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Posted Oct. 28, 2018, 2:59 a.m. by Lieutenant Bre Davis (Communications (outgoing)) (Catt Bennett)

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Bre had packed everything she could think of which actually didn’t amount to much. In a few hours she would be leaving on a long trip to Vulcan. Anna would be coming along later after tending to some personal matters so Bre and the twins would be travelling alone.

She sat in the lounge, with the drowsy babies, looking out the window, torn between wanting to go home to Earth and the exhilaration of her new post.

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The Security Chief walked into the Lounge carrying a small red and black wood box and looked around. Seeing Bre, he walked directly to her. Speaking softly so as not to disturb the twins, his deep rumbling voice sounded more like far distant thunder than the typical crashing boulders. “Hello, Lieutenant. Am I interrupting? I wished to speak with you for a moment, if that is all right.”

Nkosenye, CoS

Bre smiled up at Nkosenye, nodded, then motioned for him to sit down. She wished she’d had a chance to get to know this one a bit better.

“Don’t worry, they’re out like little lights.”

Cross walked in a few seconds after Nkosenye ‘’Please Lt’‘ she told the CoS ‘’Just a couple of minuets that’s all I’m asking for’‘ her eyes were already welled up with tears that threaten to fall the second she blinked.
‘’Bre I’m going to miss you, having been friends for so long’‘ a tear rolled down her face which the doctor was quick to wipe out.Cross hugged her and it seemed she did not want to let go ‘’Take care and hope one day we’ll meet again’‘ she then kissed both babies on their heads ‘’Take good care of them for nothing is as precious as your children’‘.
Cross took a few steps backwards ready to turn around and leave.

Cross Dr.

Bre returned Cross’ hug.

“Oh don’t worry, you haven’t seen the last of me. The new position I’m taking makes allowances for the fact that I enjoy field study. I can’t say that Glen and Emmy will be with me every time but we’ll see.” Bre explained.


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