Check Out The New Guy... Mentally Speaking, That is. (Tag CNS)

Posted Nov. 25, 2023, 11:55 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Si'Rek (Operations Officer) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Vanessa Slade (CNS) in Check Out The New Guy… Mentally Speaking, That is. (Tag CNS)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Si’Rek (Operations Officer) in Check Out The New Guy… Mentally Speaking, That is. (Tag CNS)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Vanessa Slade (CNS) in Check Out The New Guy… Mentally Speaking, That is. (Tag CNS)
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The Takaran Operations officer moved through the ship with ease now that he had had a day to familiarize himself with the ship. He had ensured his belongings had arrived and were intact, met with the Captain and lined out expectations, and now he was doing his mandatory check ins with the various departments that needed to sign off on his arrival. First up was the ship’s Counselor.

Si’Rek walked into the Counseling suite and approached the desk. “Good morning. Lieutenant Junior Grade Si’Rek, Operations. I have an appointment with the Counselor for a on-boarding review and assessment.”

Si’Rek, Ops

“Lt. Slade is just finishing up with her 1300 hours client. She should be back any minute. Take a seat,” she gestured to a row of chairs. “Can I get you something while you wait?”

“No, but thank you for the offer.” he replied, and took a seat.

About five minutes later, Vanessa walked into the counseling suite with her boot slung over one shoulder and a slightly confused expression on her face. “Nancy,” she immediately addressed the woman at the reception desk. “Ever heard of noodling? I swear those science guys have some pretty crazy ways to ruin a manicure,” she looked at her fingertips. “I mean I chipped two nails.”

“No I have no idea what noodling is and your 1400 hour check-in is here,” Nancy pointed her stylus at the large alien in the corner.

Turning to face Si’rek, Vanessa gave him a big smile. “Lt. Follow me,” she waved for him to follow her into her office. Palming the controls to her office, Vanessa entered the space, walked to the replicator, and replicated a new pair of shoes. “Take a seat anywhere,” she stated. Unlike most counselor’s suites with a million different forms of seating, Vanessa’s office held only a couch, two upholstered matching chairs, and two standard issue chairs facing her desk. The room was set up so that Si’rek could either sit facing her desk or in the very living room-esqe design with the two upholstered chairs facing the count.

Vanessa Slade CNS

Si’Rek sat in one of the matching chairs and nodded at the Counselor. “Noodling, I believe, is a primitive and dangerous, yet highly effective, way of fishing for bottom dwelling fresh water fish. Used by a socially frowned upon segment of Earth’ North American population colloquially known broadly as ‘rednecks’, but specifically the subculture of ‘Okies’.” and he shook his head. “I had a class mate at the Academy from the area.”

Si’Rek, Ops Chief

Getting her coffee from the replicator along with a fresh pair of boots, Vanessa slipped the shoes on and carried the coffee to the couch where she sat down facing him. “Top marks for knowing what noodling was,” she took a sip of her coffee. “I had never heard of it but I don’t judge what people find as fun. What I don’t know is what is an Okie?”

Vanessa Slade CNS

Si’Rek said “Coloquial term for a person hailing from a certain are of the North Amerixan continent on earth. Prior to the unified planetary government, humans divided themselves into seperate nations. One, the United States, further divided itself into seperate political and social entities called-as the name implies- ‘states’. One such state was called Oklahoma, and the humans from that area called themselves ‘Okies’.” He paused and then said “Mark one for wholly obscure and vo.pletwly irrelevant knowledge.”

Si’Rek, Ops Chief

Vanessa let out a small laugh. “I am from Boston. The accent gets thicker the more I drink,” she smiled. “And we humans still tend to group ourselves by nationality and heritage. I just hadn’t heard the term Okie before. I think it threw me because I was with another client noodling and he was not from Oklahoma but Louisana. I had no idea noodling was first a thing and second so many people did it. I have a few Uncles that are fisherman but no one is sticking their fingers into mud as a lure from my family.” Setting her cup on the table, Vanessa picked up a Padd.

“So Lt. Si’Rek tell me a little about yourself?” She glanced over the notes she made about the officer before her session but Vanessa would rather learn more about the man than his official psyche jacket.

Vanessa Slade CNS

He shrugged slightly and said “I am afraid I am a bit boring. My personnel file pretty well sums me up. I grew up in a family that had expectations of me that I didn’t think were in line for what I wanted for myself, so I left. Joined Star Fleet, had a few postings, and here I am.”

Si’Rek, Ops

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