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Posted Nov. 22, 2020, 7:44 p.m. by Lieutenant Inola (Communications Officer) (Leonora V)

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=/\= Yes the Forse system =/\= She said obviously Forese was their term for ‘warp’, =/\= failed to fire as we prepared to leave this system to faster than light speeds. Thankfully we did not have a core breach or major loss of power beyond motive propulsion at sublight or faster than light speeds. The problem was it also knocked out sublight drive so we could not even get back into this system where we could have harvested minerals for repairs and processing. Or least that is what the engine crew reported. To be honest....=/\= The Third paused and glanced at where the First was speaking to Glen, then back to Inola in a lower tone. =/\= To be honest, some had felt we might die out here, lost from the Council and our home, and unable to return with the reports and evidence of our previous travels to three other systems before here. We could not even communicate with our home or unknown word reference, perhaps means love, as our communication systems do not extend further then a few thousand kilometers =/\= The Third went on, and also the UT had updated references now on measurements so that was proof things were getting better.

GM CockRoach

Inola nodded, trying to focus on the engineering aspect. She desperately wanted to ask about their council and their society, but she had her orders. “We plan to keep that from happening. Do your engineers know what went wrong in the Forse system? I think one of our engineers is already taking a look, but it could be helpful to know.”

-Inola, Comms

Another pause before replies happened before the Third nodded. =/\= It seems there was an unexpected overload in the plasma feed to the Forese drive, which caused a fire to break out in the main motive relays in the engine room. Some unknown word, perhaps an insult back home for some reason felt we did not need spare parts or wiring which after the fire was out we found we lacked the means to replace the damaged components. Thankfully by the Abyss you came along not long after. =/\= She explained.

GM CockRoach

Inola nodded. “It sounds like a simple enough repair.” She tilted her head. “I suppose medical terminology should be our next priority.”

-Inola, Comms

After a moment the Third nodded again. =/\= Of course. Medical terminology. =/\= She said simply turning back to the console and again began to type up a lengthy report from their computer records. Filing this into a data disk of some kind she turned and fed it into the larger split display screen again. This time it was quite lengthy. The left pane seemed to explain body make up and organs, and systems. As well as common terms for allergies, sickness, etc. This was confirmed by the Third saying just that =/\= The left pane is common body language make up and systems, as well as terms for allergies, sicknesses, and the like. =/\= She said. Pressing a rocker switch then the right panel came alight. =/\= The right screen is a more indepth term for medical tools, surgeries, and the like that we use day to day and in emergencies. Anything else you want me to add to this bit of data? =/\= She asked.

GM CockRoach

Inola shook her head. “No, this should be fine.” Even better, the UT didn’t need her for that. “Tell me a bit about your planet. What’s it like?”
-Inola, Comms

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