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Posted Jan. 18, 2021, 6:55 p.m. by Lieutenant Inola (Communications Officer) (Leonora V)

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Inola blushed. “I’m actually fairly new. I’m not quite sure what we do. I know we’re explorers, and they expect us to meet people who we’ve never met before. That’s… why I’m here after all! We get sent on supply runs sometimes, or escorting dignitaries. It’s all very important.” She knew she seemed a little clueless, but that was her life in general.

-Inola, Comms

There was a pause before the Third replied =/\= It sounds like busy for you! In truth we sound somewhat ....mmmm…how you perhaps might say ‘slower’ in tasks we undertake. The Tri-Council for example took 74 of our local years to decide on a proper course and mission of study of what we would do out here besides looking for our lost sleeper ships at these three systems we went too. =/\= The Third said.

GM CockRoach

“You’re just now starting out. My people didn’t go very fast in the beginning either.” She smiled and leaned forward curiously. “Tell me more about the Tri-Council?”

-Inola, Comms

”..What did you want to know about them?” The Third inquired.

GM CockRoach

Captain Glen arrived from the Bridge, via Engineering.

“Hello Inola, Hello Third,” Glen said. “We will shortly be returning to the Merrimack. Tia and Kord have the engines repaired. the injured Alstairs are already being treated aboard the Merrimack. Could you give me an update on what you have found out?”

  • Glen, CO

“Captain! We’ve upgraded the translators to include an array of technical terms and measurements. I was just beginning to ask about the Tri-Council. It’s been an excellent exchange of information.”
-Inola, Comms

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