Uncovering Surra's Mind and Soul [Tag Counselor]

Posted Dec. 3, 2023, 8:35 p.m. by Lieutenant Surra Almikaz (CSO) (Mika Jackson)

Once inside her new office, Surra took a moment to appreciate the high-tech equipment and advanced technology that surrounded her. It was a far cry from the familiar confines of the Ogawa, where she had served as the chief of psychiatry. A new challenge, and she was ready for it.
As she settled into her chair, Surra couldn’t help but reflect on the transition from psychiatry to the realm of science. The Genesis, a vessel at the forefront of exploration, carried with it the promise of new discoveries and uncharted territories. It was a thrilling prospect for someone with a curious mind like Surra’s.
The intercom buzzed, and the computer’s voice chimed in interrupting her thoughts. “Lieutenant Almikaz, you are cleared for your medical evaluation. Please proceed to the counselor’s office.”
Surra rose from her chair, and made her way through the corridors of the Genesis, feeling a sense of purpose as she walked. The ship’s artificial gravity kept her firmly grounded, but her mind soared with possibilities.
Upon reaching the counselor’s office she knocked on the door and waited for her session to begin.

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