Pre Sim- When In Doubt, Call Ops (Tag CO)

Posted Nov. 25, 2023, 11:52 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Si'Rek (Operations Officer) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Captain Calvin Marius (Captain) in Pre Sim- When In Doubt, Call Ops (Tag CO)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Si’Rek (Operations Officer) in Pre Sim- When In Doubt, Call Ops (Tag CO)

Posted by Captain Calvin Marius (Captain) in Pre Sim- When In Doubt, Call Ops (Tag CO)
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The shuttle settled to the deck and the engines powered down. As the hatch opened; a tall, green and blue mottled skin figure dressed in a gold Star Fleet uniform stepped through and onto the deck. They were very tall, and they looked around the shuttle bay a moment before walking to the Security officer on duty. “Excuse me. I’m the new Operations officer. Do I need to check in with you, or…?” The Petty Officer nodded. “Yes, sir. You are Lieutenant JG Si’Rek, is that correct?” Si’Rek nodded and said “Indeed.” The Perty Officer nodded and said “You need to check in with Captain Marius, sir. I’ll see to it that your belongings are sent to your quarters. Si’Rek inclined his head slightly and then set off towards the turbolifts.

A few moments later, the chime to Ready Room sounded as Si’Rek made sure he looked presentable.

Si’Rek, Ops.

“Enter,” a voice replied from the other side of the door. Calvin clicked off the document he was working on as the large blue-green alien entered his office. It was not a typo when he read the man’s jacket about being almost seven foot tall and three hundred pounds. “Lt. Si’Rek,” Calvin greeted him.

“Yes, sir. A pleasure, Captain.” Si’Rek replied with a small inclined of his head.

Calvin stood to his full height which was over a half a foot shorter that than Si’Rek. He reached out with a hand.

Si’Rek took the offered hand in a firm but not overly so grip, shook it twice, and released it.

After the shake he took his seat pausing to see what Si’Rek would do.

Calvin CO

Si’Rek remained standing, but clasped his hands behind his back. “My orders were to report to you upon my arrival, sir. I did not want to keep you waiting. And if I may, it is an honor to be here, Captain.”

Si’Rek, Ops Chief

“An ‘Honor’ well, that is good. I hate to hear that my officers are sent here kicking and fighting. Have a seat,” he gestured to one of the chairs across from his desk. “I assume your transfer was routine?”

Calvin CO

“Nothing out of the ordinary, sir. Although we did have to reroute a bit around a Cardrigillian funeral flotilla.” and he shrugged. “But I will say I am glad to not be crammed inside another shuttle for a few days.”

Si’Rek, Ops

“So tell me a little about yourself. Why the transfer and why my ship?” Calvin was not suspicious, merely curious. There were many ships in Starfleet and an officer pretty much could choose where they wanted to serve. The Genesis was a Manhattan class so it was not the smallest nor the largest ship in the fleet.

Marius CO

“The ship has a stellar reputation, sir.” Si’Rek said sincerely. “And, after having spoken to several knowledgeable individuals in the arena of posting with challenges and a solid crew, the Genesis came up more than once. The fact that you didn’t have a current Operarions Officer made it an ideal fit.”

Si’Rek, Ops

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