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Entering into the engine room, the pair found six of the female aliens working on a mess of blown out fuse boxes and a tangle of wires in one corner where it seems some kind of fire had earlier broken out but now had been put out and they were in the process of trying to salvage wires and relays. One looked up and pointed to the group, another rose coming over. Dusting off ash and oil like residue on her jump suit. After a moment to process the words the UT translated. =/\= You must be the alien folks the came to help. Quite a difference between you two I must say. =/\= She said looking between Tia and Kord. =/\= Got to admit I never expected to see a what seems a male alien in my life time. =/\= She said in Kord’s direction. Then shrugged =/\= Anyhow you folks must be here to help not let me talk whatever passes for your hearing ability off. Right now we are trying to replace a series of blown relays from the main engine core feed line. A fire broke out earlier but we got that under control. Problem is we some unknown word, perhaps an insult felt we did not need spare parts or wiring hence why we wound up in this situation. Any chance you could get us some gold plated high power transfer capable wiring? As well as a plasma line conduit to these specifications? =/\= She said handing a piece of paper with the alien script on it which would need to be translated by scanning.

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Tia took the paper with a slight sideways smirk at Kord for the compliments paid to him. Apparently she had good taste in men if even alien species found him intriguing at least.

A quick glance back at the one before her, she nodded. “I am sure we can manage this. I will see what I can do.” She looked back at Kord once more. “You ok here while I get these scanned and beamed to us?” She knew it was a yes but she had to ask anyway. Her tricorder was already scanning the paper to send to the Merri for translation and creation.

Tia CE

Kord smirked ever so slightly.

“You want to leave me alone in a ship full of alien women? What could go wrong?” he said teasingly, “I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

Kord turned to the alien engineer.

“Do you use a reactor configuration that utilizes superheated steam, created by a controlled nuclear reaction, to drive turbines that generate electricity to power your systems?” he asked.

  • Kord, XO

It seems the UT didn’t translate Kord’s words well, as the females gave him odd looks in reply, perhaps he should try again.

Scans showed the reactor used a crude lithium matter/antimatter mix chamber reaction. Similar to early warp 1 engines on Earth. The core was stable but power feeds lines were burned out from the reaction chamber into the mess of burned wires and relays. They could be replaced easily enough from basic parts on board the Merrimack once beamed over.

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