MAIN SIM Landing on Beltran

Posted Feb. 20, 2024, 7:11 p.m. by Captain Calvin Marius (Captain) (Luke Hung)

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The flight down to the surface once the shuttles exited the “chop” was highly uneventful. It gave the shuttles’ occupants a real-time glance at the planet’s surface. The images of the capital from the official holo message along with the images from the Federation briefing showed the same thing: gorgeous architecture, lush landscape, and vibrant culture. What it did not show was the larger landscape. Outside the city limits, the planet’s surface was bleak and barren giving the capital an oasis-type feeling. For hundreds upon hundreds of miles around the city, the landscape was as flat and featureless reminding anyone with combat experience of a razed battleground.

The view lasted long enough for banter and speculation before the shuttle settled on the landing pad. As the hatches opened, the crew of both shuttles were greeted by a single five-man team dressed in Federation combat fatigues waiting on the tarmac. “Welcome crew of the USS Genesis,” Lt Dean announced in a deep voice as if the were cadets arriving to the academy and not a crew of officers that outranked him. This was not his first rodeo with a new ship coming to the planet surface. As soon as he got them where they needed to be, Dean and his boys were going to find a night quiet corner and throw back a few.

“If you would kindly huddle up we can get you out of here and into your swanky party.” Making a few gestures with his hands, the two men next to Dean moved onto the shuttles the Genesis crew was disembarking.

GM Kate

“Lt. Dean,” Calvin stated moving out of the shuttle but making sure his gaze on the two officers entering the shuttle betrayed his less than amused emotion circulating in his gut. “Is there a reason your officers are commandeering my ships without a direct command from me or my XO and if it is not too much bother,” he waved his hands around slightly as if it were a casual conversation between friends, “care to tell me where you think you are taking them?” Long ago, Calvin learned sarcasm went further than barking an order and gave him a clue as to the intelligence to whom he was addressing. Less intelligent individuals missed the subtleties in sarcasm even though often the words used when speaking had more bite than those used at an increased volume.

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