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Posted Oct. 12, 2020, 5:47 p.m. by Captain John Tiberius Glen (Captain) (David Fergusson)


Emi’Ko and her team had finished the repairs to the Merrimack and she had gained a new appreciation for starship engineering crews after seeing the base commander about an Idea she had she was now heading to see the captain of the Merrimack so she could get his approval walking up to the office door she proceeded to ring the chime

“Come!” Glen said, “Ah! Lieutenant! Please do come in . Excuse the untidiness but we are leaving very soon , which means that I do need answers to those questions I asked you earlier.”

Glen thought Emi’Ko looked surprised at his mention of his questions.

.”Questions? Merely that I trust that the repairs all went to your satisfaction and that we were okay to leave? I haven’t received the test reports yet. Or, if I have, I haven’t had a chance to open it yet. Could you quickly outline the main findings to me before we leave K-5? I also hoped that next time we meet, I will have made a better job of keeping to the Merrimack’s maintenance schedule. But then I ’received an unusual mail directly from the desk of Commodore Brians that you had requested a transfer from K-5 dry dock engineering to the Merrimack crew as a junior officer. Obviously, I wanted to check it was correct and discuss it with you in person.”

The repairs went fine the Merrimack is in better shape than ever and Yes the reports were submitted finally yes in fact I do wish to join the Merrimack’s crew as a Ship Designer I feel that my skills have advanced as far as they can on K-5 in order to become an even better Ship Designer I must understand what it is our starships face in day to day life I need to be out there So I am asking to come along not only to help keep my own baby in proper shape but also to learn more about ship design” she explained a little surprised by the captain already knowing about her request

It was Glen’s turn to be surprised.

“Well, I’m surprised that you want to come and work aboard our ship. The Merrimack is now nearly seven years old. It’s challenging to keep ageing equipment running in tip-top shape and hardly very exciting. You are turning down working on those sleek new yachts docking at K-5 and replacing it with routine maintenance and servicing. However, I won’t turn down someone with your experience. You’ll have to play second fiddle to Lieutenant Ezial though , however we may be able to allow you time to continue to design. I also think it is admirable that you want to see first hand how the ship performs in the field. You are correct in thinking that simulations can never replicate what happens day in, day out, and if seeing that helps design better starships, then please go ahead.”

When Glen thought about it more, it actually made sense - because hadn’t they deliberately kept things from Emi’Ko that were redacted from the official logs - things such a s the complete reconstruction of several lower decks, or the uninstalling of MABEL 2.0 and MABEL 1.0 and replacement with Windows Panorama.

=Glen, CO

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