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As the lt. went to the mess hall he knew that it was time for something to eat in his life. He went to the replicator and said “Blueberry Bannana Pancakes and earl grey tea hot.” He said to the computer. He then took his tray and his cup and sat down at a table and think and thinks. He decides to read something as well.

Lt. Angel.

The mess hall was empty. It’s sterile facility setting under the glare of harsh fluorescent quality lighting. It was a place rarely frequented by anyone outside of Maintenance entering on occasion to clean it.

An Tellarite NE was currently wiping down the tables while his mop bucket stood in the corner.

“Excuse me sir, is the lounge closed or something?” he asked.

NE Torg

“Oh no of course not. Please sit join us.” The Lt was happy to see someone else to talk to. He was surprised about it as well as he smiled.

Lt. Angel

“No thank you sir.” NE Torg replied, “I mean if the lounge isn’t closed, not only might you find it more comfortable than here, but there will definitely be more of the crew there… Unless you don’t like crowds or something.”

  • NE Torg

“Oh heh. Yeah I don’t mind crowds. It’s just I’m not used to being around so many people. But I’d love too though. So I don’t think that the lounge is closed. Why do you ask?” He asked.

CSO Angel

“Oh I was just surprised to see anyone down here.” Torg replied simply.

  • NE Torg

“oh yeah. Makes sense to me honestly.” It’s unusual I know. But it’s a place that I like to get away from work.” He said.


Torg nodded.

“Unfortunately nowhere I go is away from work, not even my own quarters.” Torg said.

  • NE Torg, Maintenance

“Well if you’d like you can sit here and join us. We are off duty not doing anything at all. So if you’d like you can join us.” The lt said to NE Torg.


NE Torg squinted at Lucas and looked around the room.

“You keep saying us but, besides me, you’re the only one here.” Torg looked around again, “Is there someone or something here that I’m just not seeing?”

  • NE Torg

“I do apologize. Please join me. I’m actually not used to sitting with anyone.” He said as he apologized. “I like to know others.” He added.


Torg smiled as only a Tellarite can.

“I have too much work to sit and talk. We can talk while I work if you like.”

  • NE Torg

“Of course.” He smiled.


Torg continued to clean as he spoke.

“I assume you’re new here as no-one else has been down here in a long time. What do you do here?”

  • NE Torg

“Yeah. I’m new here. I’m the chief science officer on board.” He said to NE Torg as he smiled.


“Too technical for this old brain.” Torg said, “Well, if no0one else has said it yet, welcome aboard.”

  • NE Torg

“Thank you. I appreciate that.” He said to NE Torg. As he smiled.


“So, do you have a specialty?” Torg asked.

  • NE Torg

“Specialty? The only specialty I have is in science.” He replied.


Torg laughed.

“I mean do you have a particular area of science you’re strongest in? Particle physics, relativistic theory, exo or xeno biology, stellar crucible, etcetera?”

  • NE Torg

“All of it actually. I don’t have a specific one.” He said to Torg. Knowing that he knows a lot of science means he is someone that does all of it.


Torg’s eyes went wide and he took a long inhale.

“Ah, then a prodigy you are.” he said in what seemed an amazed whisper.

  • NE Torg

“Well I am more of person that loves science my friend. I never let that go.” He inhaled and exhaled.


Torg waved a hand dismissively.

“I know nothing of science.” a strange comment from someone who just named off a few advanced fields of science so easily, “I just know cleaning.” he said pointing to the nearly surgical sterile mess hall.

  • NE Torg

“Well cleaning is a very good job especially for someone like you.” He said. “It’s a job that most people doesn’t like.” He added


Torg stopped cold and looked at Lucas.

“Someone like me as in Tellarites or are you insinuating something more personal?” Torg asked.

  • NE Torg

“No Torg I’m not insulting you. I was actually in your shoes when I was younger. So it’s nothing bad about you.” He said.

The Mess hall doors opened and Kalos, the new engineering ensign walked in and ordered an aldeberian whisky from the replicator. As the Tellarite and the other person who he assumed could only be the CSO were the only people in the mess hall, Kalos made his way over to the table. “Can I join you?”

-Ensign Onovren, engineer

“Please sit Ensign .” He offered the ensign to sit.


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