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Posted Oct. 5, 2020, 2:36 a.m. by Captain John Tiberius Glen (Captain) (David Fergusson)


“Captain,” Kord began, “In keeping it low tech as possible there are reasonable exceptions. Obviously they have long distance wireless communication capabilities so our communicators should raise little interest except maybe in miniaturization if they don’t have something similar. Same with weapons. It would be reasonable to assume that we have means of defending ourselves. However, as we don’t see any traces of transporter technology at the moment I suggest the use of shuttles and, if we have them as guests, keep replicator tech quiet as it was developed from transporter technology. Exposing similar technologies is not the issue. The issue would come from showing then technologies they haven’t developed yet.”

“With the technology, I’m not bothered that they know we are much more advanced,” replied Glen. “I don’t want to frighten them of course, but mainly I just don’t want to give them an inducement to want to steal from us, which then might lead to violence. They don’t need to steal or back engineer our tech, we will tell them that we can share technology with them in time. Think of it like taking off your antique Rolex watch when visiting an old Earth sanctuary district. Which is why we will transport rather than shuttle. We are too vulnerable on a docked shuttle and the shuttle is full of tech itself. The transporter is a quick beam in and, if needs be, a quick beam out again. Anyway, if it does become an escape and rescue mission, then the shuttle will be no use to take their whole crew off.”

“So, if there is nothing else, we should leave as soon as possible,” Glen said. “That ship doesn’t look in very good shape.”

While the crew debated what to use and how another audio comm message came through for Inola. =/\= Hello? Are you still receiving us? By the Eternal Abyss we are not that low on life support are we, to be collectively hallucinating? unknown words that trail off =/\= the female like voice asked.

Inola turned to the rest of the bridge. “I’d suggest we stop debating and head over. I doubt they’ll be much of a threat, but they’ll be even less of one if they die while we sit here arguing.” She wasn’t known for her patience anyway. “Would you like to answer them Captain or should I?”
-Inola, Comms

Glen gave a nod, and said, “Be my guest!”

Inola nodded sharply. =/\= We are still receiving you. We plan to send a team over to your ship to assist you in repairs. =/\=

=/\= Oh thank the Eternal Wise Ones, we were getting worried for a moment that our life support was malfunctioning. Our unknown word broke after we attempted to leave this system. My engineer says we need to unknown eight words. Hopefully you and they can get us at least stabilized. Where are you from? Our home system is only 3 unknown words away from here. We had suspected other life was evident in the nearby star unknown word from radio echoes but have yet to meet anyone. =/\= The female voice said.

“And we’re still beaming over, Sir?” Hal asked. “I doubt that they’ll be hostile to people who are helping them.”

“That’s still the plan!” Glen replied.

“They’re asking questions now sir. Fairly standard ones, who are you, where do you come from, but still. The sort of thing we might want to explain in person.” Inola smiled. “And we’re their welcome wagon. First aliens they’ve ever met.”

“Well, I’m as eager to me them as they seem to be to meet us,” said Glen. “Let’s get down to the Transport Room and beam over.”

William didn’t really understand all the security precautions the Captain was taking, his interest was purely in the discovery of a new species, the anthropological finds, and scientific potential here. In his mind, there was nothing wrong with bringing advanced technology so long as they kept to the letter of protocol, but then again he wasn’t a Captain and thus he probably didn’t truly comprehend the reasoning.

Glen’s reasoning was based upon historical precedent. Ships on voyages of discovery were often attacked for their technology, weapons and valuable commodities.

“Okay, then I think that is settled,” Glen said. “The landing party should assemble in the Starboard Transporter Room in ten minutes.”

-Glen, CO

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