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Posted March 14, 2021, 10:46 a.m. by Lieutenant Inola (Communications Officer) (Leonora V)

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When the option came to ask questions, she couldn’t think of any that weren’t directly in line with the status of the ship they had accompanied back. She was no diplomat and knew nothing she was apt to query about would be of any consequence to anyone else.

=/\= I see your governing body is a trinary body. Is there a significance? Religious, caste, something else? =/\= Kord asked.

=/\= We are representatives of the three major tribes on our planet, Commander Kord. We are then each given advice by our advising council when needed =/\= Falee explained.

Inola nodded, remembering the information she had received from the Third on the ship.

A gong sounded somewhere nearby and the three Alstair females smiled in turn, Falee turned her attention back to the away party. =/\= Ah Captain it would appear our regional chefs have finished preparing some sample platters for your team to try. If you would like to continue our discourse over some finger food and drinks we could go now if you like?=/\= She said.

=/\= Splendid! We would appreciate the honour and the opportunity to continue to converse more informally. =/\= replied Captain Glen.

Falee spoke again, =/\= Conversely Captain, if you and your team would wish to break up into groups we could provide a small tour of various facilities of interest while you and your XO or such dine with us?=/\= Falee offered. Leading the team regardless down a regal side hall to what seemed and smelled a dining hall. The smells were quite tasty even from this distance, strong and ripe but in a good way.

OOC: Just trying to offer an option for other folks to do tours and ask questions if they want to skip the ‘boring’ dining chat to come!

GM CockRoach

=/\= Thank you, Falee. =/\= Glen replied. =/\= I ‘m sure some would like to take up that offer.”

“Anyone who would like to take up the offer, please feel free, “Glen told the rest of the landing party. “Just remember to get back to the ship on time. We wouldn’t want to leave without you. Relax and enjoy yourselves.”

-Glen, CO

“I’ll stay with you, sir.” As though Inola would ever leave the Captain with only a UT during a diplomatic visit.

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