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Posted by Captain Calvin Marius (Captain) in Main Sim Undisclosed location Sir I am ready for my close up (CE)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dagen Thor (CE) in Main Sim Undisclosed location Sir I am ready for my close up (CE)
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Dagen took the canister in hand and knelt to do a spurt onto the ground. He wasn’t, like the Captain, quite worrying about anything leaping out at them. If they were anything like them they’d have light as well - certainly any of their handlers were essentially humanoid. Standing back up he kept an eye on it to see if it did glow some once the light was away from it.

The paint did glow and would work as breadcrumbs to lead them back to the small entrance they used to enter this empty space

The light from Calvin’s flashlight seemed to be swallowed up by the inky blackness for about ten feet. After that, the flashlight seemed to strike something and scatter as if hitting something reflective. Walking forward Dagen and Calvin would find the light was striking a wall clearly bored out by a mining device. This explained the reflective kaleidoscope as the light from the flashlight bounced off the walls. Now the two men had a choice. Go right or go left. One direction would lead to a way out. The other would lead to an almost Mintaur-like maze in total blackness.


Approaching the wall he ran his fingers along it. “Cave? Laser or plasma bores both to carve out and seal the walls,” he said. One of the odds and sods he learned from his time on OP42. “At least we have something to follow here.” He put a spurt on the wall itself to denote their starting point. Beyond that one direction was as good as another. “If it is a one to one ratio for spatial reckoning this would be one big cave to have that scenario happening. But if it’s condensed like in a holodeck the chamber may not be that big. Someone must be operating this. It can’t just go on in a vacuum.” He looked right into the dark, then to the left, then shrugged. “Right, sir?”
- Dagen

The assessment by the CE was correct in that yes they were in a man-made cave and yes one direction was as good as another. Taking a right allowed the two men to walk for about twenty feet before a door appeared in the rock. It was obviously placed there and confirmed Dagan’s experience that this was all man-made for some purpose. The controls on the door were not advanced indicating no one really had a concern about keeping the people inside the space. What would be more interesting than the lock on the door was the small nagging headache that seemed to grow in intensity the farther they walked away from the hologram they exited. Exiting the hologram it would have been barely noticeable but twenty feet from the hologram passageway, it was something that was evident to both men. The pain was centered at the temples and would be radiating out from that spot spreading to all over their heads.


Dagen’s eye twitched and he absently rubbed his temple. He was not so dim to not notice connections. Looking down to his symbiot he tried to find whether there was anything that happened to him or overheard when he was out. He’d never tried to do that before. While the slug did rest he also took in everything that Dagen could remember and experienced what he did. It was a long shot perhaps but did something happen to him when they took him? Basic door. At least they know it was there. Did it get them out?

“You don’t suppose the wonderful keepers there put anything in us?” he said, glancing to the Captain. A medical scanner would be wonderful about this time but he knew that would be a long shot. Why would they have made this kind of contingency unless others had gotten out? Hmmm.

Calvin felt a growing ache in the same spot Dagan was rubbing. He could tell it seemed to be getting stronger the more he walked away from the entrance to whatever it was they left to this door. Calvin was accustomed to pain as a Marine. He was accustomed to pain being inflicted upon him by someone else and this is exactly what the headache felt like. “Wish I could refute that,” Calvin stated in an irritated tone due to being kidnapped and his now ache starting to turn into a pounding. “Let’s get this door open,” he took a step back and shined his light directly on the panel the CE would open without much effort when he started.

Marius CO and GM

As they were in front of the door opening it wouldn’t add to their discomfort but it was still annoying to a rather large degree. He had had headaches before but this was shaping up to being a doozie. “Security on this side of the door looks to be pretty slim,” he said. Basic door. Nothing that hard for thief or engineer, or, by the look of it, a well intentioned cat determined to get out. Well here goes, he thought to himself as he reached out to engage the door to open …
- Dagen, CE

The door opened easily to a well-lit space that looked like a sick bay.
The large room had several partitions with isolation fields around them as if giving the people in the bays privacy. What both men would notice was the silence in the room. There seemed to be no one moving about and just the stead beeping of monitors filled the room with sound.


“Well that doesn’t look good,” Dagen said. He had no fear of medical facilities. He had visited them far too many times in his life to have any concern over sick bays or counselors. At least when they were expected or in context. He had no illusion that this was ‘in context’ for anything helpful. “What are they trying to do? And why?” he asked. This made little sense to go to this extreme to have people engage in some drama reality holo.

As Dagen and Thor tried to figure out what was happening, a conversation suddenly started at the far end of the room around one of the beds in the isolation areas. The way the two voices were speaking, it was clear they did not know Calvin and Thor were there. “It’s totally crazy that we can convince these people of anything. I mean look at her hand. It is fine but her reaction was as if we handed her a plate out of the oven and the other one freaked out about the cup being too cold and yet,” the sound of a thump followed as the techs dropped the person’s hand back on the bed after they were done inspecting it, “nothing.”

What on earth were they talking about? It didn’t sound real. He would have initially thought that they were talking about androids - that would be fitting in something like this. It wasn’t like it was new for humanity; Earth had done a whole series of holos over that centuries ago. But they mentioned convincing people. So how where they so affected that they couldn’t tell hot or cold?

“Hey wanna get something to eat before we get the vitals on the other three,” one of the voices asked. The rapid reply of yes was followed by the two medtechs in medical gear walking out of the isolation bay and towards a door in the back of the room. They either did not see or noticed, Calvin and Thor’s position by the door all the way across the room.

Vitals. Definitely living. For an android they’d use diagnostic rather than vitals. He glanced at the captain and shrugged. Medical things were mostly beyond him though to be honest he could tap into Thor’s last host, Lin, who was an exobiologist. This was more a mystery thing. Thrace would like that part. If only his head wasn’t throbbing he might enjoy this more.

If the two men walked farther into the room the pain in their head would get more acute. The pain almost acted like a beacon as if pinpointing the direction they should be going but slowing them down from heading that way.


Dagen leaned in, wincing a the increased pain and winced, following the direction of the pair. “Clear,” he said even if it came out more as a gasp than a statement. He wanted to see what was going on. But that pain was not pretty. Were they talking about other crew at those tables? Was this the source of the pain or was it beyond even these doors? Taking a step in he leaned against the wall to fortify himself and make way for the captain in case this was his goal too.
- Dagen

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