Side Sim - Dagen and Reia's Quarters - Christmas Stuff

Posted Dec. 4, 2023, 10:16 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Dagen Thor (CE) (Gene Gibbs)

Dagen tugged at the string of the cloth bag to secure it. It was interesting how different cultures presented gifts to one another. Humans had elaborate wrapping options. Trill tended to utilize bags of sort rather than wrapping though that could be of different varieties as well. Some on Andor would encase their gifts in ice and Klingons in chest like boxes. Vulcans, logically of course, just presented it to the person without the wrapping. He did feel, however, that Angel appreciated the extra effort that others made with wrapping, as illogical as she would say it was.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, spotted feet bare near the regulation carpeting he held the bag at his knees and looked at it. Earth tended toward certain artistic expressions more so than Trill, still some were quite amazing. It was one that he had secured holo tickets for. In an effort to make things ‘special’ even in holodecks certain things were of limited accessibility whether it be in attendance or time, otherwise nothing would be special with it, only interesting. Of course Dagen had another gift .. something much more private, but this was the public gifting. Where would he keep it then away from Reia to find when she was the intelligence expert and Dagen had about as much of a poker face as a mime.
- Dagen

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