Dinner with the XO (Kord)

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Posted by Lieutenant Tiastri Ezial (Chief Engineer) in Dinner with the XO (Kord)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Kord (XO) in Dinner with the XO (Kord)

Posted by Lieutenant Tiastri Ezial (Chief Engineer) in Dinner with the XO (Kord)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Kord (XO) in Dinner with the XO (Kord)

Posted by Lieutenant Tiastri Ezial (Chief Engineer) in Dinner with the XO (Kord)


Engineering had been in a relatively good stage. Despite the lack of a Chief Engineer, the senior officers had taken the bay in hand and kept things rolling. All inspections were up to date, the roster was full and running smoothly and only one name popped up as a possible disciplinary issue. NE Hodges hadn’t enjoyed being ordered around by those of equal rank, despite their longevity and seniority in the Engineering bay. He kept his work up but was often late, left early, and ignored repeated threats to be written up or recommended for write up on the arrival of the new CE.

She had sent word for nothing to be said about her arrival and would deal with Hodges in the morning. He had departed an hour before the end of his shift. So she had missed him, and him her. But the morning would see to that.

Back in her quarters, Tia made sure the opened crate of personal items in the corner of the room was tidy and packing materials had been taken away. She had set the table for two, including wine as well as regular drinking glasses. The replicator had been programmed for dinner and dessert and she hoped his favorite drink wasn’t ‘just’ in his personal replicator menu.

With her hair pulled back from her face with a silver barrette, she looked at herself once more in the mirror in her room. The dress came down to just before her knees and was a deep sapphire blue that matched her eyes. The tights under it were a shade lighter and the ankle high black boots completed the outfit. The sleeveless dress showed the gold arm band on her left bicep and two inches of a rough scar showed on her back near her shoulder as it peeked out, giving rise to the question of how far the other direction it went.

She had a simple matching gold torc around her neck, a wolf on either end, resting on her collar bones. And her makeup was subtle enough to barely be noticeable. She was taking a moment to pull bits and bobs from the crate when he arrived.

Tia Ezial

Kord arrived a few minutes early, he didn’t believe in the concept of fashionably late. He smoothed out his long sleeved gray shirt. His matching gray pants were tucked into gray calf high lace up boots. In his hand was what appeared to be a very old bottle. Kord knocked on the door to Tia’s quarters and waited.

It had been such a long time that anyone had invited him for a personal social call, he was curious how much, if any, the customs had changed since his last time.

Kord, XO

You’d think she’d been smacked, the way the young woman jumped as the knock sounded. A smile lit Tia’s face as she went to the door and palmed it open. She glanced at him a moment then realized she hadn’t said anything. A small laugh escaped the apology as she stepped aside. “Sorry, please, Sir, come on in. I’m still unpacking, so forgive the mess.”

She also then realized that in her hand was a small figurine she hadn’t set down. “See…” She held up the small hand sized animal figure before starting to step away to put it back in the crate. “Please… Make yourself at home.”


Kord nodded and stepped in.

“I remember when it used to take me a week to unpack.” he commented intent to set her at ease.

He walked over to a low end table and put the bottle down.

“Do you need and help?” he asked, his crystal blue eyes taking in the boxes and packing materials.

  • Kord

She smiled at the bottle. “No, it’s… ummm it’s ok. I didn’t invite you over to help with manual labor. I am sure you get plenty of that during work.” She moved to place the small animal on a shelf unit beside the viewing monitor. It seemed a little lonely in the plain white cubical but it seemed counter productive to rewrap it and set it back in the crate.

She turned back to him and smiled. “Does it need to be opened to breathe before we eat?” She nodded to the bottle thinking he may prefer it to anything else to drink. Her hand rose to brush an errant strand of hair behind her ear as she moved towards him having to pass him to reach the bottle, and get to the table. The crate basically blocking the other direction around the couch.


“It’s not required. The fermentation halted and the contents set at their current flavor profiles several hundreds of years ago. It has a bold flowery scent and a fruity taste with a slightly metallic finish. I hope it won’t be too dry for your enjoyment.” Kord said as he watched her pass.

He wasn’t sure if the hair tuck was an intentional or unconscious signal or merely due to nervousness.

“I hate to talk work over dinner but I did say you could ask me anything.” he said with a gentle smile.

  • Kord

Tia smiled. “No, it’s fine. I’m looking forward to it.” She moved to the table and grabbed an opener from one of the nearby drawers before setting the unstoppered bottled on the table between the plates. “Well, you ‘did’ say that, didn’t you?” She smiled at him and laughed softly. It wasn’t loud, but it was genuine. “She put the opener away and smiled. “Ok, question one… food first, or sit and relax? I am guessing you had a harder day than I did. I only have to oversee my crewmen.” She made the offer of the table or the couch. She was finally starting to relax and while she didn’t notice it, the tension in her he sensed earlier was fading as if she had been waiting for something that hadn’t happened… and it made everything all right.


“Perhaps we should get the formality of food out of the way first, though nothing says we can’t talk and eat at the same time unless the type of food makes that impractical.” Kord said with a polite nod.

Kord could read in her body language, and bio-electric impulses, that she was relaxing, or at least coming down from a state of heightened nervousness.

  • Kord

“Dinner it is. And you are certainly more than welcome to talk.” She smiled and offered him a chair with a gesture as she moved to the replicator. Tapping out course already laid in, she then used a nearby hot pad to move the casserole dish to the small trivet on the table. The top of the Cottage Pie was a light brown of gravy bubbling thru mashed potatoes.

She then set a small basket of rolls beside it where butter was already waiting. “Can I get you anything else to drink, or is the wine sufficient?” She was glancing between the counter and table as if mentally ticking off items to be sure she hadn’t forgotten anything.


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