn’t a work thing so that would be fine. Anybody else she ran into would just be icing on the proverbial cake.

Stepping in, she ordered her usual mug and saw Kesh playing something rather interesting yet, vaguely familiar.

Taking her mug, she walked over and watched for a bit.

“Hey there. If you prefer a solo destress, just let me know but, that looks kind of interesting.”

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