MAIN SIM - Tour of the ship with the new guests

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“So how about the nickel tour,” Vanessa said looking at Beth and Menn. “I can show you the view of a lifetime. Follow me,” she stepped down from the transporter PaDD. “Watch your step. I would hate your first official paperwork with us being a work man’s comp claim.”

Vanessa Slade CNS

“If you don’t mind, I will accompany you.” Reia said.

Ostensibly, this would be a great opportunity to learn about their language if they asked why she was there. It would also give her the chance to observe them in unfamiliar surroundings.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

“Sure the more the merrier,” Vanessa replied. “We should start with the lounge. It has a great view of the planet and who doesn’t want to see home when you are away from it. I will also give you a chance to meet the crew and see a bit of our technology like replicators.” It was clear Vanessa was in her element with Beth and Menn. She was social and never worried about the details at times when other people might. “After that we could check out the hangar and maybe we could take a quick trip in a shuttle to get a better view of everything.”

Vanessa Slade CNS

“That is how you travel?” Menn commented with a level of wonder. “Was that a matter to energy transport, or was it just movement so fast in a stasis field so we didn’t feel it.” He looked around. “Is it a mini-warp drive system that is projected around you.”

Beth was a little quieter looking around first before responding to the counselor suggestions. “I would like the ‘nikle’ tour.” She responded trying to use the uniquely human term for money.

Tom was just standing off to the side with his head down pinching the bridge of his nose. He wondered if there would at least be a security detail assigned to each diplomat if the tours were to actually happen.

  • Tom, IntSec

Reia realized the security implications of some of the things Vanessa wanted to do so it was a good thing she had decided to insert herself into this tour after all.

“That sounds like a lovely tour Counselor but, let’s not overwhelm our guests too early in what I hope will be a long friendship.”

  • Reia

“They will be fine and we are all good with the overwhelming. Its a first contact and they always are overwhelming,” Vanessa smiled.

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“I’d like to see these things,” Mann responded immediately over Reia comment. “Should we be tired after your warp transport?”


“No, it is completely fine. You shouldn’t feel anything since we didn’t lose body parts in the beaming or at least I don’t think so,” Vanessa made a motion of trying to pat herself down looking for all her body parts.

Looking up she saw the joke might not be as funny to the guests. “I’m joking,” she laughed.

Vanessa Slade

Reia nodded and smiled encouragingly at their guests. She could understand why Vanessa’s joke might have fallen a little flat.

“Okay so, where are we starting again?”

  • Reia, CIO/Coms

“Every good story begins with cocktails so the lounge,” she looked at Beth and Menn. “I am sure you are hungry or thirsty and if not it has one helluva view of your planet.”

Vanessa Slade CNS

“Just take it easy counselor,” Calvin looked at Vanessa and wondered briefly if he should suggest they introduce the guests to synthahol.

“I am sure that while we are not as advanced as you,” Beth said in a soft tone, “we do have fermented beverages.”

“I am going to head to the bridge to see if I can contact the other two governments on the planet. The Lessccoo are not going to just lurk forever.”

Mauris CO

“Might I come with you,” Menn inquired. “You do not know our customs and I might be of assistance to you.”

Vanessa Slade CNS

Thomas stood to the side, using a wall panel to summon a security team to the Transporter Room. While unknowingly on the same wavelength as Jarvis, he had zero intention of allowing non-Federation members to move around freely, without an escort.


“While the gesture is appreciated,” Calvin spoke with the well rehearsed diplomacy of being in command, “I am not sure the invitation will appear that the Federation is a neutral party if you are seen at my side. I do promise however that if I need your assistance or counsel I will have one of my officer’s bring you to the bridge. If you will excuse me.” Calvin nodded at each to the guests and gave a subtle nod to Reia and Tom. The meaning was clear. Be polite but not too polite. Let them explore but keep them on a tight leash.

Mauris CO

Tom was familiar with the nod and returned it. It was time to go to his office/quarters and set up security lock outs just to make sure there weren’t any ‘accidents’.

“If you’ll excuse me, I have tasks that require my attention.”

  • Tom, IntSec

The trip to the lounge was brief. The Genesis was not a floating city like the Mythology class ships but it did allow the Beth and Menn to see the scope and size of the ship. “This is far larger than I expected,” Menn commented as they turned down a series of corridors.

“This is one of our smaller vessels,” Vanessa commented. “Don’t let the size fool you though. We can pack a punch if needed.”

“So your ship has weapons,” Beth asked in a curious tone. “Strong enough to defend us against the Lesscoo?”

Vanessa Slade CNS

Reia knew the subject of weapons was going to come up sooner or later, why shouldn’t it? Any species as advanced as they appeared to be, to this new race, must certainly have weapons.

“Defensive capabilities are definitely an important thing to all species, even yourselves, yes?” she asked Beth.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

After getting checked up by sickbay, Ben rejoined the tour as an added security measure. When not on Tactical, Ben pulled security duties to assist the department. Ben was walking in the rear as an armed escort.


“But even more important is our ability to reason with one another through debate and thorough scientific research” Magnus stepped forward, he put forth his most charming of charming smiles “We are first and foremost scientists and explorers” He gave the counselor a pointed look if only for a brief moment.

Vanessa returned the look with a hint of confusion as her brow furrowed slightly. She found the situation rather funny and wondered if this was a normal first contact or one for the record books.

“Explorers that come armed to the teeth with the ability to fight off an alien force about to attack,” Beth said to the XO. “In our history, we call that pirates or marauders but it could be simple semantic differences.” She gave the XO a smile that seemed to linger a second longer than was natural.

He did find it amusing that a science vessel had not one but two commanders who could be considered soldiers first scientists last, although he did consider himself more of a diplomat than anything else “I am Commander MAgnus Peterson, First officer” He finally introduced himself.


“Commander,” Menn commented and looked at the XO, “what is your specialty? Science or Adventurer on this magnificent ship?”

Two security officers entered the lounge and set up to unobtrusively observe their guests.


Beth looked around and could not help but begin to notice that what seemed to start as a small tour of the ship was getting larger. “Do you have facilities,” she asked politely hoping they understood it meant the bathroom.

Beth and Menn

Reia decided this delicate situation might give her the chance to have a bit of a one on one with one of their guests.

“I think, if you follow me Beth, I can accommodate you. Commander, I would like to take Ms. Beth to my quarters for a bit of a freshen up.”

She glanced at Cdr. Peterson. He knew her background. McGregor may have painted her as the comms officer but the XO knew her well enough to understand she was in Intel mode at the moment.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

“Are there not facilities in this lounge,” Menn looked at Reia suspiciously. For a friendly drink and meal, their entourage was suddenly becoming a parade. It was overwhelming to meet aliens for the first time and now they wanted to separate them.


“Yes, of course there are. I was just offering a different leg of the tour since Beth needed something different.” Reia explained.

  • Reia, CIO/Coms

“It’s okay Menn,” Beth laid a hand on her companion’s shoulder. “Why don’t you stay here and have a drink with,” she let her voice trail off as if she needed a moment to think, “Vanessa?” The slight rise of her tone was slightly odd and the fact she seemed to be struggling to remember Vanessa’s name after using it for the past hour was also odd.

Luke Acting GM

Reia noticed Beth’s slight bit of odd behavior but thought the young woman might just be overwhelmed. Perhaps a bit of quiet might do her some good.

“Come along this way Beth. You can see how we really live it up here in space.” she said with a smile ushering her towards the lift.

“We should be back in about 20 minutes.” she said over her shoulder making certain to be heard by several people and catching the XO’s eye for good measure.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

Ben continued to escort the group from the rear. He briefly glanced behind him to ensure that there was nobody else following the tour group.


Beth followed Reia keeping the pace but allowing Reia to walk slightly in front of her. The position might be seen as Beth showing Reia respect and understanding her position of authority as the moved down the corridors to their destination

Luke GM

Reia stepped back beside Beth as they entered the lift and, again, as they exited onto the deck where Reia’s quarters were.

“It’s just down this way a little bit further. So, what’s home life like on your planet?” she asked.

  • Reia

“Definitely not as exciting as meeting a new race,” Beth said placing her hand on Reia’s arm. Pressing her ring down, activated the sedative in the small hidden hypodermic need under the stone. The meds contained in the injection now coursing through Reia’s veins were enough to render unconscious someone three times Reia’s height and weight.

Luke GM

Reia flinched at the unfamiliar contact. YEars of intel and security training made her weary of any unfamiliar touch so she turned her head as the sedative started coursing through her. She may be short and petite but, due to her half Orion metabolism the sedative might affect her differently than Beth was expecting.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

Ben rushed to Reia’s aid “are you ok?”

Ben Park,

Beth moved around to the other side of Reia looking alarmed at Park walking in.

“She just collapsed,” Beth replied stepping back and out of the way of the security guard.

As Ben waited to see Reia’s response, Beth slipped through the door.

Luke GM

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