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“Impressive facility,” was all he said out loud.


Reia stood next to Thomas taking copious notes. She was using other less obvious surveillance techniques as well but that was just the nature of the position.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

“Thank you,” said a rather small woman in a yellow overcoat. She was walking ahead a man and a woman. “We did have to make a few alterations when we realised the risks if we did not get the matter-antimatter mixture right.”

“This is Director Beth,” introduced Menn. Turning to the Director, he said, “These are the visitors that have arrived on our planet.”

“Welcome to Comm,” she announced rather solemnly. “That is what we call our planet. Our continent is Mezzo.”


“Nice to meet you, Director. I’m Lieutenant Commander Thomas McGregor of the United Federation of Planets, currently posted aboard the Starship Genesis. With me are Lieutenant Reia Shandy, our communications specialist, and Lieutenant Ben Park, a security officer,” Thomas said. “We’re on a mission of exploration in this area of space, and noticed the after-effects of some of your tests. Mr. Menn was kind enough to allow us to observe your next one personally.”


Ben nodded at the introduction. That five hour trek reminded Ben of how Appalachia is like with terrain. “Mezzo seems to be very big with terrain. How big is it?”


According to the sensors of the Genesis and the information from the planet, it was the size of Australia.

Reia looked up from her notes and smiled pleasantly. She also shifted positions slightly, being seated for five hours in a ground transport vehicle had her lower back complaining a bit but, a half hour in the hands of a capable husband would probably fix that. That thought got her wondering if her Orion pheromones were having any effect on the males of this new species.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

The director was cordial. “Actually, we are all very excited. We have always theorised that there were other beings from beyond our solar system but we have never actually met one until now. We have had reports of possible alien visitations but the evidence had always been rather sketchy. I would love to sit down and talk about your worlds, however, the launch will be happening in less than an hour and we have to check and double check everything. Could you please excuse us?”


“Of course,” Thomas demurred. “I’m sure Mr. Menn will keep us out of the way while you go about your final checks,” he said.

‘I’d love to see that evidence,’ Thomas thought to himself. ‘And cross-check it with what the Genny was able to get of these would-be conquerors next door.’


The minutes passed relatively slowly but soon it was the one minute countdown.

The away team was sent to the control room. There were monitors showing the exterior where the launch pad was. There were also cameras in the cockpit showing the three pilots and the instrument panels. The plan was to launch the ship to escape velocity and once reaching the margins of the atmosphere, the ship will fire up its warp engines to test the speed that it would reach.

The countdown began at the 30 second mark. At the 15 second mark, the launch engines were started and at the zero mark, the order lift-off was given and the ship moved slowly off the ground.

It took just under 9 minutes for the ship to reach the atmosphere. There were checks conducted on the warp engines and after about two minutes, the okay was given to power up the warp engines. It took about 40 seconds for the warp engine to create a warp field and the ship was propelled forward. The instrumentation showed the increase of speed. It took about 30 seconds to reach the speed of light.

The ground crew roared with cheers of their successful launch of the first ship reaching light speed without the effects of time dilation!


Ben pulled his PaDD out discretely to send a coded message to Thomas “Commander, we need to find out if they are developing weapons in here as well.”


Thomas smiled grimly at the message. “In time,” he quickly sent back.

He looked back to Reia. “Was the Genny monitoring their flight as well?” he asked.


The ship fired its warp engines and travelled for five minutes and it shot about 90 million kilometres away. Then it turned around and came back to about 500 kilometres off from its original position. The director and the technicians cried out in joy at what was seen as a success to their efforts in constructing an engine that could travel faster than the speed of light.


Reia shook her head.

“Not that I’m aware of sir.”

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

Thomas did his best to not start. As far as he could tell, they were back in orbit. They must be monitoring…

Shaking it off, he said “I need to talk to the Captain. This has turned into a proper first contact now, and I’m willing to admit I’m rather out of my depth. We need at least the XO down here, plus an engineer.”


“Agreed. You should probably do that before this gets much further.” she said quietly.

-Reia, CIO/Comms

Thomas nodded, and headed for a (relatively) quiet corner.

=/\=McGregor to Genesis, calling for the Captain.=/\=


=^=Yes, Mister McGregor, Go for the Captain,” Calvin responded.

Marius CO

<After talk with CO>

The director, Beth, moved towards the away team, her face beaming. She spoke jubilantly, “Was that a successful flight or not?”


“Bravo ma’am. It seems to have met your expectations. Congratulations.” Reia said.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

Ben’s uneasy feeling about the test flight was quite disguised. Ben applauded at the achievement that this had happened successfully. At the same time, he was concerned about any other tests performing done at this facility. He felt it best to not mention any concern about his baseless feelings of concern. He needed more information to determine if staying here any longer is possible or not.


Beth came forward and said, “The rest of the test is routine. The ship coming back to our facility can be monitored by the other staff. Now, how can I be of service?”


She looked around and said, “Perhaps I can start first … I am dying to know: Where do you come from?


“We come from very far away and not all of us are from the same place.”

Reia knew she was being vague but, the intel officer in her was still a bit leary of giving too many details.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

“To be a little more specific, the planet our government is on is located several million light years coreward from here,” Thomas added.

OOC: I think we are, anyway. We’re in the unexplored bits of the beta quadrant, right?

=^=Away Team this is the Captain is there a receiving site for a diplomatic team of three?=^= This was the Captain’s way of figuring out where he could beam down without freaking out the locals and to alert everyone to the size of the joining team.


=^=Captain this is Lieutenant Park stand by=^= “our Captain would like to travel to see this facility with your permission of course.”



=^=Okay, Lieutenant, Standing By.=^= Marius was a little confused it wasn’t 10 minutes ago they asked for someone with a little more diplomatic experience.


The scientist, Beth, looked very intrigued by the whole exchange but said nothing. From what she gathered, something wonderful was going to happen.


OOC: So cleared to beam down?

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