A Three Hour Tour, a three hour tour - opens

Posted Aug. 10, 2022, 4:42 p.m. by Lieutenant Tom Jarvis (Internal Security) (David Bennett)

Posted by Captain Calvin Marius (Captain) in A Three Hour Tour, a three hour tour - opens
For out temporary enjoyment

Space was a large, empty, lonely… hence the very name, space. So vast the very fact one object was even, on any semblance, of an intercept course with another object was considered so uncommon as to be proof of intelligent intent. The Viking was several weeks out from its last port of call, days since they had last scanned another star-ship, and the randomness of the Universe was coming into play or so it seemed.

At a range that was startling close for an object to suddenly appear, under a light year, was a metallic husk, moving at a fraction of light speed at what was for all intents and purposes a collision course, in about 8 hours.

(anyone can pick this up)

Tom pulled out his PaDD and cross referenced the object to see if there might be a reference in the Star Fleet and IntSec databases.

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