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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dagen Thor (CE) in Main Sim Undisclosed location Sir I am ready for my close up (CE)

Vanessa was still suspect. None of this made sense. Their hologram tech was cutting edge but it was only a psychiatric condition that made people believe it.

Dagen watched the holo-Calvin disappear and felt a momentary pang of panic in him. That was soon to be him .. what will he remember? Now that being said he had not been a holo-Dagen that long to have developed much separate personality or memories to be more than a strange bizarre curry inspired dream. Still it was .. disconcerting. But at least the real Captain woke immediately. He supposed it was Reia’s turn to do this .. or could he turn himself off. Perhaps he could if he could get past the splitting headache that was happening ..
- Dagen

Slowing putting some small things together, Calvin looked at his CE waking up in the bed beside him. “Dagen how is the head?” Calvin hoped his CE was recovering just fast as he was.

Standing up, Calvin found the weakness from the pain from the migraine was just about gone.

“Getting better,” Dagen said. “Better than head splitting open state from a few minutes ago. Now it’s more like having to listen to Bat all day on a shift.”

Despite how it might look from the outside, Reia had actually been paying attention to everything Vanessa had been doing. After making certain that her Captain wasn’t going to disintegrate or other some such malady she took a deep breath and followed Vanessa’s example.

Dagen’s eyes opened and utter disorientation met him. He was looking up at Reia. A moment ago he had been looking across at her. His head turned about to where he was and saw nothing. The upside was that there had been a quick lessening of the pain in his head such that he didn’t feel like throwing up at the movement. He groaned as he got his bearings and tried to remember what had been happening. How does a hologram escape a holodeck through a rabbit hole anyway? Another thought for another time as he focused again on Reia. “So .. any different in groping a hologram, my love?” he said trying to move.

“Come on, rise shine and growl sweetheart.”

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

“Growl indeed,” he said. “I’m hungry. I was in engineering. Then I was being transported. Then I was a mechanic. And now I’m here. That should be enough for one day.” He looked at her. “I miss that maid uniform on you though.”
- Dagen, CE

Reia laughed and stepped aside for him to get up.

“Yeah, keep missing it sweetie. So, think you can put away six to eight plates like you did when we were on holiday? Once this lot is over I think everybody will be in the mood to do something similar. I sure know I am.”

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

Dagen groaned. “And I paid for it after,” he said. “Should have been drinks.” He sat up slowly to gauge his state - would he be nauseous or dizzy or what? Apart from a latent headache where that implant was he seemed okay. Rubbing that spot he winced. Swinging his legs over the edge of the bed he gave himself another moment for orientation then slid off to the ground. “So far so good.” He focused on his wife and mentally superimposed that maid outfit and different hair style that she had then. “We need to go back to the short skirt uniforms. Kirk’s era had it good.” He knew that would get a swat as every mention of that era did. How could he help it that Thor’s first symbiot, Surrel, had been on a ship in that era and lived through that challenging and distracting time.

“Captain?” he asked. “Where to now? Shut down this simulation - somehow - or get out of here?”
- Dagen, CE

“Both but first let’s see if they have a console or terminal in here to give us some idea of where we are going.”

Calvin Marius CO and GM

Dagen was dubious about a control panel in what was a medical area but he’d not throw away gift horses and all that. Sliding fully off the examination table, and while the Counselor seemed pretty obsessed with ensuring the mental health of the captain he thought to check for that panel - at least that would keep him out from the flashing light of hers for a time. That being said, or thought, there should be some kind of console terminal to hook into their network. There was no reason to suggest there would be nothing here as they likely had not given too much thought to their actors waking up. “Looking,” he said, sidestepping the duo. “Reia, may need your skills to hack if we find something.”

Jumping in front of Calvin, Vanessa grabbed a small light off another table and scanned Calvin directly in the eyes waving the beam back and forth. In the darkness of the room, the normally dim light would be far more blinding. “How do you feel? Any headache, vision changes, confusion, or nausea,” she peppered him with questions.

Vanessa Slade CNS

“What the hell,” Calvin pushed her arm away. “I feel like I haven’t moved for a week and you peppering me with questions and flashing lights in my face is what is giving me the headaches, vision changes, and confusion and sub-psychotic rage.... not to mention aren’t you a psychologist of some sort not a medical doctor.... and where did you get a mini flashlight?”


“My prison wallet and I spent two years at Bunker Hill community college getting my associates in nursing,” she answered his questions with the immediacy of it being gut reaction answers and not well thought out replies as her mind concentrated on a different train of thought. Clicking off the light she gathered her thoughts before replying in a much clearer response.

“I was checking for HTDS. Holo-transference Dementia Syndrome,” she responded. “It is a medical condition in which an individual becomes overly involved in a holographic simulation. They slowly lose their sense of reality and begin to believe they are an actual part of the simulation. It is like holo-addiction on ketracell white. It is why I steered away from holodecks at the VA in Boston. It could explain though our situation. Obviously, we were in a holodeck but it did not seem that way to me. It felt real, off but real.” Looking at the other three people Vanessa waited to see their reactions.

Vanessa Slade CNS

Reia headed to admit it, Vanessa brought up several good points.

“Yeah, that whole thing seemed absolutely crazy. I know this is real, but what the hell was that? I think I just like to go home now.”

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

“What if we don’t know it’s a holoprojection?” Dagen offered, directing to Vanessa. “Wouldn’t we want to be a part of it to be addicted to it? I mean the vehicles were nice but I wasn’t exactly tied into this emotionally apart from finding out what was going on and keeping an eye out for Reia.”
- Dagen, CE

Reia was going to stick close to Dagen for a while. She had sufficient medical training to at least keep him from dying at a moment’s notice. She was also very adept at computer skills if the need arose.

  • Reia, CIO/Comms

Dagen rubbed his temple and glanced at Reia who was glancing at him and had a mother hen look about her. “I’m okay,” he said, but was happy for her presence close by. He didn’t feel he was going to suddenly drop or anything but he didn’t fully feel himself. While he could pick out a computer monitor, anything beyond easy access would be something for Reia’s nimble fingers. “How long were we in that simulation?” he asked her. It didn’t feel long but like a dream it could have been anything. What was happening on the ship? Or to the ship? How many were involved in this?
- Dagen, CE

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