Holodeck- Halloween Hoedown...Werewolves and Vampires and Ghosts - oh my (Open to all)

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Vanessa stood back and looked at the space. “Well second time is a charm right,” she said panning her personal communicator around the space for her mom and grandmothers to take in the view. The flyers she had put up were simple.

Hoedown in the holodeck
Come for the fun stay for the beer
Wear a costume. Snacks will be provided
Saturday the 12th from 8 to ?

She had no idea who was going to come but she hoped it was more than the clam bake. The holodeck was currently running a program turning the gray walls and floors into a large open field with a giant bonfire crackling in the middle. Surrounding the space on the west side were tall trees as if the spot was in the middle of a forest clearing. Along the east was a huge cornfield with half-dried husks clinging to the stalks appearing as noose-like shadows. To the north was a small path between a row of trees that led to a lake. Only the small dock and a hint of inky black water could be seen from where Vanessa was standing. To the south, a large mountain range with craggy peaks so high, the tips could only be seen slicing through the gray clouds that drifted in the night. Night sounds punctuated the silence between when Vanessa and her family spoke giving the space an eerie feel.

“The place looks amazing honey. Youh fathah and I almawst thought about pawpping in and saying hi but the chuhch bazaah is making us crazy,” Valerie Slade took a sip of her coffee looking at the event her daughter had planned. Now she was regretting not telling the St. Anthony’s Womens League to stuff it for a weekend.

“Oh that is so sweet but like I said it is best if you call so that you don’t get here and I am out on an away team mission.” Vanessa needed to keep her mom under control. If she and Doug showed up on Vulcan only to find her daughter was halfway across the galaxy on the Genesis, Vanessa would be requiring last rites.

“Hey, Ness wheeuh ah the apples mah sent you? You did get them on vulc’n didn’t you?” The voice of Dylan Slade came over the comm before she saw his smug expression. Dylan was one of the few Slades that knew his sister had basically slipped out the bedroom window. The darkened setting helped to hide her scowl to her brother.

“Yep they are on the table,” Vanessa’s tone was crisp and slightly irritated. Ever since Dylan found out she was not on Vulcan, he continually threw out vague nuggets placing Vanessa in sticky spots.

“Mah and Grandmah Cawnnie and Grandmah Gaht spent like a whole weekend making them and sending them to you. Is that them ovah theyah? Pan the camera.” Dylan could barely contain his joy knowing he was setting up Vanessa right now.

“Have I told you how insanely supportive and helpful you are,” Vanessa stared at him behind her mother and Grandmothers.

“Yep, I try to be,” Dylan winked a the camera with a smug grin.

It was them the senior Slades got a glimpse of Vanessa’s costume. “Nessa, ah you going as a hookah?” The disproval in her mother’s voice as clear and instantly made Vanessa feel like she was 13 instead of 30.

“No,” Vanessa squealed pulling up the top of her costume more. The guffawing by Dylan felt like it was almost echoing in the space. The soft pswshhhh of the pneumatic doors opening gave her the perfect reason to end the call. “Mah…Mah I gottah go. Love you,” she blew several kisses at the screen and stuffed the comm in her pocket. Talking to her family was the norm but it was time to socialize with real crew.

Vanessa Slade CNS

It had taken Reia hours to figure out what type of costume to wear and even longer to convince Dagen to take a break from whatever refit he was running to come see her in it. She could have made 90% of it holographic but there was just something about having a physical costume that Reia enjoyed.

Stepping in carefully, she glanced back over her shoulder one last time before deciding the edge of ehr delicate wings would not be crushed by the door. Reia had no idea if this particular butterfly, with it’s purple, gold, and silver wings could actually exist on any world but, the design had struck her and she went with it, braiding and placing her hair carefully, she had even managed two bejeweled antennae. The body of the outfit was black, sheer, and very close fitting.

Seeing Vanessa, she walked towards her and smiled. Bowing slightly, she had learned to dip the wings in a manner of greeting.

“Oh my god you look amazing,” Vanessa said looking back at Reia and feeling a warm rush knowing not only did Reia show up but also dressed up. Not only did she dress up but her costume was exquisite. Now Vanessa began to doubt if she should not have gone with something more elaborate. Since Vanessa was newer to the crew, she had decided to go with more ship spirit than an actual costume. The cheerleader costume she had chosen was cut in a fashion reminiscent of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader outfit that put American football on the global map of 1980’s earth. The bra-like top and boy short bottoms were not blue and white but red and white giving a nod to her favorite football team back home. Over the red bra-cut flowing sleeves of the top was a white vest with USS down one side and GENESIS down the other in blue lettering. The white shorts and white calf-high boots had blue stars along the tops of both.

“Oh wow! I love what you’ve done with the place.”

  • Reia

“Thanks,” Vanessa hooked an arm for Reia to follow her. “It is so much easier to do this via holodeck than a real park. Back home I used to throw these things all the time for the Veterans. The only difference was the invitation said come for the beer and stay for the beer.” Laughing she opened a cooler and showed Reia the selection that ranged from beers, ales, and various canned alcoholic drinks. Reaching for her traditional Sam Adams she waited for Reia to make a selection.

“If you would prefer the witch’s brew,” she nodded over to the bubbling cauldron on the table, it is a mulled apple cider wine but deadly. Use caution because it is strong enough to make you metamorphose from a delicate butterfly to Mothra the party monster. I have seen it happen. Is Dagen coming?”

As if to punctuate the point a crewman moved between them getting another drink before stopping to look Reia up and down. “How you doin’,” he gave Reia a flirty smile before pulling out two drinks and with a wink moved back to his group over at the fire.

Vanessa Slade CNS

Marius thought about what he was going to wear. He wouldn’t have chosen this topic, but he had a couple of ideas, ‘Blackula,’ he chuckled to himself, but he suspected he was the only one who would know that reference. He actually went with an old school ghost, putting a huge sheet over him. Nobody would know who he was, at least nobody who didn’t recognize his over six foot height and 220 pound bulk.

Calvin approached the duo, this would be the first test of the costume. Pitching his voice up. “Ladies, ladies, ladies,” he said in a tone that resembled a stoner in front of corner Quik-e-mart.

the Ghost

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