Base infiltration Bravo team (XO and Jarvis)

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If the team scanned the base, they would find a strong communications signal coming from behind their location and one level up. There were only three large rooms on the base. Alpha team was headed to the one. Bravo team to the other. The last one was directly below them with only one life sign in it.

Tom looked at the results that he got from scanning the systems while discussions were going on about what to do about who.

“We have one life sign directly below us. Lots of gear to control the station is also in that room. Do you want me to look for a back access or do you just want to take the direct path down a level and take the hallway to knock on his door?”

  • Tom, IntSec

“Find a secondary entry if possible, I want him taken by surprise” He said as he used hand movements to direct his team to the entrance of the large room they were heading to “I can hold here for a few minutes to give you time to set up so we can do a combined assault, I don’t want to alert him by attacking before you have a chance to grab him”


“Give me a few moments.” Tom said as he connected to a data port.

Tom began scanning through the station systems to to try to find a floor plan to the base. He was looking for a second entrance to the target room. A maintenance access through Jeffrey’s tube would be perfect. Potentially quiet and unexpected. He would also check the pathway for things like shielding sensors traps etc.

  • Tom, IntSec

Magnus took his team to prepare a breech at the entrance to the second large room “Scan it” He ordered, he could have taken out his own tricorder and used it but he needed situational awareness more than he needed to see the scan results.


The team would find the room had two entrances making it easy for the Bravo team to enter and catch whoever was in the room in a crossfire if they timed it well enough. One would be the Jeffry tube Jarvis was looking at and the other was the main entrance.

GM Luke

Tom showed Magnus the diagram, “Here’s where we are, there’s where he is. You and your heavy team can go make a bit of noise at the main entrance to distract him while I take this Jeffrie’s tube directly to him and try to tranq him whole his attention is on keeping you, and the team, out of his control room. If you give me 2 minutes I can make it quietly. If I need to be faster there might be some noise involved that might tip him off. So if you want me to go fast, you and your guys will need to make a lot of noise.”

  • Tom, IntSec

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