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There was an exchange glance between both alien females. They spoke in tones uncaught by the UT to translate but the air about them seemed conflicted but excited equally. Finally the second of the females spoke. =/\= I see no reason we can not have them moved to your ship for further treatment. If you can help restore them to a more functional and less suffering state that is always a unknown word in my opinion. =/\= She said. =/\= However, I must request before I given final approval of this movement that unknown word, possibly a name =/\= She said gesturing to the other female present. =/\= Accompanies you to your ship for the safety of our patients. While I do not doubt your intentions or abilities it would look better for me in my reports if I sent someone along to ensure compliance of treatment where possible, is this agreeable? =/\= The second doctor asked.

GM CockRoach

“An expert in your physiology would help immensely, please gather any personal effects you may need wile I make final arrangements.” Turning back to the patient in the worst need, =^= Mooney to USS Merrimack, prepare to begin transporting wounded, they will be accompanied buy a member of their medical staff. Inform the transporter team I will coordinate with sickbay, over =^= knowing that Lieutenant Saark has resigned his scans and was waiting on the line. =^= Monney to Merrimack Medical, we will be begin transporting wounded when your ready, I suggest one at a time and that someone be their to meet their accompanying medical expert, over.=^= knowing his patients were stable, and about to be evacuated to the ship, the battle hardened medic relaxed and allowed the compassionate man to show. Induced coma or not this was still a sentient being with hopes and fears just like him. Reaching out tenderly stroke her hair. “ Its going to be ok, we are going to transport you to our ship. Ol’ Doc Saark will take care of you.”

MCPO Mooney.

Lt. Saark’s reply came promptly over Mooney’s communicator. =/\=Lt. Saark to MCPO Mooney. Ready to receive patients. Your comments are noted, thank you. I will be ready to meet their medical expert.=/\=

~ Lt. Saark, CMO

In a swirl of transport energy the patients and the first female alien vanished. This surprised the second female alien who sang out in surprise =/\= By the unknown word!! We only theorized molecular forms of transport! I wish you had told me that is how you were moving them so I would not be so shocked right now. I assume they are on your ship? =/\= She asked once calming down.

GM CockRoach

Mooney looked up from his tri-corder in surprise. “I am sorry, I was so focused on our patients I didn’t think about how unsettling it would be.” Putting away his tools. “Do we have any minor wounded we need to see?”

MCPO Mooney

After a second for the UT to translate there was a reply =/\= No other injured are present, what frew minor injuries there were we took care of before you showed up. =/\= The remaining doctor female said.

GM CockRoach

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