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Tom didn’t even flinch, he talked readily and matter of factly.

“Protect myself from what?” Tom asked, “It was just sex, no emotional entanglements or preludes to relationships. Just physical needs being met on both sides. I found it interesting how many women seemed ready to jump into bed when I tell them they won’t remember it, mainly taking it as a challenge to prove me wrong is my guess. As for relationships… It would be nice to have someone remember me affectionately but the attempts made had always failed for one reason or another.”

  • Tom

“Forget your memory issues, maybe the reason is just assuming it is just sex is why they don’t come back.” The comment sounded judgemental but it wasn’t. It was the truth. Vanessa had had her fair share of one-night stands but the reason she never came back the next day was the man was not a fit for her in the bright light of day.

As they walked, the pair came to a large ornate fountain in the maze. The water trickling down was very soothing and peaceful but the bottom of the fountain went so deep it the base looked black. “Penny for your thoughts,” the wizard stated producing two coins.

“Oh it’s a wishing well,” Vanesa took a coin. Turning to face Jarvis, she smiled, “and a great idea. Instead of me peppering you with questions your turn. Let’s start with this.” Tossing her coin into the water, Vanessa stated loudly. “I want to know ten things about Jarvis.” Sitting on the edge of the fountain she looked at her companion.

Vanessa Slade CNS

Tom watched the coin sink into the depths and looked at Vanessa.

“I guess I can play this game. How aobut we start with the fact that I’m a very fast reader and not only can I retain the information and recite it as written, if it’s related to a skill to background, I can make practical use of the information.”

  • Tom

Vanessa nodded and took in the information. “So you have an eidetic memory? Was that before or after your incident which altered your brain?” She avoided calling it a curse like Tom did. It was not a curse but more of an affliction looking at it from a medical standpoint.

Vanessa Slade CNS

“That started around puberty.” Tom said perfectly imitating Vanessa’s voice, intonations, and speech patterns, “the mimicry is something that I’ve been able to do ever since I can remember.”


“That is a unique talent,” Vanessa said looking at him with a curious expression. She was now starting to see why Tom might be having difficulty establishing relationships with people and it was not caused by his unique brain. “When did you learn you had this skill?”

Vanessa Slade CNS


Tom smiled.

“Well, dear my parents tell it, it started around the time I was three with me imitating the sounds of small animals. Imitating them well enough that my father decided to call in a wildlife relocation expert to get the excess critters out of the house. Critters that weren’t there because I was the one imitating the sounds.”

  • Tom

Out of nowhere, the wizard materialized before them again asking his questions before they could continue the maze. “If you could be anyone but yourself, who would you be?”

Vanessa Slade CNS

Tom looked at Vanessa thenthe wizard and shrugged.

“I don’t know, I wouldn’t know how to be anyone else but myself outside of a cover identity.”

  • Tom

“Well, that is an evasive answer. Everyone has always wanted to be something at one time or another. When I was little I wanted to be a model. I loved getting my picture taken and it was probably a bit because I liked the attention. With the football team of brothers I have it makes sense. When I got older, I wanted to be a nurse but settled on counseling. So don’t take the wimpy way out and tell me you woke up at three and said I wanted to be an intelligence officer in Starfleet. What did baby Tom want to be,” she asked.

Vanessa Slade CNS

Tom spent the moment looking thoughtful.

“What did young Tom Marvin Jarvis went to be when he grew up before his universe collapsed? Well, of all the things that had interested him through his childhood the one that lasted the longest and the one that he really hoped to achieve was to be a deep space explorer. Just him alone, in an automated one person long range exploration ship, exploring the universe at his whim.”

Tom look down at his hands, shook his head, then looked back up at vanessa. For a brief fleeting moment she could see longing in his eyes and, just to suddenly, the look disappeared into the friendly, warm, by now obviously practiced look that Tom had.

  • Tom

“So you always have been a loner,” she asked. It was an interesting fact. Tom stated his condition was what kept him from making connections with people but his choice of being alone and isolated touring the universe was telling. Most people wanted to explore and share things with others.

“So tell me have you never wanted to be part of something larger than yourself?”

Slade CNS

Tom nodded, “Adding to the knowledge about our universe is something that is bigger than myself. Yes, I am somewhat of a loner by nature but not necessarily by choice. There are times when I do want to make connections but, on my terms. That’s kind of hard to do when you have an involuntary, line of sight, psionic field around you that keeps short-term memories of me from transferring into long-term memory. I have a hard time connecting with people because they forget me not necessarily because I want them to. Though, to be honest, sometimes it’s a good thing that I can’t be remembered.”

  • Tom

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“So you stated that distance stops the field which is why your family and your superiors at Starfleet command remember you. Why don’t you engage in long-distance relationships even platonic ones? With the extent of communications, it would be possible to develop and maintain relationships across vast distances and millions of light years. Vanessa wondered if Tom would put up more obstacles than solutions given her question. Yes, it was different having a flesh and blood person next to you but millions of people have relationships where the bulk of their connection for long stretches of time only involved comms. “Doing so would create the stability of the relationship and when you met, you would have the week of vacation, minus three hours to create in-person long-term relationships.”

Vanessa Slade CNS

Tom looked at Vanessa sideways for a moment.

“Do you have someone in mind?” he asked.

Tom then shook his head, “Honestly, it’s easier to just pay someone for a little bit of their time. I’ve tried long distance relationships with minimal success. I’ve heard many excuses, I’m too cold, I’m too distant, I remember too much, I’m to analytical, I’m too suspicious. The two best potentially romantic relationships I had were on this ship. A doctor with an old brain injury that prevented my psy field from working on her and an Azmodean, an extradimensional being. As for friends, a previous Captain with a cybernetic neural implant that enhanced his memory. So yes, I know what it’s like to be remembered and what it’s like when those people leave.”

Through the whole monologue, Tom’s voice could have coming from a Vulcan for the emotional control on display at that moment.

“No that is G-Harmony’s schtick not mine. Finding a match based on fifty points of comparison,” Vanessa recounted the holo-ad about the intergalactic dating site that matched up couples. “Let’s change the topic,” she stated looking at her watch. It was not that she had any place to be but more judging the time she spent with Tom and the time she might remember. “Let’s talk about anything other than I topic I pick. I feel like this is an interrogation,” she let out a small chuckle. “We came to hang out and I just thought of a benefit to your unique ability…you can talk about anything you want and have no regrets because I am not going to remember it anyway so the floor is yours.”

Vanessa Slade CNS

Tom didn’t hesitate.

“Go-karting. Specifically high speed off-road Go karting. Used to be my favorite pastime as a kid and I haven’t done it since. I should probably change that soon but with better vehicles. Something more suitable to adults.”

  • Tom

“Okay, that sounds more fun than roaming a maze? Should we give it a chance,” she asked with a big smile. Vanessa wondered what Tom’s program would be. She liked go carting. It had been a while but she had driven them years ago.

Vanessa Slade CNS

Tom perked up.

“Sure, I can build us a basic MX track program in about 20 minutes.” Tom said as he made a shirt series of geatures.

A holographic interface appeared in front of him and he began working in an extremely high rate of speed. The holiday scenery started to shift and morph around them.

“Two single seat carts or a double seat cart?”

  • Tom

“Two singles. Why would I not want to drive,” she stated with a laugh.

Vanessa Slade CNS

The scenery shifted and became a mountain lake surrounded by forest with trails running through the trees and around the lake. In front of the materialized two low slung but very fast looking buggies.

“Are you familiar with classic gas engine systems of transportation?” Tom asked, “You know, foot pedals for acceleration and braking, steering wheel, shifter paddles on the steering wheel?”

  • Tom

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