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"Named for the Merrimack River, formed by the junction of the Pemigewasset and Winnipesaukee Rivers at Franklin, New Hampshire, Earth"
"All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by... ...And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover"
The USS Merrimack, probably the best dressed crew in Starfleet History.
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CO's Comments here

Who knew?. The USS Merrimack actually invented Ship's Counsellors and the term 'Away team' for landing parties.

I have met the daughter of Romulan Commander Andone, and she is a future Starfleet Captain. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin right now. It is never too late to become what we are destined to become.

XO's Comments here

I've lived for over forty thousand of your years, almost entirely at war. When I think I've seen it all, you short lived species always manage to prove me wrong.

Sim Title: The Finite War

The Merrimack is called to the edge of known space answering a distress call by the USS Avenger. There they shall face a alien artifact of terrible power and must do all they can to keep it out of unscrupulous hands.....including their own.

Engineering Science Security Medical
No Core breaches today. Run a few scans on passing rogue comets till you get to Earth. How about you do some test firing on your personal phasers. Lets get those physicals out of the way eh? Bet the XO has not been prodded yet.
Vacancies on the USS Merrimack AWOL Limits Players on Shore Leave Players that were Washed Away


****** WE NEED A Chief Medical Officer. *******

Would anyone like to play a second minor character?

Or a custom character - let's discuss it!

Engineering JOs, Security JO, Science JOs

CONTACT Captain Glen directly.

Command and GM - Five (5) Days

Department Heads - Seven (7) Days

Junior Officers - Ten (10) Days

Are YOU AWOL: check here -

The Merrimack Charter: check here -

None at this time
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Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Captain John Tiberius Glen Captain Human (British) 5' 10" 161 lbs David Fergusson OK (0)
Lieutenant Commander Kord XO Cheron Native 6' 2" 190 lbs David Bennett OK (1)
Lieutenant Tiastri Ezial Chief Engineer Human (Romani) 5' 9" 160 lbs Melissa Aragon AWOL (37)
Lieutenant Mthunzi Nkosenye Chief of Security Human (African, Zulu) 7' 2" 339 lbs James Sinclair OK (3)
Lieutenant William B. Grey Chief Science Officer Human (Scottish) 6' 4" 198 lbs Hjortur Ingi OK (4)
Lieutenant Tinga Communications Andorian 6' 2" 153 lbs Catt Bennett OK (1)
Ensign Jasper Ericson Engineer Human 5' 11" 203 lbs David Robinson Jr OK (1)
Gamemaster CockRoach Gamemaster American Roach Robert Archer OK (1)

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