Holodeck- Halloween Hoedown...Werewolves and Vampires and Ghosts - oh my (Open to all)

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By this time, Reia ahd a small clay drum in one arm and Dagen’s arm in her other hand as she attempted to walk while not tripping over her cape, over his cape, and her wings.

Dagen was curious about this ‘drum’, while keeping watch over Reia. How did she attach those wings? He was careful to keep from messing with them while still remaining close. His cape was not too inhibiting but it was still an extra layer and meant an extra action to free one arm or the other from it to do whatever. In this case doing whatever was a hand at the small of Reia’s back as he looked over her shoulder at this drum. Was there something in it? Was it like a Halloween piñata? “What’s that for?” he asked, feeling his new incisors and wondering if she would feel it were he to nibble his wife’s neck. That thought was interrupted by her outburst.

“Oh this is brilliant! ” she whispered.

“Wait, what?” he asked, unsure of what she was referring to.

Turning to the figure with the cross, she attempted to study for more details. Vanessa had really outdone herself.

“Did you bring the marshmallows?”

  • Reia

“Do not mock me,” the voice thundered as he held out a bony finger pointing it at Reia. “You think death is a joke? That you are moral enough to ascend to the righteous plains of heaven and not descend into the fiery pits of hell?” The man’s tone showed a slight rise in intonation indicating it was a question however the vocal quality had a chilling feel that would cause skin to pucker into gooseflesh. “You shall die tonight and see what the wheel of fate has selected for you.”

Dagen was puzzled. What did Reia say? The bony finger, however, was a nice touch. Voice evidently was mechanically assisted. Nobody real sounded that sinister outside of a holo. Oh wait, they were in one.


Bat looked at the ghost and then to the Zombie Deeg and shrugged himself. “Apparently there are degrees of dead.”

Extending the cross, the hooded figure pointed it at Bat, singling him out. “Pray for his soul for he does not know of the blasphemy to which he has exiled it. Pray that as he journey’s into the seven layers of death,” the figure droned on as the party guests continued their banter as if nothing was out of place as lightning crackled across the sky and a deep rumble of thunder occurred out in the distance.

Bat marveled at the costuming and nearly missed what was said thanks to the lightning and thunder. “Sorry, wait, he? What he? Do dead people have genders or they an it?”

Elvira Angel raise a brow and crossed her arms causing her bosoms to shift in a way that her uniform never would have and which didn’t go unnoticed by the three boys about her - Deeg, Bat and Sebastian. “Dead is dead. Logically there cannot be degrees of that. Even for those one classes as ‘undead’. Clearly we are supposing a distinct class of life form.”

“Brains,” Deeg said, but was still glancing to her bosoms. Bat thumped him with his wooden cross.

Dagen et al

Reia turned back to Dagen and instantly realized how fetching her husband looked as a vampire. She would have to get him alone in that corn maze sometime tonight.

“Where I come from, on Earth, Halloween is a festival held in the spring time. There are lots of bon fires, dancing, and story telling. We basically get our pagan feast on. I’m no musical prodigy but I was pretty good with a drum in my day so I would keep time for the dancers and start the stories. I just need to find a good place by the fire.” she explained.

  • Reia

“I’d thought that pagan feasts had better organization to it. A bit more, what do you call it, homogenous quality for a mythology to follow. You know, ritual stuff? We’re kind of a free for all here.

Instantly the black shadow that had slowly been encroaching on the space from the distance descended. A myriad of rubber wings and sharply pitched squeaks engulfed everyone in the space. They dipped and flew into the space with some attaching themselves to arms, legs, costumes, and lodging into the hair of several crew.

As a set of rubbery wings attached to Vanessa’s leg and began to move up her thigh, she no longer cared about rank and file. Grabbing the edge of Calvin’s costume, Vanessa dove under it as she grabbed the edge of her cheerleading skirt and held it tightly against her quads. Being under the sheet kept more of the flying mammals off her body except for the one scaling the slope of Mount Slade. “Get it off. Get it off,” she screamed at Calvin as she jumped up and down raising her knees as if she was going through tires in PT.

Reaching down she plucked it off her leg and then tossed it directly at Calvin. Whether it landed on his chest or his face was no concern to Vanessa right now. The man was an Ex-Marine. He probably cuddled these things in his sleep out in the field. Vanessa was not an Ex-Marine which meant she was completely fine with letting Calvin do the marine thing and saving the day or at least her upper thigh.

After throwing the bat, she dove under the edge of the sheet and pulled it down as it fully prepared to trap the Captain with the winged mammal.

Elvira felt one smack into the blossom that her three amigos were just admiring. The small claws did not scratch her chest but felt like fingernails tickling her skin. Small beady eyes glanced up glowing yellow as its small mouth opened revealing tiny but sharp incisors.

Angel looked down at the tiny creature and a brow rose as she contemplated it. “If you are thinking what I think you are thinking you may find a bad taste in your mouth.”

As if the bat could understand what Angel was referring to it lept up instantly aiming for her hair getting its wings twisted in the updo as it let out an eeking screech.

Several swirled about Bat as if they were balls thrown at him by a pitcher in a softball game.

Bat danced about faster than one might normally think his bulk would move, swinging the wooden cross like a baseball bat and aiming without much aim at the flying dark dots.

A soft thunk sounded in rhythm as the wooden cross connected with the bats sending them flying in all directions and at times into other people that ran and scattered around the space.

“What the hell Bat,” a crewman yelled as on of the mammal projectiles impacted him in the chest as if it were a fly to deep center field. As if it was going to do anything, the man threw it back at Bat as if they were playing some weird ball game.

A large swarm of the creatures swooped hard and fast between the small space between Dagan and Reia.

“Hey, great!” Dagen said. The forests around his home growing up had bats, or at least bat like creatures, as Terrans would describe them. He tried to lock onto one with his eyes to see them but they were quick and, for the moment separated him from Reia, wondering still what she was thinking of doing with the drum that would be heard over the thunder.

A flock moved to T’Lora’s arms attaching and appearing to try and lift her off the ground.

A stray bat flapped full speed toward Deeg’s mouth as if ready to satiate the zombie’s need for brains.

Deeg stared wide eyed and with mouth open in surprise at this development and seeing the chaos about him. Sebastian, nearby just marveled at the addition. “There just ‘has to be’ a dark ruined castle on a hill somewhere close by,” he said.

“All hail the spirits of those that come before us and the spirits that will be our souls after we turn to dust,” the figure spoke raising his hands to the sky unaffected by the bats swirling and dipping towards the participants of the party.

A large group of partygoers began to run to the holodeck door desperate to open the controls and leave this little party. No matter how they punched or jabbed at the console, the doors appeared to be locked and sealed shut.

In the confusion, more figures began to spill from the shadows of the woods. They all moved with different gaits and strides. Some appeared to clear the distance with a speed not human. Others moved in slow, shambling steps. Amongst them all, a large horse emerged through the trees with a rider on its back. Galloping straight at Reia, the figure on the horse leaned down scooping the butterfly up with one arm as his black cape seemed to engulf her frame. Lifting her up to the edge of the horse’s back, Reia would see a vacuous black hole where a head should be.

Dagen was in no small way surprised at this but he recovered fast. This was all a game. Humorously he thought to himself, ‘Well, on the one hand he won’t be trying to kiss Reia’, and, ‘He had so better not get between her and any food or he’ll lose more than his head.’

Rearing the horse into a two-legged stance, the figure laid her over the horse’s back. Lightening and thunder echoed in the night dulling the screams of those in the room.

“There are other forms of death,” the hooded figure spoke and nodded at the man on horseback as if signaling him. Dropping the horse to all fours, the horse, the man, and Reia took off for the woods.


Everything had happened so fast now Reia found herself laid out over a horse of all things. Looking up into what? Something that had once been human and maybe had a head at one time? She had stopped wiggling because her costume and wings, along with the position she was in, only served to constrict her movement.

  • Reia

Dagen absently scratched at his neck; the collar on this costume was tight and he wasn’t used to that. Watching the figure disappear with his wife he thought again, ‘Mind your manners my headless friend .. Reia is part Orion after all.’ Turning he looked back to the others and slowly made his way toward them while trying to ascertain whether Bat was winning or losing in his battle with the bats.


OOC: Waiting to see what happens with the bats and if they settle down before putting together a posse.
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Dagen looked back at the departing figure. It was hard to tell entirely what path the horseman was taking. Dark on dark was not a good mix for tracking anything with one’s eyes. He frowned. This must have been planned to some degree else Reia would have been screaming like a banshee and the headless one would have black eyes where he didn’t realize he had any. However a holodeck program didn’t last forever and they needed to get on with the quest to rescue Reia, providing the bats left them alone. How did one overcome a person with no head? How did he think without a head?

He looked again at their compatriots. A ghost. A cheerleader. A gaggle of engineers.
- Dagen

The group of party guests trying to get out of the door to the holodeck suddenly became overrun by the group of stumbling creatures no one was paying attention to with the dive-bombing bats occupying most people’s attention. They fought and screamed but each one was slowly pulled back into the shadowy bushes.

“Dagen,” Vanessa waved a hand at the chaos around her. “Okay, which one of your engineers messed with this program to get back at me for the Be Late for Something Day. How was I supposed to know you were running a warp core test and half of your crew decided to take that day to be late? HR requires I do those stupid services. The least I can do it make them fun but this....okay this is not fun,” she ducked as a bat swooped over her head.

A booming crash followed by a blinding light filled the space from the lightning and thunder followed by a pronouncement from the large skeletal-like figure who arrived before the bats. “You have until dawn,” the voice boomed, “before your friend becomes mine.” Another loud boom and flash of lightning made everyone squint before looking up to see a large digital timer counting down in the sky.

“Ugh this is a disaster,” Vanessa yelled throwing up her hands. “Computer end program.” Her command did nothing to change the walls or scenery. Looking at the engineers, Vanessa raised an eyebrow. “Okay, seriously I apologize for the Don’t touch my nacelles in-service last month. HR requires me to do it and that sounded much more fun than Workplace Safety in the Engineering Department. Just turn this off,” she let out a sigh watching the counter in the sky counting down.

Vanessa Slade CNS

“Jesus,” Calvin blurted out feeling the bat suction to his chest. While he was not scared of a holographic bat, the way Vanessa not only abandoned but trapped him with the leathery winged flying rat was a bit jarring. “Seriously Slade,” he barked out as he pulled the sheet over his head trapping the bat in the fabric. Tossing it to the side he looked at the counselor breathing heavy.

Reia and Headless
The horse moved at a speed that felt almost dizzying. Up hills and down it sprinted towards the large castle up in the distance. It stopped however at the carriage house and pulled Reia off by her wings from the horse, dragging her to the heavy wooden door.

Vanessa Slade

This whole situation had come as quite a surprise to Reia. Nothing aobut this evening had been preplanned except the costume she was wearing.

“Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing? Do you know how long it took me to get these bloody wings right?” she asked while being dragged, kicking and screaming, from the horse and into the cottage, “Oy, Headless, what the hell? As soon as I figure out who you are, I’m going to tear your life apart.” she said fighting him all the way.

The figure did not seem to care as he drug Reia by the back of her shirt, mashing the wings in his fist. His steps were steady and purposeful as he approached the door.

Reia was convinced that this was some real person playing along with the Counselor because, at the moment, this seemed too good to be part of the program.

  • Reia

As he pushed the heavy oak door open, he swung Reia around and tossed her through the doorway before closing the door behind him. The clunk of the wood against the frame sounded much like she was being tossed into a dungeon instead of a cottage.

The room was dark until Reia moved. Then it suddenly lit up with candles coming to life as if all lit at once. The room had stone walls and rustic, thick oak furniture. A fire wooshed into existence in the small fireplace. The room smelled like a root cellar with potatoes, fruits, vegetables and herbs hanging in corners or piled high in boxes or shelves.

“Come sit with me,” an elderly female voice suddenly broke through the silence.

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