Fan Tail Lounge Fancy Dress Party - alt-time side Sim - Open to All

Posted Sept. 22, 2018, 3:34 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Adebowale Mbala (Ship's Dentist) (David Fergusson)


At that moment Ade, the Ship’s Dentist, came out of his office, dressed in a penguin onesee suit. “Did I hear someone just mention ‘a drink or two’? As it happens I was on my way to the Fantail Lounge myself.”

He took out a flyer from his pocket and showed it to the two ladies. It was a colourful hand-drawn ink sketch promoting a drink and dance event with an overuse of exclamation marks. In large letters across the top it said, “Deck 13 invites you to the Merrimack Late Summer Fancy Dress Party. Everyone welcome! Make your own cocktails! 20th Century Dance Crazes! And much more! Must come in Fancy Dress! Starts at 2000 hours in the Fantail Lounge!”

“I’m not one to turn down a drink,” said Ade. “But I’m not sure about the fancy dress part. Do you think this would be the right thing to wear? Were you planning on going too?”

Cross’s jaw fell open,for a minute the doctor thought she was hallucinating ,as her brain cells were still trying to take in the image of a giant penguin in sickbay.It was the familiar voice of the dentist that brought her back to reality ‘’Oh my!’‘ she exclaimed ‘’You had me fooled there’‘ Cross replied looking at the flyer in his hand as if she was half blind.

Marthese saw Ade in his penguin suit and come trotting their way ‘’What’s up doc..done with being a dentist’‘ she laughed turning to Cross ‘’Imorru xtahseb?’‘ she asked.
‘’You bet ‘’Cross responded then both doctors turned to Tia ‘’ Shall you join us?’‘.

“Well, you will also need a costume,” Ade said. “Have you any ideas?”

‘’No problem I have one’‘ Marthese replied ‘’What about you Miriam?’‘ she asked the other female doctor ‘’Eh,why most certainly ‘’Cross lied through her teeth .

‘’Say I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun but I have been on the Merrimack long enough to know the rest of the crew ‘’ she stopped wondering how to put it into words ‘’The crew on this ship never showed much enthusiasm to move among and engage with others at a social function’‘.

“Yes, I have noticed that too,” replied Ade. “They can be quite stoical.... ....but Deck 13 must be more ebullient, after all, they have organised this event. Deck 13 must be the Merrimack party deck!”

“Let’s go then! We wouldn’t want to be late!” added Ade, who lead them off towards an evening of tacky costumes, unfortunate lighting, tasteless decorations, dreadful music and kitsch.

Back at her quarters Marthese took out the red Indian dress,after a quick shower and her black hair made in two thick shiny braids that reached down nearly to her waist complete with feathers she was ready and headed to Deck 13.

Cross was also in her quarters but unlike her colleague she had no fancy dress to wear.Shrugging the doctor took a sheet and with the help of a pair of scissors made a couple of holes for her head and arms to fit in,the last thing was wrapping a piece of the sheet around her waist making sure it was well and firmly secured.
On the way to Deck 13 Cross noticed some funny looks but tried her best to ignore them ‘’ Morons, they most probably do not even know about the fancy dress party ‘’ she muttered to herself.

Ade also received some odd looks until he reached the Fan Tail Lounge on Deck 6. Once out of the turbolift he saw that everyone else was also in costume. There were period soldiers, ocean going sailors, American wild west cowboys and construction workers. He had no idea who these people were, and realised that he would never find Miriam and Marthese as he hadn’t asked how they would dress.

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