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Posted Sept. 12, 2018, 2:15 a.m. by Crewman George Lee Sherridan (Engineer) (David Fergusson)


=^=Shuttle bay, prepare to open the doors and drop a bomb manually. XO’s orders.=^= She said pleased with the bit of authority she’d managed to put in her voice.

As the Merrimack came about, replies came in from the shuttlebay that they would be ready in two minutes for shoving the 1st of the two bombs Kord had gotten together, on screen the Ark Angel was shown to now be focusing its phaser fire on splitting up the attack smaller ships, making their strafing and patterns of attack less coordinated. In rapid succession 15 phaser bursts shot out from around the large ship but the nimble ships proved hearty 8 of the 15 shots hit, and based on scans sent the enemy’s form of shielding down sharply to something akin to 60%. The remaining phaser shots though missed their marks by a narrow margin. Another pair of phaser shots rang out with a burst of photon torpedoes to the rear of the Ark Angel, striking the mammoth mushroom shaped Serpent ship, the phasers doing marginal damage to is form of shielding, while the burst of rapid fired torpedoes impacted a wave of ‘thorn like’ organic missile weapons destroying most but 8 of their number still sharply struck the rear of the Ark Angel.

George used the antigrav sledge to pull the first of the two bombs along the shuttlebay and up to the doors. He then returned to get the second. He fumed at the flight deck supervisor sitting in his control box above him, muttering under his breath.... “two minutes… huh! if he wants them ready in two minutes he should come down here and give me a hand… bloody Lieutenants! We need an engineers union!”

A comm chirp soon came down with the XO’s voice =^=Drop the first treat.=^= he ordered.

George looked up to the flight deck supervisor in the control box again. The supervisor put down the chicken and bacon club sandwich he had been eating. With his mouth too full to speak, he instead gave George two thumbs-up signs. Then he went back to his lunch once again.

Guess it was time to shove the first bomb the XO had made out the forcefielded shuttle bay door.

George couldn’t see anyone else around to do it. The CE and Jasper had been left behind on the last planet. So, he pushed first button next to the bay door that raised the forcefield, and then the second button that opened the door. Once the door was open , he gave the first of the bombs a shove with his right foot. It slid a little along the floor up to the very edge of the shuttle bay door, where the forcefield was keeping the air from escaping out. For a second or two it rocked, back and forth, half in and half out, and then it quickly tipped over the edge and was gone.

George then returned to prepare the second bomb. He also pushed that up to the forcefield in preparation, but waited for further instructions to let that one loose.

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