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A comms came through …

=^= Lt Seraph to Bridge. There have been two incidents. One was an electrocution from a malfunctioning spanner in Engineering. Ensign Bailey was the victim of the malfunctioning spanner. She and Commander Thor were beamed to sickbay on his command. The transporter room confirmed transport, however only the spanner materialized. Engineering is reviewing visual logs and are in the process of retrieving the spanner from Sickbay. I have ordered the Transporters offline and to determine what went wrong. =^=
- NL Seraph/Angel

=/=What do you mean they did not materialize in sickbay. Have you scanned the transporters buffers,=/= Calvin immediately asked.

=^ and would someone please explain to me how we have two incidents at the same time.=^= Calvin didn’t believe in coincidences and accidents didn’t happen on star-ships.

Emotions. There was a reason for logic and clear thinking. =^= Engineering staff are investigating the spanner incident. A security presence may add insights from their experience. NE Bailey was exposed to a charge from the spanner. Commander Thor beamed her and himself to Sickbay. The Transporter Room confirmed the transport. However, only the spanner arrived. The transporter chief is investigating on his end. Engineering staff are tracking the spanner prior to the incident. I have two engineers arriving to collect the spanner for examination. Your orders, sir? =^=
- NL Seraph/Angel

=/=Run a diagnostic on the transporters. I know the incident was before the transporters engaged but lets be on the safe side. I am sending MacGregor down from security to see if they can figure out how the spanner got there in the first place. Keep me appraised when you find something.=/=

=^= Of course, Captain. Please have Commander McGregor meet us in engineering. I will meet him there. Seraph out. =^=

Cutting the call with the CE, Calvin sent a shipwide comm out to the COS. =/=MacGregor report to main engineering ASAP.=/=


=/\=On my way,=/\= Thomas replied curtly, though a little curiosity did bleed into his tone. What had happened there to require his presence?

=^= Seraph to NE Kowalski. Attend the transporter room and run a full diagnostic on it. Extract transport logs and history on memory buffers. If the Chief did not materialize in Sickbay or on a Transporter pad, logs would indicate a location, wherever it may be - or if said beam was intercepted. =^= She did not need to indicate the other alternative that the pattern was lost. Such an alternative would come out in the report, however, as Bat was forever indicating - optimism was not an emotion but a state of mind to see the positive outcome. Angel was pragmatic and while Bat had emotions enough for the two of them, she had adopted his .. philosophy of optimism, presenting the percentage degree of success first, even if it was a small chance. Right now she did not have enough data to even consider a ‘chance’ of any alternative.

She saw that the team with Sebastian in charge was collecting the spanner in the container. Waiting for the box to seal, Angel traveled back to engineering with them to meet the commander.
- Angel et al


Reia bounded onto the bridge with only a hint of decorum. She had been keeping up to date on the comms traffic and this was her husband they were talking about.
Approaching the comms station she waved the person manning it away, took a deep calming breath, and glanced at the Captain signaling her emotions were now in check.

Settling in, she ran the usual scan of ehr instruments and prepared for whatever came next.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

Calvin glanced at his CIO. He did not have a concern that Reia could not perform her duty but people first had gotten him far in his career over job first. Since there was no new information he was able to spare an unspoken glance to assure his CIO things were okay and the silent inquiry if she was okay given the circumstances.

Vanessa looked over at Reia with a concerned expression on her face. The CIO was a seasoned officer and a professional. She had had years under her belt with situations like this however that did not mean it was easy or that it wasn’t taxing on her mind. Once things settled down, Vanessa would stop by just to check in on Reia.

Vanessa was not on the bridge too often but sat quietly in her seat waiting for orders to do something or go somewhere.

Vanessa Slade CNS

Marius CO

Ben was at Tactical trying to anticipate the Captain’s orders of what to do next. He knew that Captain Marius would keep the bridge calm under these circumstances.

Park, BO/Tactical


Magnus had been in his office but as soon as things went haywire he was informed of the goings on and made his way directly to the bridge. He arrived only moments behind Reia, his usual half smile was gone from his face, a more stern expression reserved for more serious situations. He gave the Intelligence chief a nod, a simple greeting to his friend as he went to his seat “I recommend a scan of the local area Captain” He didn’t recommend it because he thought something might be out there that passive scans had missed anything but the bridge crew needed something to focus on as the engineering crew worked on the main issue. He looked directly at Marius, his expression firm yet calm.


Reia worked to control her breathing a bit. She always knew something like this could happen and it could just as easily have been Dagen in the engine room wondering where the hell she had disappeared to. Glancing back down at her station she decided to run a more detailed comms scan.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

“You heard the XO,” Calvin stated in a firm but calm voice. “Security, tactical, intelligence, science, navigation…light it up people and find me something on the sensors to help explain what is going on.”


“Aye Sir. Scanning now” Ben activated the sensors and hoping it picked up something nearby and figure out what’s going on


Magnus turned his head slowly over the bridge marking each person and their location in his mind’s eye, he’d been in such a rush that he hadn’t made the check when he arrived. His gaze lingered for a moment longer on Reia but it was over so quickly that it didn’t really seem so to those not paying much attention. He nodded and went to look at his panel for the incoming information.


“Reia anything you can tell me,” Calvin asked his CIO. The XO was right. When people were tense, tasks helped. She also might have the need to know knowledge that they were sorely lacking right not from her scans.

“Parks, let me know as soon as you find something.”

Marius XO

Reia looked up and met his gaze.

“Working on it sir.”

She looked back down and readjusted her instruments. It was time to put her comms knowledge and her intel knowledge to work, at the same time, for the same purpose.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

Calvin was starting to get frustrated but years in the command seat had it restrained behind a calm, rock-hard exterior. Tapping the button on his console, Calvin contacted engineering. =/\=Mr. Thor what is going on in my engine room=/\=

Marius CO

The voice of Lt Seraph, the Vulcan Engineering 2IC came through. =^= Captain. Lt Seraph speaking. Commander Thor and Ensign Bailey are missing following a transporter incident. This is being investigated here and at the transporter. There is a suspicion that this is not entirely an accident and Commander McGregor is here assisting in the investigation. =^=
NL Seraph, Eng

“Understood but what can you tell me about what you have learned so far. Mr. Thor is in sickbay but you have not recovered Bailey yet correct? Kowalski have you locked into the logs for the tracer and the memory.”

Calvin Marius

=^= Negative, sir. Commander Thor and Ensign Bailey are still missing. =^= Angel said in her even Vulcan tone.

Reia’s heart quickened again but she was able to calm it.

“I want those logs…” she whispered.

“I might be able to find something someone else might have missed.” she said looking at Calvin.

  • Reia, MO/COS/CIO

Nodding at Reia, Calvin tapped the controls in the arm of his chair opening up a comm line.
=/\=Engineering please transfer the logs to the CIO’s station on the bridge=/\= Calvin replied.

“Sir,” a voice from the bridge called out from the comms station. His voice was not confident like most of the other people on the bridge but he was an ensign and this was his first posting since the academy.

“Sir I…I got a weird reading in the comms channel just before the transporter incident.” He glanced at Calvin but didn’t make direct eye contact as if he was scared to death of the man.

“Define weird,” Calvin said in a clipped tone.

Calvin Mauris CO

Reia turned and looked at the man that had Calvin’s attention. Her gaze would have bored right through him if it were able.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

“Well it was like someone’s RicRoc account got mixed up in the middle of a comm call,” the comms agent stuttered.

His response made him glance about the bridge, “Who the hell is Ric…” He shook his head.

Vanessa let the bubble of laughter at Calvin’s response erupt from her lips. “Sorry Sir,” she tried to cover it up with a cough that was clearly faked to hide her faux paux.

“Is there a problem Lt,” he stated curtly. “I can demote as easily as I can promote.”

The officer was trying to be helpful not confusing which he happened to be. “Forget that, what did this RIcRoc account say,” Calvin tried to get the conversation back on track.

“It didn’t say anything but was the few beats of a song that for the life of me I can’t get out of my head. Bah dah bah bah,” he hummed a few bars that did not have any real rhythm or enough to match any song.

“I’m going to need someone to translate that into some actionable tactic?” He looked about the bridge.

Calvin Marius CO.

Magnus frowned, he didn’t get the RicRoc either, perhaps one of the younger officers would understand.

The longer the command crew sat looking lost the faster her right foot twitched back and forth. Looking around she let out a sigh. “RicRoc is not a man but a comm program.” Pulling her personal communicator out she brought up the program with a random transmission. “See,” she held it up flipping through the pages. The transmission was of a bunch of teens falling off hoverboards, next was a group of kids dancing, followed finally by an elderly woman with a finger pointing up at a slogan I can tell you what is wrong with the Galaxy Generation.

The blank stares coming from several of the bridge crew made Vanessa let out another bubble of laughter. “It is no different than going down a rabbit hole on some other electric platform and if I didn’t own one all of you would be paging for officer Ric Roc.” There was nothing but humor behind her statement as she put her personal communicator away.

Vanessa Slade

Magnus managed his most charming smile at that “Well of course not, there is no officer Ric Roc on the Genesis” He said confidently then leaned in near the Captain and in a loud whisper said, “I was planning on sending a message to Starfleet to ask for officer Roc.”

“So these things are broadcasts people just throw up thinking the universe cares about them looking stupid or desperately needing their wisdom?” The nod from his counselor made Calvin want to roll his eyes and ponder if the downfall of the Federation would come from an alien attack or the rising generation.

“Sounds like we picked up a transmission, can you trace its origin?” He asked then turned to the Captain “If we picked up a signal from somewhere it might explain what happened to our officers” Again he didn’t look directly at the Intelligence chief.


Just fracking give it to me! Reia wanted to shout.

“My department.” she snapped coldly.

Reia, CIO/Comms

“How long before you think you can isolate the origin of the transmission,” Calvin asked his CIO.

Marius CO

Reia was most definitely going to do her job. Right now she wanted to reach down that rabbit hole and strangle whomever was at the end of it. She was sitting on the bridge of a magnificent ship meant for exploring the galaxy but, now she was chasing down angsty teen pranks?

“Hopefully faster than you can say RicRoc.”

  • Reia, Comms/CIO

Magnus turned to the CIO with a raised eyebrow and half opened his mouth then stopped. He had a smartass remark ready to go but felt he’d used up his quota with the Starfleet HQ joke earlier.


The RicRoc signature was like a knot in a massive ball of yarn. It would take Reia’s specialized talent and equipment to untangle the one tread she needed to follow to the end. Eventually, she would find the thread had not just one account associated with it but 10. Each of these ended in ten more clearly dissipating into an ONION-type program. Eventually, she would find a single name and a destination.


Reia set to work at a fever pace. The whole thing was knots upon knots of disaster in her mind. She was working in silence but her head was full of noise. Finally, she raised her head and smiled.

“Hah! Looks like I’ve got it. Oh, and what were you going to say Commander?”

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

Magnus shook his head “Nothing worthy of being heard” He said with a slight smile.

There came a beep, that indicated a incoming comms transmission.
=^= Ensign Brecker to the Bridge=^=

She paused waiting on a acknowledgement from someone.

=^=Are there any other ships that we can detect within sensor rage? We think that we have figured out what has happened to the Chief and Ensign Bailey. Though the answer leaves us stumpted. It seems as they were about to be transported to medbay, there was a secondary transporter signature that locked on and took them. This signature originated from outside the ship as best we can tell at this moment. We are doing what we can from here to try and determine it’s origin.=^=
Xpost, Ensign Brecker

=/\=Um bridge,=/\= The transporter chief said in a slightly stunned tone. =/\=Ensign Brecker has been beamed off the Genesis=/\=


=/\=Repeat all after bridge=/\= Calvin stated.

=/\=Sir Ensign Brecker attempted to triangulate the signal and the second he locked on the coordinates he went poof. Just like the chief =/\=

“Science, how the hell does that happen? Red Alert… Put the shields up and reverse the course of the signal. I want a photon torpedo firing pattern for that location.”
Calvin Marius CO

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“I would not do that if I were you,” a voice said as the viewport ot the bridge filled with static momentarily and then turned to a charcoal gray with the blacked outline of a person filling it. “Don’t piss me off. Just sit tight and I will call you up as I need you.”


It was at that moment that Reia looked up.

“What the hell?” she said unceremoniously. All decorum was basically gone at this moment. Missing crew members, comm traffic that went everywhere, and Ric Rock? No, she had about had enough of this day. A photon torpedo about matched her temperament.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

Magnus tensed as soon as the surpise comm signal came on the viewscreen. He started tapping furiously on his chair console, sending messages to the bridge crew to trace the signal to its source and find out how that was happening. He looked at the Captain, a look of concentration, he nodded slowly ready for further orders.


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