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After a moment the Third nodded again. =/\= Of course. Medical terminology. =/\= She said simply turning back to the console and again began to type up a lengthy report from their computer records. Filing this into a data disk of some kind she turned and fed it into the larger split display screen again. This time it was quite lengthy. The left pane seemed to explain body make up and organs, and systems. As well as common terms for allergies, sickness, etc. This was confirmed by the Third saying just that =/\= The left pane is common body language make up and systems, as well as terms for allergies, sicknesses, and the like. =/\= She said. Pressing a rocker switch then the right panel came alight. =/\= The right screen is a more indepth term for medical tools, surgeries, and the like that we use day to day and in emergencies. Anything else you want me to add to this bit of data? =/\= She asked.

GM CockRoach

Inola shook her head. “No, this should be fine.” Even better, the UT didn’t need her for that. “Tell me a bit about your planet. What’s it like?”

-Inola, Comms

After a few seconds a reply came. =/\= Alstair Prime? =/\= She said referring it seems to their planet. =/\= It is a lovely world if you ask me. Lush jungles, warm oceans and lakes. I am probably overselling its beauty though. =/\= She said with a chuckle. =/\= The city scapes we have built in the past two generation cycles are the most modern. A hybrid of artificial and organic based in build. It blends a near seamless quality of life to the natural surroundings. Without overly impacting the natural landscape. Did that make sense? =/\= She asked then.

GM CockRoach

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