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Posted Nov. 4, 2021, 4:42 p.m. by Crewman Faith Hopkins (Yeoman) (David Fergusson)


The CMO had just arrived in sickbay after she and other medical personnel had treated the injured from the meteorite .Looking around Cross muttered something under her breath and turned to face those who had been with her ‘’ No rest guys we need to assist the doctors and nurses here ‘’ and with that she walked over to a nurse who was putting clean instruments on a trolley.

Once ready the CMO followed her ,the young nurse stopped by a patient who was screaming bloody hell but Cross put a hand on the nurse’s shoulder and gestured her to keep on moving,the other frowned ‘’But,but ma’am, he’s in pain why are you stopping me?’‘ she asked bewildered.

Cross gave a slight smile ‘’Well young lady,when I was in medical school we were taught to treat the patients who are quiet, making little to no noise, silent,still or groaning faintly ‘’ she pointed at the crew member ‘’Still go and check his injuries ‘’. The nurse did as she was told and once near his biobed she was about to ask him where it hurts but he did not give her time to finish ‘’Here,here on my thigh the pain is,is to much to bear’‘ then pointed to a very superficial cut which only needed some stitches.
The nurse rolled her eyes ‘’Oh very well I’ll take care of your superficial wound ‘’ the nurse thought it was best to stitch up the wound and kick him out of sicbay ‘’I have to clean it first before stitching up ‘’ Jones told the man. ‘’Will it hurt nurse?’‘ he asked while raising his head to see what she was about to do.

As she cleaned the wound on his thigh the patient winced,then came the stitches with the first stitch the patient howled ‘’Aaaaoooo’‘ he screamed but the nurse ignored him.Then she took his hand and put in a vein-flow while the patient looked on, his eyes nearly popping out of their socket .Jones then put up a prophylactic antibiotic ‘’It should take about half an hour and then you can leave sickbay’‘.

‘’What!’‘ the crewman exclaimed ‘’With this wound? I demand to see a doctor right now,tks,tks what kind of treatment does sickbay give! ‘’ still the nurse kept herself calm ‘’All of sickbay knows you have just five stitches ,now if you want a doctor I’m sure if I call the CMO she’ll be more then happy to oblige’‘.

The man looked at the nurse horrified ‘’What that red eyed Vulture!’‘ he blurted out ,she nodded trying hard not to burst out laughing ‘’Say how long did you say that antibiotic would finish?’‘.
NC Nurse Jones.

CMO Cross.

The Captain’s Yeoman, Faith Hopkins, and the Ship’s Dentist, Ade Mbala, appeared at her office door. “Long time, no see!” said Faith. “We both wondered if you’d like a drink in the Fantail Lounge later? When you have dealt with these casualties?”

  • Faith and Ade

Cross recognized the Yeoman’s voice before she even looked up ‘’Faith! Ade! ‘’ the female doctor exclaimed moving towards them ‘’God knows how much I missed you’‘.
They both ended up having a bear hug ‘’Yes definitely I’ll meet you later on..look I have no time for now,do me a favor Faith call all medical personnel who work in sickbay to report for duty even if they come in their night clothes ‘’.

Cross was different from the last time they saw her ,now just a shadow of her former self .She had lost too much weight ,her once pink complexion was gone replaced instead was a scar across her left cheek .

Cross CMO

“Oh! Right! I’ll make that call,” Faith said. “No one told us the injuries were that serious!” Faith couldn’t help but wonder about the scar on Miriam’s face. Scar tissue could be easily fixed with a dermal regenerator, so at some point Miriam must have been a long time and distance from modern medical treatment.

  • Faith, Yeoman

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