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The flight down to the surface once the shuttles exited the “chop” was highly uneventful. It gave the shuttles’ occupants a real-time glance at the planet’s surface. The images of the capital from the official holo message along with the images from the Federation briefing showed the same thing: gorgeous architecture, lush landscape, and vibrant culture. What it did not show was the larger landscape. Outside the city limits, the planet’s surface was bleak and barren giving the capital an oasis-type feeling. For hundreds upon hundreds of miles around the city, the landscape was as flat and featureless reminding anyone with combat experience of a razed battleground.

“Wonder where they grow their food,” Dagen mused as he saw the blasted heath as it were. He had to admit the city looked good. More than good. “It’s like an amazing cruise ship in a barren ocean. Hmmm.” Was the ground infertile? There were ways to terraform regions and not just planets. “Terraforming regions for agriculture could be a negotiating item,” he said aloud as a thought.

The view lasted long enough for banter and speculation before the shuttle settled on the landing pad. As the hatches opened, the crew of both shuttles were greeted by a single five-man team dressed in Federation combat fatigues waiting on the tarmac. “Welcome crew of the USS Genesis,” Lt Dean announced in a deep voice as if the were cadets arriving to the academy and not a crew of officers that outranked him. This was not his first rodeo with a new ship coming to the planet surface. As soon as he got them where they needed to be, Dean and his boys were going to find a night quiet corner and throw back a few.

‘That sounds canned,’ Dagen thought as he listened to the spiel. By their tone he was almost inviting a uniform inspection by the Captain. That might shake off the ho hum nature of that. As non-regulation as Dagen was he still felt himself bristle at that ‘let’s herd the sheep’ tone.

“If you would kindly huddle up we can get you out of here and into your swanky party.” Making a few gestures with his hands, the two men next to Dean moved onto the shuttles the Genesis crew was disembarking.

GM Kate

Dagen saw the brewing storm cloud on the Captain’s face. That was not going to pass before it blew over the Lt, he was sure of that.

“Lt. Dean,” Calvin stated moving out of the shuttle but making sure his gaze on the two officers entering the shuttle betrayed his less than amused emotion circulating in his gut. “Is there a reason your officers are commandeering my ships without a direct command from me or my XO and if it is not too much bother,” he waved his hands around slightly as if it were a casual conversation between friends, “care to tell me where you think you are taking them?” Long ago, Calvin learned sarcasm went further than barking an order and gave him a clue as to the intelligence to whom he was addressing. Less intelligent individuals missed the subtleties in sarcasm even though often the words used when speaking had more bite than those used at an increased volume.

Marius CO

Dagen noted the atmosphere of the landing area that shifted from ship systems to planet environment. He breathed in the air and tested the gravity as he took in the sights. Curiously he felt the temperature dropped a couple of degrees with the quietly spoken but yet underlying intense inquiry from the Captain. Swanky party. It didn’t seem that this Lt had seen more action than the inside of some quarters for a while.
- Dagen, CE

Surra stepped off the shuttle onto the planet, her senses immediately absorbing the change in atmosphere. She glanced around, taking in the landscape.

As Lt. Dean began his welcoming speech, Surra couldn’t help but feel a pang of annoyance at his overly cheerful demeanor. It felt contrived like he was trying too hard to play the role of the welcoming committee.
When Captain Calvin intervened with his pointed questions, Surra couldn’t help but admire his deft handling of the situation. His sarcasm was subtle yet effective, a clear indication of his displeasure without resorting to overt aggression.

Keeping her expression neutral, Surra moved closer to the group, ready to follow Captain Calvin’s lead. As they prepared to depart for the party Surra remained vigilant, her senses sharp and attuned to any unexpected events that may occur.

Lieutenant Almikaz

Reia had stepped out of the shuttle and taken a place near the Captain. She felt no reason to make herself known in any special way. When the lieutenant was prattling on she did however make it a parent that she found his speech very boring. AS silent yawn, but the meaning was clear. She didn’t know if these people had been briefed on whom they were speaking or whom was among the crew, but it didn’t really matter to her.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

Dean scanned the crowd for a second letting his eyes stop momentarily on one of the crew from the Genesis. It was brief but there for someone looking for it. The pause was only about a second long before he centered his gaze on the Captain. You are not like Captain Trusdall. You are going to be a handful. Dean thought remembering the last Captain that scurried…no slinked away to his ship the second he was able to leave. “Sir,” the lieutenant replied straightening his posture slightly. It was not out of fear of Calvin but more a hint of hopeful respect that the man before him would do more than his predecessor Trusdall. “We have a small hangar for our ships across the city. I was going to move them there and get them out of the public space. Unless you want to just lock them up and leave them here with the Beltrans?” The question was rhetorical but Dean’s men did stop and wait for further instructions.

Hearing Calvin’s reply, Dean looked at his officers. “You heard the man. Not a scratch,” he stated before turning on his heel to lead the group of Genesis officers away from the landing pad.

Lieutenant Dean deftly moved the group through the space port they landed in bypassing the security check points as if they were not there. “So I am assuming you all have a lot of questions. Feel free to ask them.”

No Beltran official stopped them letting the group move as if they belonged there. “So you are the fourth Federation starship that has been to Beltran trying to push through the membership jacket between the Federation and Beltran,” Dean began to share some information that the group might be interested in knowing. Captain Trusdall took off like a cat from a hen house about a month ago. I came with Captain King about eleven months ago. They promised me and my men this was a one-year stretch and that we could catch a ride with you at the end of the negotiations.” Dean was speaking to the Captain for the most part but his casual tone indicated anyone that who had a question could ask it.

“The negotiations have been going that well?” Thomas asked, blinking. If it was that bad, why were Starfleet officers doing the negotiating at all, and not specialists from the Diplomatic Corps?

“Oh yeah,” Dean responded with a look that bordered on just shoot me with a hint of waiter can I have the check please when one was on a bad date. “If you haven’t noticed,” he waved his hand about the spaceport, “the Beltrans care more about making things look pretty versus any progress towards a long-term goal. Progress has been made in the negotiations arena but it moving along with the pace a guy uses when they dig the chick but not enough to meet the family. Long conversations about how you want to do it but are busy for the next five Saturdays in a row.” Looking back over his shoulder, Dean gave the aw shucks look complete with the mouth-snicking noise that was the vocal companion of the look.

The spaceport was pretty run of the mill for any civilian spaceport except that it was next to empty and filled with only Beltrans. The only people that were not Beltrans in the entire place was the crew from the Genesis. The detail and decorations however in the space matched any luxury spaceport. Large colorful frescos adorned the walls along with bubbling fountains and benches placed around the space.

“How was the trip down? It tends to get really bumpy between all the orbital platforms,” Dean said. “At least you all didn’t seem to need to use the space bags or did you leave my two guys parking the boats a surprise.”

Lt. Dean Starfleet security detail assigned to the planet


GM Kate Lt. Dean Starfleet security detail assigned to the planet

Reia had been paying attention to the lieutenant’s speech as she walked among her crew. She had also been looking around at the landscape and trying to glance at the people without being obvious. That was usually quite easy for an intelligence officer but something about this place just seemed a little off. Whom had Dean been looking at she wandered also. His last remark did succeed in making her laugh a bit and smile. It was time to perfect that air of ease.

Reia, CIO/Comms

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