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“It didn’t help as much as I thought it would,” Thomas admitted. “He hit back, of course, and it devolved into a wrestling match in the entrance hall, which he won, because of course age and experience beats youth and enthusiasm. Then we got up and had a couple of drinks, and then my sister showed up bawling her eyes out.”


“So things are copasetic in the MacGregor house,” she confirmed. At the beginning of the story, she thought things were far more contentious. Now it seemed Thomas was recounting a story instead of seeking help.

“Well, they’re getting there,” Thomas said. “I do still resent him a little for going on the trip in the first place, but barring getting up to an exceptional amount of temporal shenanigans there’s no changing the past.”

“Decking someone in the hallway, living room, basement, pick any room,” she let out a laugh. “With nine brothers there was and is a lot of testosterone flowing in the Slade house. Not that I am innocent. Half of us are married to the estrogen is almost as bad now. At times the pheromones and hormones are worse than an Orion pleasure house but its family. Not much one can really do. So tell me about your sis?”

Vanessa Slade CNS

“Josie is the middle of my three younger siblings, she’s six years and change younger than me. Civil engineer, and a nightmare when it comes to interpersonal relationships,” Thomas said.


“So a meat grinder “ Vanessa replied. “At least that is what we call my brother Dylan. “Lord that man goes through women faster than a butcher with a fresh supply of pork at a hot dog festival. Takes the heat off the rest of us so we don’t exactly encourage him to settle down. What’s your other sibling like?”

Vanessa Slade. CNS

“Ha, no, Josie’s issue is that she can’t get past the first date without doing something catastrophic to her chances of earning a second. The most recent was she went on a date to a sushi restaurant and found out she was allergic or something to wasabi when her dinner did a 180 all over her date’s face,” Thomas said.


“What about you,” she asked pulling herself up another foot of rock. As long as she concentrated on the rock it was fine. She kept her eyes forward, not down, not up but forward. “Any pressure for their brother to find someone. Breaking into the sibling ranks is harder than taking on a regiment of Borg and often just as deadly,” she laughed.

Vanessa Slade CNS

“Plenty of it,” Thomas said with a huff not entirely linked to their climb up the cliffside. “And neither Tony nor Garrett will accept that I’m not bloody interested in ladies, gentlemen, androids or sentient potted plants.”


“Wait,” Vanessa looked to the side at him. “Your sister’s names are Tony and Garrett?” The climb was extremely strenuous for her although Thomas seemed to be about as winded as if he was climbing a kid’s jungle gym. Still, that did not mean Vanessa was not having a good time going along at a snail’s pace.

Vanessa Slade.

OOC: I am not sure if I screwed up but you had sisters and no brothers right? ~ Kate

OOC: Nope, two brothers, one sister. All three are younger than him, order is Thomas, Tony, Josie, Garrett.

IC: “No, those are my younger brothers,” Thomas corrected gently.


“Brothers are something I am well versed on having eight of them. They tended to waffle between wanting to dork with my life chasing them away and bringing them around,” she let out a laugh clearly finding her comment funny. “We are insanely close as a family although there is a lot of testertone along with broken doors and windows in our Irish battleship back in Boston. The doors were mostly me slamming them during those oh so lovely teenage years. All in all though it’s the outlaws of the family that tend to descend upon potential mates like locusts. We always play teams of outlaws vs in-laws which,” she let out a laugh,” means it’s technically men vs women in all competition. Since I am the only girl in the family my sister in laws joke that whoever I bring home needs to be a Superman with the intelligence of Einstein for them to have a fighting chance at winning the annual Slade family Olympics”

Vanesa Slade

Thomas stayed silent for a moment, not really having a response to that. He idly noticed that the more Vanessa rambled, the faster she climbed.

Eventually, he decided on a response. “So none of yours have ever gone off on basically a three-year pout?”


“No,” she stated almost squeaking as if the concept was utterly foreign to her. “I am the first to ever leave Boston for any length of time. Hell I had to lie to say I am on Vulcan instead of the Genesis or they would have freaked out. In this universe the only thing one really has is family. Now that family can be blood or the family you make but in the end, it is only your blood you can count on when things get tough. People will give you a million reasons why this statement is wrong or a thousand examples of how this is not the case but with the trillions of people in the Federation, family taking care of family is the norm. Usually, it boils down to someone going off a pout as you called it, and not the family rejecting them. You can’t control someone’s else’s reaction but you can choose how you react to them. From what you have told me you rejected them and not the other way around so my theory holds.” Vanessa was sweet, fun, and happy but that didn’t mean she wasn’t able to pull out hard truths. She had pointed out this type of information for years to veterans at the VA back in Boston who refused to come home or made excuses why they could not go back home. Yes, there were times drugs and alcohol played a role but again that was the person’s choice to use them as a crutch instead of actually bettering themselves. She wasn’t sure how Thomas would take a more brutal reply than the characteristic ‘ummm hmm’ most therapists used to let someone not take accountability for thier own actions in a situation.

Vanessa Slade

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