Land of (Reia's) Confusion

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Reia Shandy (C Intelligence -Comm Officer) in Land of (Reia’s) Confusion

Posted by Captain Calvin Marius (Captain) in Land of (Reia’s) Confusion
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Reia continued cleaning and observing, making mental notes of the people she recognized and the roles of the people that she didn’t. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw Dagen entering with the same woman she had met before. It wouldn’t do to blow whatever cover she had by running towards him like a happy wife glad to see her husband so, she kept cleaning and observing. His picture had been in their bedroom. This woman probably knew they were married but, on the job fraternization was an archaic concept and Reia was still uncertain what the Hell was actually going on.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

Reia would notice Dagen making a slight jerking motion in his stride as he evidently had caught sight of her. Then, keeping his pace he was saying something and made a turn back to NE Bailey - both of whom were dressed in grey, if stylish, coveralls not unlike NE Brecker nearby. But when he looked back at Reia she may notice a grin on his face followed by a wolf whistle distinctly directed to her. Dagen held her gaze for a moment longer then said something to the stern prim looking librarian like woman with an expression from Dagen that looked utterly self satisfied.
- Dagen, CE

Reia had not idea what the woman was saying but she could see her looking over Dagen like he was choice cut of meat about to be served up for consumption. Reia would see that she thought the whistle was for her and why wouldn’t she? The wife fit the description of self-absorbed arrogance. Reia would also see the prim woman’s expression and the way she grabbing Thor’s arm moving him to the patio.

They walked onto the patio and the prim-looking woman let go of Dagen’s arm. “I am not completely a monster, unlike your overlords.” Flicking her hand she knocked over a vase letting it shatter to the floor. “You have as long as reasonably expected for her to clean this up.” She did not actively tell Dagen to help but continued forward after berating him for his clumsiness. Moving to the edge of the patio, the woman waited and observed what Dagen would do with his time with Reia.


Whatever the reason, Dagen didn’t miss the open door. Wordlessly he went to a knee and started picking up pieces. He was taking his time - not to prolong the time he had with Reia but taking care to not cut himself on the shards while waiting for her to approach if she would - and was glad when she did.. It wouldn’t do to have a bunch of band aids on his fingers in this gathering later whatever it was so he took care.

Reia glanced up from the arduous task of placing pillows . Without breaking character she picked up a broom and dustpan and made her way to where the vase had shattered. Looking down at the pieces she frowned, looked back up at Dagen, then slipped into an old dialect of Trill only half learned.

“Are you okay?” he asked her quietly when she came within range. That gave him a moment to look her over to see that she was uninjured. “You have got to get one of those outfits,” he said with a wink. “Apparently I’m a grease monkey chauffeur and Bailey is bartender. I can guess your role.” His voice dipped as he piled larger pieces to one side while he worked through her pigeon Trill.

“Fancy meeting you here. What do you know about this place so far?” she asked quietly.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

He replied in kind keeping the words simple. “Woke a few minutes ago and marched out here. Do you recognize this? It looks strangely familiar.”
- Dagen, CE

Reia slowed her cleaning to match Dagen’s pace but was still thorough so as not to break character.

“First I was on the bridge trying to help find you then, I woke up in bed, and then…” she glanced at the stern woman, “And here we are. Have they tried to use me against you? That’s manipulation 101. Yes, this place does seem familiar doesn’t it.”

  • Reia

“Eternal torment and all that,” Dagen replied, “when it is evident that they need us for something here. To play some part. I’m okay about being a mechanic and can figure out how to park cars but I’m hoping that Bailey can actually mix a drink and not poison everyone in the process. Whatever it is it is happening soon here tonight. Some party. But why us? Isn’t there a job pool available for qualified folk?” He let his hand brush hers in a cross pass of pieces, taking the little sweeper from her hand to brush it into the bin.
- Dagen

Reia frowned.

“If there is, I’ve never heard of it. I don’t like being a puppet. They’re probably expecting some big guest. That could be our way out. Keep your eyes open.”

Dagen nodded. Were they in the holodeck? Were they on a world? It looked ‘Earthy’ but was it? Green vegetation rather than purple. Not Trill that was for sure. Their handler tipped this over. It looked expensive but must be a fake. She’d not have broken something truly expensive with this much ease just to see he and Reia talking. So this was a fake which meant that everything else here likely was as well. Replicated. Gaudy. And the people so .. stereotypical. Were they real at all? “I’m supposed to park cars. The lady of the house seemed to imply a lot of her lady friends are coming.” If this was a holodeck then nothing was real and the program poorly done.

Reia leaned in close as if she was looking for smaller pieces and began to whisper.

“Be on the look out for something you can use as a weapon if you need it.”

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

“It may be better to look for an agent if I’m supposed to be acting a part,” Dagen said. He glanced about. The flowers nearby were fragrant and he could hear a bee buzzing not too far away. “Is this real or a holodeck?”

Reia followed Dagen’s gaze and then looked back down at the cleaning.

“If it’s holodeck it’s more advanced than anything I’ve seen lately. Well, if you want an agent, just make sure you’re ready for your close up. Careful, we might be in some trashy holo-novel.”

“I wouldn’t have to work hard to get that scruffy look,” he said with a light tip of his head and then glanced to where the ‘lady’ of the house had gone. “We might be,” he admitted. “As long as the awaited good stuff is the ruggedly handsome mechanic getting it on with the sultry sexy maid.”

Reia was unable to resist leaning in and giving Dagen a quick peck if, for nothing else, than to remind him what was real.

  • Reia

The quick peck brought forth an instant grin. “Why my love,” he said, “that is the best thing you’ve said to me all day. We may have to have a whole .. conversation when we’re off duty.”
- Dagen

Reia smiled and looked back down to her cleaning.

“Yeah, I have no idea when that may be actually. My room was rather well appointed. Your picture was there but you weren’t so I doubt we’ll be having that conversation in my quarters.”

“That’s a good sign,” Dagen replied, though Reia could see that his wheels were turning in relation to his wife’s doubts. If things had been established that his holo was there then anything was possible in that regard.

Reia looked up again and gave their surroundings a very critical once over. If Dagen knew his wife, he would see her wheels turning.

  • Reia

He smiled. Her look was one that suggested Reia was thinking rather more interesting thoughts than just how to best apply a feather duster. His own thoughts were interrupted with …

“Ugh seriously,” the Prim woman snapped angrily. “Do not mistake me letting you two get together as a kindness. It was just to show you that I can do whatever I need to do to you or her to ensure the mission goes off as planned. Now get up,” she growled.

“Mission?” Dagen said. Was that a slip of the tongue that this was more than just a strange holo-freak show? He shared a glance with Reia before standing up and brushing the dust off his coveralls.

Reaching over, the woman knocked off all the pillows that Reia had fixed with a swing of her arm. “You clean this up. You,” she looked at Dagen, “come with me.”


Reia stood up smartly, met the woman’s gaze, and smiled primly.

“Don’t concern yourself with us Ma’am, everything will be as it should.”

With that, Reia turned and walked back to her pillows.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

Dagen hung back just long enough so that he could see just what that maid costume, er, revealed, as his wife bent over in it to collect the fallen pillow. He refrained from another whistle, however. No knowing who that would attract this time. With that glance done he followed the lady.


It was a little while longer before Kylie stepped out onto the patio. She seemed to pay Reia no attention and casually walked past her. She walked towards the edge of it, if there was one and if there was a railing she would have leaned against it staring out into whatever was there. If none of that was there she would stand off a dozen of meters away from Reia. When she spoke she seemed to be talking to herself. “Man this job… it’s something. But I suppose that the show must go on even for the Desperate Housewives of Betazed.” She sighed to herself and looked up towards what would be a sky if there wasn’t one. If there was she was 100% looking up at it. “Lets hope that the communications hold… they had a lot of loose wires… lets hope there are no stray signals that may interfere with the main signal… then again it didn’t look like it was over a secure channel, and that it continues to hold true during the call… looks like my job is done at least… for now. Three short… three long… three short… strange thats all I could get out of it before finding the right connections.” She chuckled softly.
Ensign Kylie Brecker, Engineer

Reia had been listening very carefully. She didn’t know Kylie well but, Dagen had never mentioned that she had a habit of talking to herself.

The patio was quiet and she was able to hear her clearly. Smiling, she ran her fingers though her long hair and gave Kylie a thumbs up as she finished faux fussing.

Stepping back, she took a look at her new pillow arrangement.

“Hmm, even better the second time around.”

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

She tapped her foot in sequence 9 times using the space to dictate three short three long three short. “I hope we all find the new Genesis that we deserve....” she hooked her thumbs into the coveralls and turned around to head back inside. “Might as well do some exploring untill something else breaks…” She said and then headded back inside.
Brecker, Engineer

Reia had been paying attention to everything Brecker had said and thought her idea of exploring was definitely a good one. She took a good scan of the immediate vicinity to see if she could locate any means of surveillance before picking a direction and beginning to do just that, explore. She was confident that if that dour house mistress wanted her back, the woman could most definitely find her.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

Reaching out he grabbed Kylie’s arm and moved her back onto the patio where Reia was standing and apparently cleaning the floor and fluffing pillows.  It was not the most professional move but he had just found two of his missing officers and he was not going to let them wander around like sheep.   “Sit rep,” he asked the two officers.   Clearly, he was more than irritated and had not talked to anyone other than them.


Reia world around to face the familiar voice and was glad to see marius. She blinked several times to make certain the vision was real.

“Well, I’m a maid can’t you tell? Welcome to the real housewives of betased or something like that. All I know is I was on the bridge and then I woke up in a lovely bed in a crazy uniform I mean look at this thing. I guess there’s a big party happening and I was cleaning and fluffing and I’ve seen Dagen but there’s an evil house mistress and she likes to keep us apart.”

  • Reia

“You mean the pampered princess of a wife in there or someone else,” Calvin asked Reia.

Glancing at Kylie, Calvin added, “was it you or Thor that sent the SOS message?”


Reia scowled and shook her head

“No, not the pampered princess in there. There’s some Dower house person who runs all the servants. That’s the person I’m talking about. She thinks she has everybody on a string and dangles me in front of Dagen.”

  • Reia

“Captain..” Kylie looked up him her face somewhat hard. She raised an eyebrow. “It seems in theis little fantasy I have become an electrician.... and well they wanted me to fix the communications equipment. I only had seen Chief in passing as he went with what seems to be our taskmaster. I dont know what they can or cant hear or see so I’ve kept things quiet… I am untrustful of anything here.... and if honest I would be warry of anything or anyone here… they have confirmed that there are others of our crew here.... and the looming threat is that if we step out of line and dont play along they will kill us all.” Kylie said as she looked between the two being the most Junior member she didnt really know either person and there was some clear distrust on her face.
Ensign Kylie Brecker, Engineer

“Or it might be my cooking,” Vanessa spoke coming up behind them with a silver tray in her hands. “Reia, Kylie, Captain,” she nodded at the three of them announcing her presence. Seeing Vanessa and Reia together, one could make the assumption that just like the wife and husband represented a certain hierarchy in society the staff has a similar hierarchy. Those who did have the less visible tasks like landscaping, electrician, and mechanics were all wearing some version of the baggy jumpsuit sported by Dagan, Kylie, and Calvin. Those who had more visible jobs of being seen by others like Reia as the maid and Vanessa as a chef wore far more pleasing uniforms. Both Reia and Vanessa wore the classic uniforms of their jobs. Reia was in a black and white maid uniform and Vanessa was in all-white with an apron like a chef. The cut and design of Reia and Vanessa’s uniform accentuated every curve and threatened to cause a wardrobe malfunction if either woman moved too fast or bent over too far.

“So you all have met Prune,” Vanessa stated casually but sarcastically referring to the prim-looking woman they all seemed to have contact with when they arrived. “She didn’t give me a name but it seemed to fit. She greeted me and told me I was supposed to make hor d’oeuvres and if I didn’t there would be a price to pay.” Holding out the tray, Vanessa gestured for everyone to try one. While visually it was a pleasing assortment of salmon, caviar, and such things on crackers the taste would make each one want to spit it out in the first napkin or potted plant they could find. “What do you think?” It was obvious Vanessa was looking for some feedback on her newest occupation. “I think they look okay but not sure how they taste.”

Vanessa Slade CNS

Rare smiled, she was delighted to see vanessa. The more crew around the better she felt there was safety in numbers.

“Okay,” Vanessa looked her friend up and down, “I know that uniform is not up to code but you look freaking amazing. Has Thor seen you in this? Obviously not because if he did you both would not be here.” It was clearly a joke related to the attire and how attractive Reia would look to her husband. Yes, they were in a situation but that did not mean everything had to be doom and gloom. While completely revealing in many parts where one could not just stroll into church wearing it regardless if the sign out front said Come as you are, most of the crew rarely if ever saw their co-workers in anything but the almost Puritan uniforms that covered everything except your hands and neck up.

Scanning the tray she picked up something that looked familiar, salmon and cucumber she thought. Tasting it gingerly she looked from Vanessa to the tray and back again with the frown of disgust.

“What…no,” Vanessa slightly whined seeing her friend’s almost visceral reaction to eating the food.

“Oh I know you’ve got to be a better cook than this., No.”

Glancing around she looked for the nearest potted plant that looked like it might need a little fertilizer. Walking over she knelt down and discreetly deposited said hors d’oeuvre in the plant.


“That bad,” Vanessa asked in a questioning tone more than hurt. “There are no replicators so I had no idea how long to cook the salmon.” Her comment was not needed because the distinctly fishy smell from the overcooked and dry fish was obvious to anyone who had ever eaten it. “The recipe said to cook the Salmon to medium and it would flake gracefully. It’s not flaking gracefully?” Reia had a plethora of things to comment on in her bite and not all of it was about the dry crumbling fish if she chose to. The item the salmon was resting on was also not a cucumber but a disk of watercress giving it a distinct crunch one was not expecting when the chomped down on it. The flavor combination of the two was probably not as bad as the texture of the horse d’oeuvre which when chewing probably most resembled eating a slice of apple mixed with sawdust.

Seeing this combination was the equivalent of fertilizer, Vanessa gestured the tray to Kylie and the captain hoping one of the two hor d’oeurves would fare better.

Vanessa, not a cook, Slade CNS

Calvin did a double take looking at Vanessa in her new uniform. “That’s a new look,” he stated giving her the once-over before turning his attention to her tray. Picking up one of her canapes Calvin popped it into his mouth. The second it touched his tongue he began the slow chewing pattern one had when they were trying to force something down that was less than palatable.

“You made this,” he questioned visibly swallowing it all in one huge gulp.

Calvin Marius CO

Kylie had spent her life cooking as she had grown up. She gave a polite smile and shook her head. “Uh… flaking gracefuly hunh? Maybe over a lower heat and with some butter to keep the fish from drying out… Uh I mean… it uh.... to be blunt and honest looks like the fish had dandruf.... thats actually kind of impressive…” She said before she swallowed. “I apprecaite the offer, but I’m not that hungry…” She shook her head. “Though I could probably help with that…” She said and gave a small half smile. “I’ve cooked for most of my life actually… though I can’t remember if we’ve talked about that already.” She said and gave a small chuckle.
Ensign Kylie Brecker, Engineer

Reia watched the scene before her with amusement. She looked around desperately for something approaching water but was unsuccessful at the moment.

“Oh yes, Dagen absolutely loved this outfit. He may actually requisition it as daily wear on the bridge if you can believe that. As for this gracefully flaking fish yeah, there’s nothing graceful about it so sorry Vanessa.”

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

“I guess I am going to have to go with something that tastes good and looks meh,” Vanessa conceded. “Why could I have not gotten an easier job want to trade,” she looked at Calvin. The smirk on her face could not be hidden. She had little doubt if anyone forced Calvin to try and weed the flowers or such he would use a chainsaw instead of his hands. “So what is the plan Cap,” she asked Calvin.

Vanessa Slade CNS


Reia looked from one person to the other, it would be great to have a fully assembled plan but it would also be great to have one quickly before prune came back or discovered they had all assembled here.

“Well, to me this looks like a classic situation. Look at the way we’re dressed for instance, men could probably go very unseen around this whole place and US ladies are definitely built for distraction. So, perhaps we use what we’ve got to our advantage. Vanessa why don’t you heat things up in the kitchen and I can definitely clean more than pillows and end tables. Captain, you and the other men should probably work at trying to figure out how to get us the hell out of here. Or, something like that?”

  • Reia

“Okay, that is a good idea. Let’s see if it can work.” Setting the tray down, Vanessa pulled a small decorative stick from her hair, letting it cascade around her face and shoulders. Shaking it out she reached up and undid two more buttons showing an amount of cleavage Starfleet had not seen when she was in uniform since she started. Lifting the tray back up, she looked at one of the other house servants milling about the space. “Excuse me,” she walked in front of one of the servants moving about, “how are my hors d’oeuvres?”

The man looked like he was a deer and squarely in front of an oncoming car as Vanessa spoke to him. His eyes also drifted everywhere but the small cracker in her hand. Her tone was soft and seductive. The way Vanessa was moving was more flirtatious than purposeful. “I am not sure if they need anything more,” she placed it in his mouth and licked her fingertip ignoring the false platitudes that spilled from his lips. Turning to face her crewmates, Vanessa smiled.

“I will do my part. Are you sure Dagen will forgive you for flirting with a room of men that could quicken the pulse of a dead man?” The room was slowly filling with more eye candy than was probably fair. Reia’s plan was a good one and easy to implement at least for Vanessa.

“Yes, Dagon will definitely not be upset with me. I think he would actually love to be a fly on the wall for this whole situation. I’ll just tell him I was practicing.”

“Okay Captain, we will run cover. You go do that Marine recon thing and get us out of here,” Vanessa said to Calvin.

Vanessa Slade CNS

Calvin nodded at Vanessa and Reia. His CIO’s plan would work to keep the people busy and busy people did not pay attention to anything past the end of their nose. Nodding to them he said, “be careful” before heading off the patio.

Calvin Marius. CO

Reia laughed and winked at the captain. Before she turned back to the crowd she adjusted her outfit a bit. She tightened a few things here, loosened a few things there, and most definitely adjusted her décolletage. An Orion could never be too seductive at least that’s what she had been told. Stepping back into The fray she glanced around and tried to get the lay of the land. Whom was worth paying attention to and who wasn’t?

  • Reia, CIO/COMMS

“Excuse me,” a Betazed male came up and looked at Reia. “So is Beltran here yet?” The man paused and waited for her response as if she should know exactly who the man was. Now it was time for Reia to go right or left. If she denied knowing the man it could raise suspicions. If she acted like she knew who he was and could not identify him, it would blow her cover. All of it was a gamble and Reia had to throw the dice one way or another.


Reia smiled at the stranger and bowed ever so slightly which caused the decolletage of her lovely maids outfit to nearly cause her to spill out of the top.

Stepping closer she grabbed a drink from a passing tray, “I’m not certain. Would you like to sip on this while I go look around for you sir?”

  • Reia, comms/Intel

“No I want you to find him not look for him,” the man corrected her as he took the drink from her hand. “You have three minutes,” he snarled. There was nothing more irritating than when the help forgot to stay in their lane. There was no denying the incredible grace and exquisite beauty of the woman whom he sent off on the errand. She rivaled and surpassed most of the woman in this room however she was just a maid. Unfortunately, that meant she could never run in their social circles.

The errand would allow Reia however to move about the space with far more freedom than her original role allowed.


Reia looked him in the eye and smiled before tossing her head, turning on her heel and gracefully walking away. She might be just be a maid here but she had been snarled at by better than him. Now that she could move freely around the room she would do so and perhaps she would find this man for him, perhaps not. 3 minutes could be quite a long time if she worked it right. Beltran, Beltran had to find Beltran.


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