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As he then went to the ready room of the captains. She then realized that he would’ve checked in a long time ago. Hunnicutt then chimed the chime to the ready room and waited smiling for the captain to respond.

“Enter!” replied Captain Glen, looking up from his desk. At the sight of Hunnicutt, John Glen stood up and put out his hand.

“You’re the new appointment as Transporter Chief? Hunnicutt? Glad to have you aboard the Merrimack and part of the family,” Glen said.

“What can I do for you today?” the Captain asked.

“Just wanted to give my check in before I report to my post sir. Yes I am the Transporter Chief. And thank you sir for allowing me to serve under you. I’ll do whatever I can to keep the transporter room up and running sir.” As the Lt. said to the captain.

“Well, the Merri isn’t as new and shiny as she once was,” replied Glen. “We were launched in 2295, and taken one or two hits since then. We have seven transporters in total that you will be responsible for. There are two standard six pad transporters, one port and one starboard in the saucer section. In addition, there are two ten pad emergency transporters. One is located near sickbay in the saucer section, and the other is positioned with in the secondary hull. Then there are the three cargo transporters, one in each of the primary cargo holds.”

“I am responsible for all of those transporters to keep them up and running. I thought that was the engineers job to do. But if it is my responsibility I’ll do it. That’s a lot of transporters as well are you sure I’m up for that. Sir.”


“The CE will keep them working for you,” replied Glen, “but it’s your job to inform her they need repairing. And you are responsible for cleaning them. You thought your job was just to stand there and pull a lever?!

  • Glen, CO

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“Well yes sir I thought it was. I didn’t know that I’d let the CE about any repairs done on them. That actually helps me work things out a little more thank you.” Hunnicutt replied back in a more realizing moment that it’s not just standing there you also run tests and all that good stuff.


Glen added, “And don’t forget also that your job is vital to the smooth running of the Merrimack. I could easily get a machine to make the necessary control adjustments and have it voice activated too. However, having a human, rather than a machine is a welcome reassurance to all who use the Transporter. Transporter technology is dangerous tech and many people have Transporter phobia. You are there to assure them that everything is perfectly safe. You’re a crucial safeguard In the unlikely event that something really did go wrong, and you are there to immediately take care of it. You are front door of the Merrimack; the first representative of the Merrimack to be seen by everyone from Admirals to redshirts. You are the first person to greet my promising new cadets, and the last person to give consolation to those leaving the ship for less promising careers.”

  • Glen, CO

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