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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dagen Thor (CE) in Main Sim - Transporter Room

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dagen Thor (CE) in Main Sim - Transporter Room
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Dagen, Kalos and Deeg entered the transporter room. It was manned by Ebenezer Finch, a slim, slightly bent figure who was also strikingly bald. He was a petty officer who, Dagen would say, came with the ship. Looking aged, he could have been in the first iteration of the Genesis, whatever that was and when. Finch could have been a statue, but slowly turned his head at their approach.

“Status, Chief?” Dagen asked.

“Transporters on line, on standby. Is there a problem?” His eyes moved from one to the other thinking three present was a veritable invasion of his sanctum. Stepping aside to let Dagen look, he scanned the controls.

“Some possible problem with the away mission. We need to hold a lock on them.” Dagen worked the controls, seeking to find that contact.

Dagen, CE

They were able to lock onto the away team. There were certain compensations that needed to be done as they were now underground. Fortunately, there were not materials around them that could effectively block the transporter signal.


Dagen looked at each of the ‘blips’ marking the Away Team and their identities. With a start he realized that his wife was one of them. So much for communication, or his memory. But the signals were good. “Deeg, do a geo-analysis of the area of the team, say a kilometer around them and isolate any areas that may be problematic for transporting.” Maybe he was being a bit paranoid but best be safe.
Deeg shuffled to a wall display. “I’ll add a factor in of probable routes away from their present location.”
Finch moved over to the right of the transporter pad where another bank of readouts were. The way he moved it was more like a mortuary worker. “I will run power simulations and beam integrity for depth in the event we need to dig deeper to get them out.”
Dagen, CE & Company

“Looks good for any reasonable distance, Chief,” Deeg said, letting Dagen view the geo-analysis.

“But look what’s going on upstairs,” he said. “We’ve got a real-time Zefram Cochrane going on here.” He tapped at a second screen he had up which they all crowded around to see, well, all but for Finch who shrugged and moved to the transporter controls.
- Dagen, CE & Company

Bump ..

It didn’t take too long for the excitement of this to move from a ‘wow’ to a ‘okay, they’re on their way back and will be okay unless something really not good happened onboard. “Commander,” Finch said. It sounded a bit like Death calling one ‘home’. Dagen shivered. “We’re getting a note from the bridge. Someone may be beaming down to join the away team. Shall I plot out possible beaming locations?”

Dagen tried to think of what they were doing and looked at the plot of the away team. “Plot a location protocol near the away team and another just out of sight of the aliens.”

“Very good, Commander,” Finch said.
- Dagen, CE

The vessel reached the upper atmosphere of the planet and gravity took over. As it descended the hull temperature increased. The material of the hull was not able to take the heat for an extended amount of time. Just as a meltdown was going to occur, a set of thrusters activated and slowed down the descent, preventing a total meltdown of the vessel. Just as it reached 2500 metres, another set of thrusters came on to slow down the vessel even more and guide the vessel in a general horizontal flight path with a slight decline. The vessel was led thus to the launch site.


“Making a re-entry,” Deeg said from the screen, pulling Dagen away from the potential transport down. Finch didn’t need him hanging over his shoulder in finding beam down options. “Look at those temperatures. What were they thinking? It’s burning up.” He glanced over to Dagen who was almost at a point of saying .. ‘Finch, emergency transport’ .. when ..

“Thrusters!” Deeg exclaimed. “They couldn’t have cut that any closer. This isn’t an Apollo mission but a warp test. They could do better for safety margins. That thing almost burned up.” He was not sounding impressed. “Getting too old for seeing things that close.” They watched as the second set of thrusters came on. Dagen agreed, though. They had those thrusters. They didn’t have to cut it that close to disaster on their re-entry.

“Condition of the pilot?” he asked. There was automatic thruster systems and there was life support, shielding and the likes. The ships automatics could still fire even if the astronaut was crispy.

“I’ll check,” Deeg said, tapping at the controls to switch from visual and status to life signs scans.
Dagen, CE

Bump ..

There were no life signs as there was no pilot, and everything seemed to be via preprogrammed procedures.


“Unmanned,” Deeg said, letting out a quick breath.

Dagen couldn’t help but feel a little cheated. Such a thing - a warp trip the first time perhaps - and it was an unmanned test. It seemed to take the excitement out of it. No Cochrane to come home to with fanfare. Still, Earth’s tests were an experiment out of a time of turmoil. This was another world where things could be done with greater safety constraints. He couldn’t help, though, to contain his disappointment at witnessing a manned test. “Well, baby steps,” he said. “Hopefully instrumentation will show a success.”

Dagen, CE

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