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The comm channels on that ship began to be active using rather simple encryption.

=/\=You are to leave! =/\= came the voice rather suddenly after about a minute of silence. =/\=We know that you have been spying on us. We destroyed a spying device that you sent quite a number of cycles ago. Your aggressive need to acquire territory will be your undoing.=/\=

OOC: Remember that Pallas had sent a kind of probe that was eventually destroyed …?


OOC: Thanks for the reminder, but I’m still not clear… didn’t the probe wreck itself?
OOC: I ‘think’ there were two probes .. there was one wrecked but I think the second one had got away and we either didn’t pursue it or lost the trail. .. Gene

=^=We ask with all due courtesy, You have failed to identify yourself, so we have no way of knowing who you are and if this is your space. Please clarify your identity and your claim to this space. Again I am Captain Marius of the United Federation of Planets… =^=

Marius looked over to his XO. He had at least 90 minutes to be stubborn. “Given their tone, I can only imagine that don’t have the patience to wait for their reinforcements.”


The first officer simply nodded and waited for the alien’s reply.

As the CO was speaking the other ships were desperately trying to scan the Genesis.

=/\=We are Lesscoo. You are trespassing on Lesscoo territory. Unless you leave at once, we will consider you spying on us from the United Federation of Planets.=/\=

As the Lesscoo were speaking, the sensors picked up indications of activity in the Lesscoo system.


Marius looked over at the name Lesscoo…

Magnus blinked at the response, did they not have sensors or were they simply overconfident in themselves. He turned to the Captain and spoke in hushed tones “Perhaps inviting them to learn more about us would work. They are not much of a threat per se but knowing next to nothing about them is not great. If their comment regarding the subjugation is anything to go by I’d say we’ve put them in a panic.”


Marius’ only outward acknowledgement of the XO comment was a slight tilt of his head. =^=We are not spies. Spies do not announce themselves, as you know. If anything we are ambassadors. Can you please transmit the basis of your claims of this space, the borders of your claimed area so we don’t intrude, and lets exchange ambassadors so we can form formal diplomatic relations. We are ready to have you take an ambassador aboard right now. If you have one available.=^=


Reia wondered if this was going to be a full exchange and whom they would send over if it was.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

=/\=We prefer to be alone. Please leave. Our borders will be transmitted.=/\=

The coordinates sent showed a very elementary idea of what borders meant. The borders were basically two systems: the system they were in and the Lesscoo system. Considering that their sensors were rudimentary compared the Genesis, they were probably not able to understand the data that their sensors were obtaining.


Magnus moved to a console and looked at the borders and frowned as he returned to the Captain “Just two systems, their home system presumably and this one” He said in hushed tones. He was thinking as fast as he could, he wanted to do something, to act but he knew they didn’t have enough information to butt their heads in but subjugating a pre-warp civilization was abhorrent to him. He released the white-knuckled fist he had formed without noticing and smoothed his hands on his pants. He looked at Reia “Pick up anything more from their communications to their home?” He asked the Intelligence Chief in the same hushed tones.


Reia had been monitoring communications closely with just that question in mind.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

Except for reports to the Lesscoo system about what had been happening at the moment, and reports about the status of their ships’ status, there was nothing out of the ordinary. The peculiar thing was that there was no replies from the system since the Lesscoo made contact with the Genesis.

“That’s less than a couple of light years from here.” He looked over to the XO. “Do you think they would even notice if we put a landing party down by transporter and the warp to a safe distance? They would be able to find some stuff out and settle this situation down.”

“Ideas… Most ideas are welcome.” He smirked to himself. He couldn’t bring himself to say no ideas were stupid, because some were.


OOC: Actually, they are less than a light year away, more like just 28 billion kilometres away.


Reia furrowed her brow for a few seconds then spoke up.

“Sir, the home system isn’t responding to any of the ship’s transmissions and what they’re sending back is fairly basic. It doesn’t make sense to me yet.” she said returning to her studies.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

OOC: Key … Messages from Lesscoo system stopped once contact was made with Genesis …


OOC: But the planet were are above, these aren’t the same race… certainly not the same tech. What are our results from monitoring their transmissions.

OOC: Sorry. Misunderstood CIO’s remarks ....

IC: The planet below was unaware of the situation brewing way above their atmosphere. Their comms were about their daily life and the small economic battles within the continents and the political battles between the different factions. There was an uneasy peace but no party was willing to take any aggressive steps.


Magnus suppressed a grimace, this truly was something odd “Well it looks like we’ve put them in a slight panic, I’m not certain how pushy we can be with these people but I do think we should discover what we can about what they are doing. I don’t know if sending a team on the Planet is the safest course of Action.”


Marius still waiting for some opinions beyond the XO. “Here’s the issue as I see it.” He looked at the ship on his bow. “If we are indeed within their borders… and its quite possible we are, we have no standing to stop them from doing anything they want. Our moral compass doesn’t apply to other races and realms. We can, perhaps, argue that we don’t recognize their borders and therefore we can do whatever we want.” He shrugged. “Not that I’m opposed to doing that, because I’ve never liked bullies....”


Reia had done a vast amount of reading both historical and more recent, on many different facets of Star Fleet. In her opinion it was what a good CIO did to pass the time.

“I’m going to venture to say that that argument has been made before. You wouldn’t be wrong in doing it again sir. Just look how far out we are.” she said with a raised eyebrow and slight smile before turning back to her station. She didn’t like bullies either.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

OOC: The situation is that there is one race claiming to be masters of another, but there is no indication of the latter race being aware of the presence of the former. Remember that the more advanced race seems to be spying rather than monitoring a subdued race....


A light flashed on Reia’s console .. from Dagen. It was a sensor summary. =^= Homeworld 28 billion km away. Planet hot. 50C. Underground society a good km down. Surface structures are huge skylights. Underground factories, Crops. Ship launches from underground hangars to a small moon that has shipyards. =^=
- Dagen, CE

Without anything to add to the ongoing situation, Ensign Kesh continued monitoring the Engineering console with an ear tilted to listen to what all was going on. It reminded her mildly of one incident in the Gamma Quadrant back on the USS Athene so many year ago, which further reminded her of how familiar she already is with bridge activity. Why was she so nervous and uneasy, as though genuinely green at doing this? Perhaps she was approaching this like she would a holonovel, acting the fresh-faced ensign, since that’s what everyone else likely expects. Hmm.

->Kesh, Engineering

“It is virtually impossible that we showed up right about when they were planning to invade.” Marius didn’t believe in coincidences. Nor did he care for the term subjugate.

OOC: You must remember that they were monitoring a planet on the verge of discovering warp. What would cause a sudden shift from just monitoring to subjugate?


=^=Before we leave, a question.=^= Marius paused. =^=Could you please define the word subjugate?=^= A loaded question if he ever asked one.


Reia relayed the information that Dagen had given her to the Captain and the XO.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

The Lesscoo reply was made in a slightly higher pitch. =/\=Why? What message have you intercepted? How …=/\= The voice trailed off and the ship started powering up its weapons.


Dagen transmitted the information to the bridge - tactical and to Reia. =^= M-AM propulsion fusion generated. Stable but for limited speed and output. Weapons are laser with spatial torpedoes. Shields low grade graviton. They’re challenging the wrong people. Phasers across the bow to shut them down before they get hurt? =^=
- Dagen, CE

Tom stepped forward to stand next to Marius.

“We’re well beyond their capabilities to deal with. Where before we were toeing up to the line in regards to Federation law, it has become an instance of responding to aggression in kind if you prefer. Once they powered weapons, they released you from the shackles of the prime directive.”

  • Tom, IntSec

Reia could never remember the man’s name, but she had to agree.

“Considering the information we just received, I would have to agree with… With… Commander Bugbear. Yes, that’s it.”

  • Reia, CIO/COMS

Five seconds after the weapons were fully charged, the Lesscoo ships trained their targets on the warp nacelles of the Genesis. However, they did not discharge their weapons. The time passed the 15 second mark and they did not discharge weapons.


Shortly after that Dagen sent up more information to the Bridge. =^= They can’t shoot through their shields. They need to lower their shields to fire their lasers. They might be thinking we must do the same. Suggest a warning shot from us firing ‘through’ our shields to show that we have the upper hand and it would behoove them to talk rather than fight? =^=
- Dagen, CE

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