Checking in with the Captain

Posted Oct. 3, 2023, 2:45 p.m. by Captain Calvin Marius (Captain) (Luke Hung)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ashley Logan (CMO) in Checking in with the Captain

Posted by Captain Calvin Marius (Captain) in Checking in with the Captain

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ashley Logan (CMO) in Checking in with the Captain
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While Ashley was beamed aboard the USS Genesis as the ships new doctor. She noticed that she was in the transporter room of the Genesis. As she knows, she has a duty on board the Genesis as much as she did on the Ark Angel. Although, now she is a department head on this ship. She then went to a turbo-lift and said “Bridge.” The turbo-lift then initiated it’s way to the bridge so she can meet the captain on the newly vessel that she has been assigned too.

As she stepped out of the turbo-lift, she then went to the captain’s ready room and rang the chime. She didn’t have any encounter or experience with this specific captain but she knows that she will do her job. As the ships chief medical officer, she can official relieve the captain from duty if need to but it wasn’t that kind of meeting. This meeting was to meet the captain and the captain to know who she is.

Lt. J.G. Logan

Calvin heard the chime and closed the console he was working on. “Enter,” he said in a crisp tone.

Calvin Mauris CO

She hears the captain say enter and she then walks in. She then said “Lieutenant Junior Grade Ashley Logan reporting for duty. Chief Medical Officer sir.” She said as she stood in attention.

Chief Medical Officer Logan

“Please to meet you,” Calvin gestured to the seat in front of him. “Chief Medical Officer,” he repeated out loud. It was so curious. They kept making the Chief’s younger but he got older.

“So tell me something about yourself,” he asked.

Calvin Mauris CO

“Well sir. I’m pretty young. Never thought I’d become a department Head right away. You know. I’m honored to being one now.” She said.

Lt. Logan

“So all doc’s have a specialty they love. What is your main interest in medical aside from the general health and well being of the crew

Marius CO

“Well sir I’m going to be honest and frank with you but I love all medical interest.” She said.

Lt. Logan, CMO

He blinked at her for a moment. “I thought all doctors had a specialty.” He paused, “I mean aside from general practitioners which was a specialty about not being specialized. I mean they are really diagnosticians, who send people to specialists.” He paused.


“I do apologize. But I don’t really have a specialty. I mean yeah I do all of it, that’s my specialty. Sir.” She said to him.

Ashley Logan, Chief Medical Officer

“So you are a general practitioner,” Calvin repeated to make sure he understood what the CMO was trying to say. There was no way the CMO was saying she was proficient in every single medical specialty there was.

“That implies that you are a diagnostician.” He said it like a statement but it really was a question.

Calvin Marius CO

“Yes sir I am sir” she replied to the captain. She wanted to do something that could fit her career.


“So what has been your most challenging case as a doctor,” Calvin asked.

Calvin Marius CO

“Well sir. Seeing people dying in front of me where I’m completely hopeless and helpless.” She said.


Marius paused, “I have seen many people die.” Pausing again, his eyes fixed on hers. “A troubling, and unfortunately an unavoidable facet of our very dangerous mission. To explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations… not all those new lives and new civilizations are friendly ones.”

“Doctor, I think we have not communicated the purpose of this meeting properly. I am asking, perhaps difficult questions to find out more about what makes you tick and how to best use you on the ship. What you respond with when I ask a question is a fact of the profession,” Calvin replied. Looking at the officer she wondered why the man only gave brief replies as if he were on trial or worried about every word coming from her mouth.

“You are not on trial, I am not trying to trip you up. I’m trying to get to know you better.”

Calvin Marius CO

“Yes sir. I understand. I just wasn’t sure what or how to respond sir.” She said.


“More casually. Think of this like a conversation and get to know you better so,” Calvin reclined slightly in his seat hoping this would let the officer open up more, “tell me what you do for fun on your off-duty hours.”

Calvin Marius CO

“I normally go to the mess hall and eat and read a book. Books has always been my thing.” She said.


“What genre?” No one was going to call Calvin erudite, but he had cracked a couple of books in his day. ” I tend to enjoy historical battles. Did you read the newest one by Xzavier Plunis on the takeover of Betazed during the Dominion War? It reads real different than what those who were there remember about it.”

Calvin Marius CO

“Yes sir. I have. It’s just I’m not too fond of it. I just tend to read romance on my off time.” She said to the captain.


Calvin nodded and waited for the officer to talk more on any topic. It was feeling slightly like he was interrogating the officer instead of conversing with her. Using silence was a great motivator to get one to talk so Calvin just waited for Logan to add more to the conversation.

Calvin Marius CO

“But other than that. Nothing really else. I don’t really read much anyways.” She said.


“So maybe we can try something different,” he suggested, “for this department intake. How about you ask me something so I don’t feel like this is an interrogation?”

Calvin Marius CO

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