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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Reia Shandy (C Intelligence -Comm Officer) in Dagen and Reia’s Quarters

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dagen Thor (CE) in Dagen and Reia’s Quarters

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Reia Shandy (C Intelligence -Comm Officer) in Dagen and Reia’s Quarters
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Dagen shifted about the room rubbing a towel through his hair. Dressed in his housecoat Dagen was distracted in his thoughts. There was a lot going on in engineering at the moment with shift rotations, assessments and revamping PM protocols. With all that, he was still, in the shower, mentally comparing ‘water’ with ‘sonic’. While the one was efficient, water just plain felt better. So too, there was that other thing.

It was a topic that was the, how do the Terrans put it, elephant in the room. The investment question that his parents had dropped on them. It was incredibly generous but it was causing them strain. Twice before they’d brought it up but it had been left hanging in the ‘I still need to think about it’ cloud. Reia was ‘channel surfing’ - a term that had never gotten old apparently - on a tablet. He plunked himself down near her, still working his hair. Could they not in this century find something that would more quickly suck up the water than standard issue towels? The smell of their supper was still in the air mixed with tea mugs on the table.

“I have been doing a little thinking on mom’s offer. I was wondering if you had any ideas yet.” He winced inwardly. The ‘yet’ didn’t sounds so good.
- Dagen

Reia put ehr PaDD down and turned to her husband. Perhaps it was time to give this subject her full attention and stop side stepping.

“Not really. It’s a question I never thought I’d have to deal with so I don’t even know where to start and I’m actually not sure if I want to start. I have so much going on here right now.” Reia said tapping a PaDD she used for work. It was overflowing with charts and half finished files.

“Yeah, I’d not thought it would come up. I’d figured that the two houses were going to be there and that we’d have the pick of one between us and Deela, but that idea hit a black hole,” he agreed. He glanced at the PaAD and frowned. While he tended to read trade journals he tried to leave work at the end of the shift. Reia wasn’t like that but seemed to feel she needed to finish things up. That was a dilemma of technology and work. This was the ‘Navy’ but all the same, it was a job.

“Then there’s you telling me about everything going on in Engineering at speeds so fast my head spins. I just don’t think we have time to talk about dirt.”

  • Reia

Hmm. Point noted, Dagan said mentally. Less shop talk. Maybe more general gossip about the people he worked with would interest Reia. More ‘intel’ and all that. “I’ve been living and working in space longer than I’ve been on a world. ‘Dirt’ as you call it is not on my sensors either. But neither would it be good to think we’re going to be out here all the time.” In his mind he had been imagining them doing this piece of land and building it up and going there on some leaves and adding to it and everything to make it their place for when that time came when they bade space farewell. “Can we at least try to narrow it down to a world?”

Reia shifted positions and pulled her thick robe more tightly around her. Their quarters were running a bit cool for her liking at the moment and she wasn’t really in the mood to fight Dagen about temperatures.

Well if that wasn’t a defensive gesture he didn’t know what would be, Dagen thought, rather oblivious to the cabin temperature and focused on the ‘problem’. He was trying not to see Reia as the problem here. He was equally at fault for dithering. He had gotten the equivalent of a 24th century text from his father recently suggesting his mother was going to soon be asking about it and if they’d come up with anything. That had spurred him on. To be fair his parents ‘had’ given them some time to think about it. He could tell they were excited to make the offer. It was only natural to want to see what they - Dagen and Reia - had come up with.

“I’m not sure if we can decide on a world when I’m not even certain how long we’ll be able to spend on it. It’s all just too complicated. Who would the house revert back to? Yours or mine? I know that the part of you that is Thor can’t have anything to do with me when you move to another host but that might be tomorrow if there’s some catastrophic accident and that’s the only way to save the symbiont. Then I’m left on some world with some big empty house while some part of the man I love is out there, somewhere, building a new life.”

This was more than Reia had intended to say and she fell silent,

  • Reia

He had a flash of Rossel, his brother, and the accident on the Enterprise E those years ago. Unconsciously he touched the spot where he had himself been impaled and nearly killed himself. Death could come very easily out in space. But this was a little rankling to him. Reia was giving majority stock options to Thor, not him. “I married you. Thor was along for the ride, an unseen groomsman. It is my life that is with you. My being. When Thor moves on to a new host at some time he moves on. And with it a kind of .. hell, a kind of data backup of my memories goes with him, an internal and external drive as it were. That’s not me. Its someone who knows me.” He tapped his head in short stabs, showing his irritation. “But this is me, Reia. Yes, something can happen. I may die. Or I may not until I am old and grey-er. The house is a gift to us. Us. And, if by chance there is only one of us left because of .. something, then it belongs to the other to do with as they want. Live there. Sell it. Rent it out. Whatever. That is a big ‘if’ that you are making bigger than it needs to be. Here’s another one. If we don’t do this then where are we going to live post Starfleet? We’ve gotta live somewhere.” Somewhere in his mind, or perhaps Thor, was reminding him that he was rather missing the point about Reia being afraid amongst other emotions, but she had poked at one of his rarely seen buttons.

Reia knew that he was right but Dagen was a joined Trill and definitely not in her shoes. She had heard a few rumors about symbionts behaving badly, all kinds of problems kept hush hush. Perhaps Dagen had forgot that he married an Intelligence officer.

“Logically I’m sure you’re right however, this isn’t a logical situation from my point of view. This is about as life altering as marrying you was for me. Hence it is not something I can just jump into even if you, or any of your relatives, think this pretty new family member has had quite enough time to think about it. If you’re so keen to get this damned process started why don’t you research half a dozen planets? I guess you know well enough by now to figure out something I’d like. I think that I would prefer it to be close enough to Earth for my grandparents to come visit easily. They’re getting a bit up in years for Humans and if they’re still here, by the time we’ve reached this mythical retirement, I’d like to be able to have them visit quite often.”

Dagen thought that was unfair. Looking at this and finding something was something he had wanted to look at together and explore, even if it took time to do it. But Reia seemed just uninterested. Did she think she was going to work forever? The way she was sounding by the time she had considered a possible retirement her elderly parents would no longer be around. That seemed a contradiction and, to Dagen, an emotional reaction. Still, it tugged at his own emotions to spark a reaction and he bristled. A potential home was not life altering – maybe leave altering were they to go there on it – but hardly life altering while they worked in space. And they have had time. They’ve just not thought of it. He frowned, words coming in a burble in his mind but nothing coherent coming forth or forming in his head.

Reia paused and looked back down at the work she had been attempting to finish that evening. Looking up she sighed again in frustration.

“Computer, raise temperature five degrees celsius.” she said before glancing back at Dagen.

“And can it be a little warmer than the current temperature of our quarters? I’m kind of tired of wearing my winter clothes.” she snipped.

  • Reia

He looked up at that. Was it really that cold in here? The uniforms moderated the temperatures well. Perhaps that was why he wasn’t feeling much difference. “Yeah, well, I can do that,” he murmured, somewhat inconclusive on what he was actually going to look at. At least he could do something. He shifted over to the workstation and sat down and brought up temperature controls.

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