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Posted Oct. 18, 2021, 10:13 a.m. by Captain John Tiberius Glen (Captain) (David Fergusson)


=/\= So, I ask you only to go back to your communities, discuss this with your peers, and let’s get your world admitted as quickly as possible. Thank you for allowing me to speak here today. =/\=

Hal waited until he was absolutely sure that the open channel was closed and that it wouldn’t broadcast his remarks.

“Captain,” he said softy so that he wouldn’t get overheard, “Those ‘dangerously primitive spacecraft’ represent the cutting edge technology of these people.”

“They have Warp Drive,” Glen replied to Hal, “that’s the only criteria we use! Don’t ask me why. Blame the Vulcans! They do have a great rapid transport system and wonderful architecture. They just haven’t made the same advances in other technologies… and we can help there. The Klingons know of a species from a planet called Pakled. They have significantly less advanced technology and no one can quite understand how they’ve got into space at all. The Alstaireans are not Pakleds. They will learn quickly.”

There was a long pause before the UT translated the speech for the Council speaker. =/\= Thank you Captain Glen for that concise and though speech on the advances your Federation could bring to our people. =/\= She said.

After another pause the UT picked up again. =/\= It is the decision of this Council that your offer for aide given our current long standing troubles with asteroids, comets, and such hitting our planet, would be a welcome gift. In exchange we are prepared to provide an exchange of unknown word, possible mercantile good name, the UT stated and other commodities that we have much surplus in. As well as stellar records of this region near out home system dating back 200 of our years. We would also be open to a limited mercantile exchange and visitation of both our peoples with certain conditions which can be discussed at a later time with your superiors. =/\= She went on.

Glen congratulated himself. At the moment, it appeared like he was heading towards a successful mission. The feeling was rather short-lived as the Council’s speaker continued…

Again there was a pause before the UT picked up again, =/\= However, the other decision of this Council is we need to better evaluate how our presence in your stellar community and more would impact us and any alliances more deeply we would make. Please understand this is not a dim view of your people or presence, we simply are slow to make large scale changes without fully judging their impact in much longer terms given our extended life cycles to your own shorter lived races. =/\= She went on. =/\= Perhaps in 30....maybe 50 or more stellar cycles provided things which we previous mentioned have gone well we can revisit your offer of joining your Federation. Do you have any other questions, comments, or concerns?=/\= She asked.

=/\= I appreciate that you need time to evaluate and deliberate your decision =/\= replied. but 30 to 50 of their stellar cycles! he thought to himself, I’ll not be around that long!

The was little he could suggest further given the Alstaireans long extended life-spans and their general slowness and shyness to make changes, but he could offer one last idea.

=/\= it could be arranged for you to send a delegation of your lawmakers and diplomats to our Federation Council aboard one of our Starfleet ships if you wished. They could tour my planet of Earth and meet with our lawmakers and diplomats. They could see our Council in operation and experience the wide diversity of species, backgrounds, thoughts, cultures and religions that are represented? =/\= Glen suggested.

=/\= You would then be able to see for yourself our peaceful liberal democracy in operation. Despite the wide diversity, our members don’t fight one another because they all share the common norms of live and let live, and they have domestic institutions that constrain the recourse to wars and conflicts. =/\=

Glen, CO

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