Boarding and recovery

Posted Oct. 7, 2020, 10:46 a.m. by Captain John Tiberius Glen (Captain) (David Fergusson)


“I might be overdressed for this party, or at least I hope so.” Mooney laughed while he pulled of his helmet and clipped it to his belt. Climbing up to the platform and taking a pad near the rear he waited for the rest of the boarding party.

”..Well considering your attire, depending how good that is at resisting environmental effects you might be cooler then the rest of the landing party.” Steven said.

“Technology is our friend, Chief.” Mooney grinned. “One has to admit that the Officers look spiffy till the real work begins, tho.” Remembering the temperature.”By the way, any indication whether they actually live in that sauna or is their life support on the blink as well?”

”..Hard to say on scans, power is fluctuating on the ship likely due to some kind of drive failure I think. But if I had to guess they like that kind of temperature.” Steve said.

“Anything else you can tell me about their biology? Reptiles are a bit different from mammalian humanoids.” After a moment, “and an idea of compartment size would be nice, a warning when to duck is always good.”

MCPO Mooney

Captain Glen was the next to arrive at the Transporter Room and caught Mooney in mid-sentence. “Are you expecting an unusual biology or environment? ” Glen asked. “Bridge sensors haven’t picked that up. It kinds of makes things a little different if so! Still better we know before we leave, eh?”

-Glen, CO

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