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Having showered and putting on a clean uniform Cross headed to the Lounge were she was suppose to meet Faith and Ade. Looking around she saw neither, ordering a drink and finding an empty table by the window the doctor gazed outside at the darkness.Her feelings were kind of mixed now that she had made it back on the Merrimack. though she knew it was a decision not taken lightly on her part.

Not long after she had taken her seat by the window, Ade walked into the Fantail Lounge. He spotted Miriam, ordered a drink for himself and then made his way over to her table. “Okay to join you?” Ade asked, “Only I heard about the death in surgery today, and you seem deep in your own thoughts?”

A small smile formed on her first as she gestured for Ade to take a seat ‘’You and Faith invited me remember?’‘ .

‘’Yes quite unfortunate what happened in sickbay and I do intend to find out why he was left there instead of being operated on’‘ Cross replied as she looked back at the darkness outside ‘’I had to leave, was causing to much problems back then ‘’ the female doctor did not mention her abducted male baby. Five years had past since then and it was becoming a distance memory, partially due to the Vulcan who had done the mind meld to help her.

Cross took a sip of whisky then looked at the dentist ‘’What about you Ade?’‘ she asked now holding eye contact with the dentist.

“I get by,” Ade said. “The new combined dental imaging and dental transporter technology, that came, via the Klingons, from some secretive company known only as the FCA, has revolutionised dentistry. I really only do emergency treatments nowadays. That does give me a lot of time to relax though, so I’m not complaining too much!”

Cross frowned ‘’To be honest i don’t know what you are talking about ,all I know is that I do need to visit a dentist’‘ she touched the tooth with her tongue ‘’Ouch’‘ the female doctor uttered.

Ade brightened with the prospect of some real dentistry to do. “Come and see me and I’ll take care of it.”

Cross rolled her eyes ‘’Dear doctor I sure ain’t looking forward to any procedure done by a dentist’‘.

Ade knew little about the time Cross had spent on Merrimack, except for what Faith had told him, but that didn’t include the stolen baby or the mind-meld.

Faith arrived in the Fantail Lounge. She waved and then went to the bar and ordered a vodka martini.

Faith came over to their table, and seeing the half full glasses said, “I must be late!”

“So good to see you back again,” Faith added.

Cross gave her friend another hug,she was glad to see her after nearly five years ‘’I had the dentist for company ‘’ then as an after thought she went on ‘’Not that I like dentists especially lying down as they fiddle with those dreadful instruments and keep on a conversation when the patient cannot answer with their mouth open’‘ she chuckled .

Then in a more serious tone Cross asked both of them ‘’By any chance do you have any idea about a blast or explosion when the away team was present?’‘.

“I only heard that it was a meteorite strike on the planet’s surface, that hit a busy transport interchange,” Faith told her. “A completely natural event, but one the Alstaireans apparently live with frequently.”

The female doctor signed, it seems she was getting nowhere ‘’ But were the away team present when the meteorite hit?’‘ Cross needed to know the circumstances which where necessary to her and required some course of action about the deceased crewman.

“Yes, they were right there when it struck and helped with the trapped and injured Alstaireans,” said Faith. “I don’t know if any got injured themselves. Ask the Captain. He was present, as was Kord.”

‘’No need to ask cause they wouldn’t have known in that time frame anyway ‘’ Cross replied ‘’At least now I do have some information as to what might have happened ..thanks Faith’‘.

‘’Say how is the Captain?’‘ the CMO knew she had to see him in a couple of hours *Would he notice the physical change * Cross wondered.

“Same as he always was,” said Faith, “Just a little older, as we all are!”

‘’Faith is his pesky cat still alive?’‘ she asked, knowing his niece was the one who use to care for the feline.

“Yep!” replied Faith, “Still alive and still getting lost, causing chaos and being a nuisance!”.

Cross burst out laughing ‘’I honestly don’t know how you manage it Faith’‘ that’s when she ordered another glass of whiskey ‘’But to be honest I do miss that cat cause it can get away with murder ‘’ .

“But we used to get away with murder too,” said Faith, “especially yourself!”

Cross nodded her head in agreement ‘’That’s one of the reasons I left Faith,it wasn’t fair on anyone and I returned first cause I missed the ship and its crew and I have come to realize that the need for stimulation is diminishing the older I get ‘’ .

She silently wondered how or why it was happening,perhaps it was a puzzle to the scientists too.

“Well, it’s been very dull without you,” replied Faith. “No shopping trips and girls only parties in he Forecastle Lounge!”

Faith , yeoman

Cross nodded her curls bobbing up and down ‘’We’ll do all that again Faith,just don’t tell your uncle ‘’ .With her glass empty the female doctor glanced at the bar hoping to catch the barman’s attention but instead someone else caught her eye.

There casually sitting on a stool next to the bar was this handsome man ,long blond hair pulled away from his face and though she could only see one side it definitely had manly features ,there was a female crew member flirting right next to him and Hunter had his arm around her waist.
‘’Faith, Faith who is he?’‘ Cross apparently had taken all the details except what he was wearing........... a doctor’s uniform.

Cross Dr.

Faith looked across to where Miriam was looking. “He’s a junior doctor… one we picked up at the last space station, so I don’t really know him. His name is Troy, I think?”

Ade rolled his eyes and finished off his drink. “I must be getting back to work. I’ve seen him around too but I’m afraid I don’t know him either.” He got up to leave. “I’ll see you both later! It looks to me like Troy already has his hands full,” he smiled and left the Fantail Lounge.

Faith and Ade

Cross sat up to ‘’Go to go and rest a bit she told the duo and Ade I ‘ll make an app the min I have some spare time’‘ and with that she headed to her quartets.

Cross Dr.

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