Boarding and recovery

Posted Oct. 17, 2020, 4:48 a.m. by Captain John Tiberius Glen (Captain) (David Fergusson)


Inola stepped into the Transporter room quietly. “I still don’t know what they need fixed. I tried re-running the translator, but it’s still not clear.”

NE Steven spoke up about this point finishing his scan as he gazed into the scanner goggles. “..Compartment size seems around like ours give or take, shouldn’t be a problem. Just dress cool is all I guess I can say.” Steven reported

“So, their life support is on the blink as well as their engines?” asked Glen, but actually rather relived. “I thought for a moment they lived in a Tholian heat environment, but if they are humanoid we’ll just have to dress for a tropical climate. We could take along some portable cooling equipment?”

“No field jacket, then?” a disappointed Hal asked. He proceeded to take his jacket off.

NE Steven spoke, “..Not less you want to sweat yourself silly in that heat over there, sir. ” he said while waiting for the rest of the boarding party to arrive.

Glen turned to the nearest two engineers, “Make quick, as we’re leaving soon! Get down to stores and bring up half-a-dozen cooling units. Break out the new units that employ a regenerative liquid nitrogen loop.”

Kord stepped into the transporter room at that moment.

“Cooling units?” Kord inquired, “I didn’t realize it was that warm over there.”

Kord carried minimal equipment on his belt. A communicator, a tricorder, and a recording device.

Inola shrugged. “They seem very concerned with the status of their life support. We’ll be hot, but I wouldn’t be surprised if their usual temperature is even below ours.” She wasn’t sure, but there was no harm in being prepared.

“I didn’t know either,” replied the Captain to Kord, “but NE Stevens here has been monitoring it, and you could fry eggs on their consoles!”

NE Stevens spoke up again. “..So everyone set to go over? Despite the warmth I think you’ll be ok over there, though you’ll need a sonic shower probably when you return.” Stevens said.

With no fear of compartment fires or low over head, Mooney smiled and shot the transporter Chief a salute. This will be new he thought as he returned to rest.

Hal had already taken off his field jacket. Now he took off his uniform tunic. Then, he absconded with his sweater. So all he wore was his black wife beater undershirt.

“Yes, we are set to go NE Stevens,” replied the Captain. “Energise!”

-Glen, CO

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