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=/\= Your own words of your ship though are fascinating, it implies your means of ‘warp’ drive are much faster than ours. It took us in a round trip almost a year to explore three systems previously until this point on our way to our home system. You mention radio transmissions, those were probably done by the Tri-Council leaders about 12 of our years ago when we sent out our first cryo sublight exploration ships to nearby systems. Sadly those same ships were lost with all hands in actuality our exploration of three systems prior to here were to look for signs of them. Sadly we found nothing, I do not suppose you have picked up anything? =/\= She asked hopefully.

“Indeed, our ships are capable of greater speeds, but we have had a few hundred years to develop the technology. Our own first steps into space were not unlike your own. When Humans first made Warp speed, we were also contacted by the Vulcans in much the same way. So it goes! We have not discovered any lifeforms in these systems. We have been following your trail but we haven’t made a comprehensive analysis of the systems you have visited as there wasn’t time. If you wish it, then there will be diplomatic missions sent to visit you, and you would then receive help with exploration, among many other things. For now, the priority is obviously to get you repaired and fixed up or to get you back home.”

Hal was only human. But he didn’t seem to sense that these people posed any threat. For that, he was grateful. He longed for a nice, normal exchange of information.

There was a pause in the exchange with Glen, before the UT continued with the Firsts replies. =/\= Any further contact between my people and your Federation will have to be decided by the Tri-Council. I am certain they will be open to the idea of least hearing more of you. Until we can get repairs done though this is a moot point though. Could you tell me more about your Federation though? The more I have for my later report the more open I feel the Council will be to hearing you out. =/\= She said.

During the pause, Glen had looked around to see what Hal was up to. Hal seemed relaxed regarding the security situation, which in turn relaxed Glen. He felt safe here and he continued with the history that he could remember.

“Let me see,” Glen continued, “History was never my best subject… Once the Vulcans had made first contact with Earth, the rival fragmented governments on Earth came together. Vulcan had its own political schisms too, but over time the idea of a coalition of planets to explore the galaxy together grew in popularity. Earth, Vulcan, Andoria, and Tellar were the four founding members, and a charter was drawn up to form the basis of a multi-species alliance. It has steadily expanded ever since, although we hold an uneasy peace with the other large empires at our borders. The Federation is governed by democracy and has an elected President. I’m sorry, but my knowledge more than that is sketchy, I’m just a pilot really, rather than a diplomat.”

Hal said, “Maybe we could download a copy of our Federation Charter, with the signatory planets on it?”


“Could I ask you now about your ship?” Glen asked. “As I mentioned earlier, we use the ability to break the speed of light, or Warp Speed as we call it, as a measure that a species has reached a sufficient technological level that it could join the Federation. It is rather taken for granted that that also implies it has a societal structure that can manage first contact with extra-solar aliens. So, your engines are a truly fantastic achievement. Almost all Warp engines rely on matter-antimatter reactions at their core, and the energy produced is controlled by the use of Dilithium crystals. Do you use Dilithium crystals? As you might expect, Dilithium has become something of great value and a new source of the mineral would bring great economic good fortune to your systems if you were to exploit it.”

Glen, CO

=/\= I do not know what this Dilthium you speak of is. The crystal we use is lithium based fed by a phased plasma matter and antimatter matrix =/\= The First replied.

=/\= What else did you want to know? =/\= She inquired.

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