A Three Hour Tour, a three hour tour - opens

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For out temporary enjoyment

Space was a large, empty, lonely… hence the very name, space. So vast the very fact one object was even, on any semblance, of an intercept course with another object was considered so uncommon as to be proof of intelligent intent. The Viking was several weeks out from its last port of call, days since they had last scanned another star-ship, and the randomness of the Universe was coming into play or so it seemed.

At a range that was startling close for an object to suddenly appear, under a light year, was a metallic husk, moving at a fraction of light speed at what was for all intents and purposes a collision course, in about 8 hours.

(anyone can pick this up)

“Sir,” a voice called out from the bridge. “There seems to be something on long-range scans that came out of nowhere. Metal hull…moving at a fraction of light speed but on a collision course with us in 8 hours. My best guess is it dropped out of warp. No guess as to what it is.”

Tom pulled out his PaDD and cross referenced the object to see if there might be a reference in the Star Fleet and IntSec databases.

  • Tom, IntSec

Vanessa pursed her lips before taking a sip of her coffee as she replayed an earlier conversation in her head. You will be fine. Nothing happens on the graveyard shift and if it does you can talk it into submission or death. Vanessa laughed when the Captain had said this to her at the staff meeting. Yes, she was command staff and yes she was as green as a first-year cadet when it came to sitting on the bridge. Counselors were often on the bridge when something was happening but they typically never sat in the big chair for any purpose. She was here simply to get some feel of it and to cover Ensign Rios who was currently on shore leave so that Calvin and Magnus did not have to work twelve hours shifts for the weekend. Her finger hovered over the comm button to call the XO or the CO to the bridge but stopped. They would ask for details so until she could give them something besides ‘we found a ship in space’ Vanessa focused on drinking her coffee and gathering intel.

“Can you scan it for life signs and extrapolate where it might have originated from?” Vanessa started to replay back a thousand commands she had heard Magnus and Calvin issue when she was zoning out in the seat beside them.

Vanessa Slade CNS

Scans would reveal minimal power levels. So low in fact, it was clear that was the reason why the ship wasn’t picked up at all. If not for the relatively close position there would have been little chance of picking it up.

The scans would not reveal life signs but at this distance that was not surprising, but what seemed to reveal the lack of life was the cold temperature of the ship. It was approximately 50 degrees below zero Celsius. However the ship was not completely dead as when the long range scanner swept the ship, it turned slightly placing itself on a reciprocal course to the sensor beam and thus on an intercept course fo the Genesis.

It also started sending a series of pictographs with paired series of symbols.


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