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Saark nodded to the NEs. “Thank you. I’ll take it from here.” Having heard already what he’d be dealing with, Saark had a handheld UT with him, which he glanced at to try and figure out what the seemed-to-be-a-doctor was saying. He instructed some of the NE doctors to help them get the coma patients to biobeds, as well as watch them to make sure they remained stable. “Many societies closer to Earth than here do not have transporters, so I’m not surprised,” he said with a shrug.

Nodding the NEs did their jobs with putting the burn victims on the biobeds and then departed.

Faith appeared at the Sickbay door with some other Yeomen. “Hello Sir, I’m reporting for auxiliary nursing duties. We’ve been informed you were expecting a rush on burns casualties?”

-Faith, Yeoman

About this point after Faith arrived, two more of the female aliens came in with burns and were set down by the NEs on a bio bed. “..Sorry we couldn’t fit them all in the first lift.” He said.

In total there were five burn victims.

GM CockRoach

“Yes,” Saark said to Faith. “Five of them, so far, your help is appreciated.” He said, and then he turned to the NE. “It makes no difference. Thank you, Ensign.” He said, adding to the sickbay crew, “We should get to work.”

~ Lt Saark, CMO

After a second the UT translated the alien woman’s sing song like speech.....mostly, =/\= Yes! I am known as unknown word, probably a name I am a trained doctor aboard our ship the unknown word, probably a ship name. The patients you will be working on were put into a deep coma to ease the pain they would no doubt feel while conscious. We treated the burns as best we could but anything further you could do for them with your clearly more advanced medical science would be appreciated. One is a good friend of mine. =/\= She stated.

GM CockRoach

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