Quarters of Reia and Dagen (Open RP op)

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Reia Shandy (CIO) in Quarters of Reia and Dagen (Open RP op)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dagen Thor (CE) in Quarters of Reia and Dagen (Open RP op)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Reia Shandy (CIO) in Quarters of Reia and Dagen (Open RP op)
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Reia was tucked up on the couch. She had pulled the blanket from the back of it and had a mug of tea in front of her on the glass top table. Several PaDDs were spread around her on the cushions and she seemed to be deep in thought.

The nice thing about living in the time she did was that, technically, one could work from anywhere. This time she wasn’t actually working, per se, she was putting together the collage of her wedding in hopes to send it to her family when communications allowed for it. It was a project she had be promising herself , and them, for quite some time.

  • Reia

It was later when Dagen got in. It was Bat’s birthday and he had received some Bolian drink that was itself a viscous, blue concoction that should have tasted like (to him) a berry flavor, but was instead closer to licorice, an earth confection. Dagen wasn’t sure that he favored it; it left a rather lingering aftertaste and was potent. The ‘quad’ of Bat, Deeg, Angel, Sebastian and himself. Not quite a ‘quad’ but Bat was insistent that everyone try it. Apparently it was some kind of social Bolian custom or so he said. They had a cake too. Angel brought that. It was a Vulcan spice cake that had pretty intense flavors too. his taste buds even now felt like they had done battle and lost.

He saw Reia surrounded by PaDD’s as though she were under siege. His eyes trailed over her and the hints of her feminine curves partially hidden by the blanket. “Hey,” he said softly, wondering if he should disrupt the formation of PaDD’s of which he was feeling no small way jealous of. Slipping over he leaned down and softly kissed her nape. He noticed her tea but who knows how old that was. “Can I get you anything?”
- Dagen

Reia rearranged the PaDDs on one side so Dagen could sit next to her if he wanted to.

“Maybe just you.”

“I think I …” was all Dagen managed before he was tugged down. In his relative state it felt a bit surreal and out of body as he landed with a soft thud.

An arm protruded from the blanket and pulled him down next to her. Leaning in, she kissed him and lurched back a bit.

“I guess I don’t have to ask how Bat’s birthday was… Honey, some Bolian drinks stay with you longer than they should. Do yourself a favor and have a cup of very strong hot tea.” she said wrinkling her nose.

  • Reia

It took a moment for him to register the reason for the sudden retreat by the look on her face. “That bad eh? And to think I turned down the Centauran nachos thinking that would help. Um, I’ll do one better. Hang on.” He squeezed Reia’s leg as he stood up, wavered slightly before heading to the lav. “What do you make of that planet we are approaching?” He pulled out the toothbrush. For all the advances in tech nothing really beat the old tried and true. “Not sure what they are doing,” he said, words a bit muffled. “What do you think?” he asked, poking his head out to see her as he talked. This kind of stuff was her wheelhouse after all. With the brush stuck in his mouth he bent over to undo his boots, letting out a sigh of pleasure from kicking them off.
- Dagen

Reia kicked off the blanket and reclined on the couch. She had faced the fact the project was over which was actually fine by her.

“I think I’d like to be boots on the ground this time to tell you the truth. I enjoy being able to gather intel from on high but I find myself starting to change my outlook a bit. I want to experience more direct contact. They seem to be at an interesting stage of their development and I would love to be there to observe it even if just for an hour.”

  • Reia

As if on cue Reia could hear the soft thud of a boot hitting the floor. His head poked out again. “That would be fun. That last away trip was interesting. They had really efficient nuclear generation systems.” A moment later another boot hit the floor. “I guess seeing what is there can be as effective as sifting a lot of information. Guess it gives you context for what you gather.” The sound of rustling was heard for some moments.

When Dagen came out he had changed into a pajama like set of trousers and a pull over shirt. His hair was more ruffled than when he had entered and he was barefoot. Stretching as he moved across the room he smiled at his wife, PaDD’s scattered like toy tanks defeated on the field. He picked up one that had slipped off the couch and set it with a clink on the table. “Three nations each working on different things. Seems like a bit of a race to me but for what I don’t know.” Squeezing in on the edge of the couch next to Reia he kissed her softly. “Kesh do okay on the bridge?” he asked.
- Dagen, CE

Reia moved about on the couch to make room for Dagen and then suddenly realized how hungry she was.

Before coming home she’d had an intensive work out then showered and pampered herself a bit before setting to her project.

Standing, the blanket slipped from her to reveal a white silk nightgown she usually wore after such endeavors. The top third was lace with a cherry blossom pattern that covered her breasts and back.

“Kesh is doing quite well actually. A bit of nerves, but she’ll find her feet. I’m starving and I need proteins.” she said walking across to the replicator.

He sat down and she got up. Oh the differences. He had offered earlier but then Reia did have her own mind. And appetites. She quite liked a higher protein diet than Dagen. As he watched her move, and that nightgown did show her move .. he recalled back in his high training times with the Olympic hopefuls that he had a much greater protein intake than he did now that was modest by most standards. “Mmmm,” he said, liking how she struck that pose at the replicator with her back to him. “She has a pretty good record but seems to struggle with confidence. Figured a bridge schedule would be good to ease her way in. Just didn’t expect there to be anything that happened. Most of the time engineers on the bridge report deathly dull shifts of parroting status reports on this or that system. But maybe this is a good thing. Gets the blood going.”

“I thin the nations are fighting for dominance of some kind. It always comes down to dominance on a planetary level. Didn’t anything happen like that on your home world love?” she asked walking back with two steaming bowls of spicy lamb stew.

“Regional issues yes, but technologically we were pretty boring compared to these people. Between corporate espionage, trade and tech we pretty much followed a similar path of experimentation for the space program.” However that was about the only similarity to Earth. They diverged in their ‘luck’ where Cochrane ran his program and flight that happened to get the Vulcan’s attention. Trill didn’t have that luck. They ran things the hard way, using their faster than light drives mostly in system as they took a lot of time to break into viable interstellar travel. “Three different paths there. That is unique. And really interesting.”

Reia set them down on the glass table and sat next to Dagen, her head immediately going to rest on his chest. She was hungry but, the food could wait, at least for five minutes.

  • Reia

When she turned with the food Dagen caught her profile and bit his lip. She always took his breath away in more ways than one. “Bet that shift was more interesting than running diagnostics on replicated air flow units.” His arms easily enfolded her. It ever surprised him as to how soft she felt against him. He wondered how he felt in return, but he wasn’t complaining. Fingers slid through her hair. “Smells good,” he said, merging his olfactory senses between her and the stew. Both had their own spice.
- Dagen

Reia looked up and laughed at her husband. She caught his eye and knew the scent of the food wasn’t the only thing on his mind. She hoped that it would always be this way between them. She hoped they would always be able to be playful and serious at the same time. Her minbd had a tendency to wander decades down the road when it really should never do such a thing.

“Um… Sorry. What? Damn, daydreaming again.”

  • Reia

Dagen still had shop on his mind as well as the here and now. It could hardly be helped. Reia had a way of taking him out of himself. Admittedly he silently thanked her pheromones. Even days when he was frustrated with work and what happened on shift those pheromones had a way of clearing the work cobwebs from his mind to focus on what mattered in the then and now. However he was still in that intrigued moment, and with fingers absently playing through her soft hair that he could tell was freshly washed, he smiled. “I said, something smells good,” he said, then, “Those, I’ll call them, alien satellites are interesting. Someone else is watching them. I wonder why. Energy not far off from Klingon tech at least in an outward scan. Can’t tell much without taking one of them apart. Did you get anything from the transmission?”
- Dagen

Reia sighed and sat close to Dagen so that he could keep one arm around her if he wanted to. Pulling one bowl of stew onto her lap, she began to eat voraciously. Strenuous workouts always mead her terribly hungry. There would be time for her daydreams later. Truthfully, they were heading down a dark corridor and she really didn’t want to go there right now.

“We’re working on all of that. I’m really interested to find out what it’s all about to tell you the truth but, think of it this way Dagen, why do we watch other races that are less developed than we are? Couldn’t another species have the same thought for better or worse? Whomever these satellites belong to might want to kow how technologically advanced this race is for a variety of reasons. The list is endless don’t you think?”

As the list of reasons played out in Reia’s mind she sat in silence, leaning against her husband. He felt good and solid against her, one of the few constants in her personal universe.

  • Reia

Dagen had on occasion felt that it was not a wise thing to get between his wife and her food lest one become that, rather than dessert. He appreciated the down time too like this. No pressures and could just let out the stresses of the day. He stretched his legs out and wiggled his toes while rotating his feet at the ankles. As good as boot tech was it was always good to get out of them. He smiled to himself thinking that Reia had mentioned a similar thing with certain undergarments. His eyes strayed along the ceiling, his head resting on the upward curve of the couch; Reia was comfortably settled. Her question intrigued him.

“Surrel, Thor’s first host was in science in Starfleet. They had come upon a first contact situation that never happened. The initial scans that they thought were warp trails in the system were in fact trails from a comet that had passed along the atmosphere. Between the contact and the composition of the tail it mimicked a warp trail. The Euripides hung around for some time afterward taking scans.” He put his feet up on the edge of the glass table away from Reia’s mug. “He thought much the same thing. Why this infatuation with eavesdropping on developing cultures? He figured that it was because Earth had such a time of it that others needed to be watched and protected like some parent clandestinely watching their child do something. Surrel thought it was patronizing to do that especially if it was within the territorial area of the Federation.”

“Why watch with satellites like these?” is a good question. “If it was insidious what is the purpose of watching when they could just invade? Unless,” Dagen mused, a thought coming to his mind, “three different technologies so different in development. What if they dropped in that tech concept to each of the nation states there to see what happens and how they work and what they develop? A kind of cultural technological experiment as it were.”
- Dagen

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