Main Sim - Investigating the Sleeper Ship

Posted July 21, 2021, 3:24 a.m. by Ensign Hercules Kahuna (Weapons) (David Fergusson)

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Posted by Lieutenant Tiastri Ezial (Chief Engineer) in Main Sim - Investigating the Sleeper Ship

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William piped up “The ship was outside their sensor range, we barely detected it” He informed the Chief Engineer. He brought his own contingent of a medical officer and another Security officer for escort.

The security officer, Guy Fleegman, made sure that everyone was aboard the shuttle before checking the doors were closed correctly. It had been hundreds of days since the last shuttle malfunction, but you could never be too careful. He still wasn’t sure if they should be just waltzing in there, but these decisions were above his pay grade. Do they listen to me? he thought.

The CE, Tia, and NE John Jeffries, a more than capable security officer, had boarded first, joined by CSO, William, NE Boneman, a medical officer, and a second NE Security officer.

“Shuttle ready for immediate departure!” Guy gave a wave through the shuttle window to the party, as the shuttlecraft bay doors opened and the craft slowly lifted from the floor to begin its journey to the second sleeper ship. What could possibly go wrong? Guy thought to himself.

As the shuttle departed safely from the Merrimack with their landing party on board things thankfully went without problems in debarking and heading the short distance across open space to the waiting sleeper ship. They could see through port holes in said ship the faint outlines of Alstair females at work. In places some foggy mist likely from leaking coolant or cryo work being done was in evident as they passed by. Coming up to the smaller docking port they came about and with soft thunks soon were safely docked the green light showing a solid seal.

On the second “thunk” a message came from the USS Merrimack =/\= Lieutenants Ezial and Grey, this is NE Kahuna. The Captain says that there has been some kind of incident on Alstair; multiple causalities, some possibly fatal, fire and damage from an explosion. I’m performing scans and the Merrimack is at Amber alert. NE Kahuna out! =/\=

-NE Kahuna, (acting) senior officer

William froze in the act of standing up. He hadn’t expected anything like that happening despite knowing full-well that anything could and was not unlikely to happen. He frowned at the shuttle console before tapping the comms console and answering =^=Understood NE Kahuna, please keep us informed of any developments no matter how minor, keep an active transporter lock on all away team members=^= Hopefully with the new CMO heading to the planet any injuries could be dealt with on the Planet. The Captain wouldn’t appreciate being pulled away without being able to give assistance. “Let’s get going, the faster we can help them with this the faster we can be back on the Merrimack” He did want to go back to the Bridge but they still had a job of work to do.


=/\= Aye Sir =/\= replied Kahuna.

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Tia had been running scans on the portable equipment to be sure they could use it once they got to the ship. When the alert came from the Merri, she was grateful for NE responding. “Definitely…” helping others is one thing, needing to help the ship was another. And like the CSO, Tia hated not being their in this moment when they were needed.

Stepping from the shuttle, she carried her tool container in one hand and scanner in the other. She made sure whatever was leaking wasn’t going to be an addition issue to the human crew and proceeded to where a cluster of Altair seemed to be a more organized and in charge group. As she approached, she spoke up not wanting to seem like they were sneaking. “I’m Tia. We’re here to help if we can.” She nodded to the others behind her.


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