Planet Middle Continent

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This was something Reia had missed being on the planet as she was. She also had a feeling things weren’t completely as they seemed here on this lovely little world. Luckily all would be noted for her to review later.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

“What do you mean?” asked Menn curiously.

“They mean,” said Beth, “that there have been outworlders who have been observing us unnoticed. It would not be far fetched to assume that there technology is more advanced than ours. Even our visitors here have landed on our planet unnoticed.”


“True enough, technology allows for observations that may not be noticed. But some races, like these Lessco, have made a claim on your planet. Apparently to them, your planet is theirs to possess.” Calvin said bluntly. He wasn’t going to pretend that the Lessco is anything more than what they had displayed themselves to be.

“To be blunt, we indicated that we wanted to see what your position on this was before we allowed… well they called it domination.”


Hold up. Wait a minute did you just say before we allow domination? Okay, I have a three o’clock that just opened up on my schedule to discuss how we are not going to just let that happen regardless of what two Messi say. Looking at Marius, Vanessa tried not to let her expression show she was taken back a bit by Calvin’s bluntness. At times the man had such a poker face, Vanessa wasn’t sure if he was going to capitulate or shove a boot on someone’s keister. There was no way he would just step aside and let the Lesscoo run roughshod over this planet.

“Um…excuse me,” Vanessa held up a finger as if they were in school and she was about to ask the teacher a question. “Can we um circle back for a hot minute from the domination topic and whether you will be waving Messi Magenta or Lesscoo Lavender flags next month? You are giving me the impression that it is no big deal whatsoever for a group of people to materialize out of thin air and say hello I’m Vanessa, this is Cal, Reia, and Tom. Welcome to the Galactic neighborhood. Now Menn here,” Vanessa gestured to the woman, “has the actual position in your government as liaison to off-worlders because Beth,” Vanessa gestured, “stated that the government once they left the atmosphere is investigating atmospheric hoaxes. Soooo,” she let the words drift from her lips giving Beth and Menn a minute to process what she was saying and come up with a response. Whether it was the truth or a lie didn’t really matter to her. Both would give Vanessa insights into the Messi mindset.

“So why is there no hub bub with our arrival right out here in the open? I mean there has not been one pause, eye blink, peppering of questions, or sound of security rolling up on us? I get that you and Menn here might have been expecting us but,” Vanessa gestured around her, “if we are your first alien visitors why is everyone so damn calm especially when Captain Marius has just pointed out you were rubber-stamped for domination by another race? So I gotta ask, for the record because it makes the difference in a whole lotta paperwork are you saying your stance is that we are the very first official alien that has ever dropped out of space and set foot on your planet?”

Vanessa Slade CNS

Thomas remained standing straight-faced, though internally he wanted to facepalm. And leave, definitely leave, and turn this whole mess over to the Diplomatic Corps. First Contact missions weren’t supposed to be this complicated, were they? This was entering Second Contact Shenanigans territory…


“These outworlders are called Lesscoo?” Menn asked.

“What domination?” interjected Beth with passion. “You mean they want to take over our planet and make us their slaves? We thought that only those who are more civilized could have advanced in their technology. We, in our planet, have gone through such patterns of conflict before. There is still rivalry, I know, but to conquer and enslave? How uncivilized are these people?!” she said in frustration and fear.

“Unfortunately we have learned in the universe there are always a number of races who will take from those they deem weaker.” He said honestly. “Ideally Federation star-ships are crafts of exploration, but all of our ships have shields and virtually all are armed. Don’t be disheartened that the galaxy is a dark place, most of the people we meet are kind…”

“As for what kind of race the Lesscoo are, I only can report what we encountered. We arrived in your system for the first time yesterday. We found a number of Lesscoo satellites and two of their vessels in orbit. We observed for a few minutes and they said during an open communication channel they were prepared for dominating your world.”

Menn glared at Beth but she ignored him. Menn then said, “How do you know their intentions? My continent would definitely analyze the situation before we act. Would diplomacy work? How much devastation would there be if we resisted? Would our whole race be wiped out if we resisted? We basically would rather not be dominated, but to see our people decimated would be quite another matter.”


“True, which is why we opened communication and asked their intentions were and what they meant by domination. They threatened us, demanded we leave, and when we stated we wanted to know what right they had to ‘do miniate’ your world they fired on us. We have our ship board tapes of the encounter which I have no problem of sharing with you.”

Tom shook his head. Telling someone something that could harm them may be on it’s way made any further inroads of diplomacy almost impossible as the subjects turn most, if not all, of their focus on dealing with the incoming threat. Tom was pretty sure the Messi would eventually ask for help from the Genesis.

  • Tom, IntSec

Ben thought it best to let the Captain handle Mr. Menn’s questions. What can you say to a new culture that just found out that their under subjugation for years without even knowing it.


“Despite the fact that we were fired on we maneuvered to keep them away from your planet and asked them to respect a .5 light year no conflict zone. However, I have no interest in you just taking our word for it. We would be more than happy to help you discuss this issue directly with the Lesscoo and help in establishing diplomatic relations.”

“The Lessco technology is more advanced than yours, It is likely they could militarily defeat you. However, their military was unable to defeat our single ship. Hence why we are here talking to you, and they are not here shooting you.”

“We in the Federation have a number of rules about not interfering with the internal politics and development of a planet. So all your decisions will be your own. Our rules are more flexible about allowing foreign powers from subjugating other worlds. However that is not for us to just pronounce what is right or wrong for you, you as a people have to decide if you want our help and then that would have to be weighed by our counsel. We can not just decide for you that is not how we do things.”

A process that would be immediately complicated by the state of Cold War between the three continents on the planet, Thomas thought. Again, though, that would be an issue for the Diplomatic Corps.

“I know its a lot to process, and you have some time. As long as our ship is in orbit, I doubt the Lessco will try anything.”

Marius CO


Reia had been following the conversation closely. She respected the Captain even though he had never sought her council and they didn’t have what one might call an off duty friendship. His actions sent her mind on a bit of a roller coaster. In the end, she simply thought that there were too many ‘however’s in his speech.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

Menn looked grave, “This is a threat on a planetary scale. I, unfortunately, do not have the authority to make decisions on that level. If you can provide us evidence that this is a real threat, and what you can offer in terms of aid,” said Menn, “I can bring this up to the leaders of the planet and then decisions can be made.”


=^=Marius to Genesis, please put the log and the video of our encounter and discussion with the Lessco on a compatable video data stick for the Messi. When ready beam to my location.=^=

“I will freely give you whatever I have. We also have no issue with transporting any delegation you have to a Lessco ship or planet. Or host it on the Genesis if you’d like. I would be somewhat cautious were I you. In fact, I want you to be very cautious of what anyone, including us. For the Federation those who make judicious decisions, are the best friends.”

He turned to his crew, “We are happy to go where-ever you suggest.”

Marius CO

“Please excuse me,” said Menn. He walked away and Beth spoke in his absence.

“Where exactly do you come from?” her eyes sparkling. “If you come here, we can get to see some telescope pictures we have taken of space.” She led them to a nearby console which had a screen that was about a metre in diagonal. She brought up a picture of the night sky. “Could you tell me whereabouts are you from?”


Reia realized this had gone from first contact diplomatic mission to a ‘Let’s be the good guys and solve this problem.’ mission. That was fine by her, she decided to stay close to Marius just in case.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

Thomas’ frown grew deeper. He’d asked several times to speak with the leaders of the other continents, only for Menn to brush him off, but now he was saying it was as easy as making a couple of calls…


“The situation with the Lesscoo is serious indeed,” said Beth said, turning solemn. “You probably know, from your observations of our planet, that our planet is not a united one. There is an uneasy peace … if you call what we have real peace … among us. If one becomes a turncoat and negotiates with the Lesscoo to gain some favour, our planet is doomed.”


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