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Vitals of the child were stable for someone in a cryo state. But one thing was quite obvious also by scans, the child inside was not an Alstarian, the child was human like in appearance, but their skin pattern was a deep yellow color in tone with small spots of orange here and there.

The Alstair crew nearby came eventually at the call by the Merrimack crew, and seemed as mystified and confused as they were. Eventually the UT translated a series of sing song replies by one Alstair female engineer. =/\= No idea who or what that child is from, nor what these balls are. They are clearly not Alstair, nor is that writting around the pod. Perhaps that may hold answers if we can translate it?=/\= She offered.

Specs scanned the text with the tricorder and sent it over to the Merrimack for analysis “I’m sending this over to our ship, hopefully our computers can translate it”

Spec’s scans chugged along and soon were sent off to the Merrimack. Meanwhile some of the Alstarian women were busy sweeping up the metal balls that had fallen about in disarray.

Glen made a reply to William and Tia aboard the Sleeper Ship =/\= Can you give us any more? Don’t the Alstaireans know when and where it was picked up? For Fingale’s sake!!! Try checking the ship’s course logs to see where it has been. The stasis box isn’t a small object to have been delivered to the ship. It would have taken time. The Merrimack computer seems to think that the symbols are a written language and that they tell a story of a child put in stasis and sent to the stars to escape some planetary problem. We need to find that planetary system. =/\=

=/\= In addition, Dr. Cross wants more information on the tiny spheres that surrounded the child. What are they? What are they made of? Do you need a medical doctor over there? Any other specialists? Glen over! =/\=

-Glen, CO

Checking the logs, there did not seem to be any notes from the original Alstairian crew still in stasis about waking up and picking up the child. It would seem this unknown alien race had come aboard, turned the ship about and sent it back to Alstair Prime for unknown reasons with this child. Thankfully the logs indicated a sector of star systems about 5 light years out from Alstair Prime, about a casual 2 days travel by warp 4 but for the sublight sleeper ship had been a trip of well over 5 years or so.

Tia picked up one of the spheres as the translations were being send back and forth. =^=No one’s answered me, yet. The pod seems stable. Medical is welcome, but not sure what they can do unless we plan to crack this open.=^= Her voice seemed slightly distracted as she answered and continued her investigation of the pod.

Absently rolling the sphere between her hands, she leaned down to see how the pod was attached to the ship’s power. Was it something that was already in place and the young thing was put inside, or was the ship jury rigged to accommodate the cryo pod and she would be able to tell? And why was she in this particular location. “Why put the child in here? Why not with the others?” she mused out loud. Turning to the nearest woman she shook her head in confusion. “Why is the child here? Is there someone who can tell us where she came from?”

A doctor was dispatched , he acknowledged Tia ‘Ma’am’ gave a slight nod and walked over to the cryo pod while looking at the child inside ‘’There is no way to get her genetic makeup without opening the pod and I don’t think it’s a good idea to do so at least not at the present moment ‘’ .

The sphere in Tia’s hand caught his attention ‘’What is that?’‘ he asked.

Hunter pointed at the symbols to the man who was an archaeologist and anthropologist ‘’Your call I believe ‘’ the doctor told him ‘’Those symbols could well be a message of some kind, that child may be someone imported to go to all this trouble ‘’.

Turning back to Tia, Hunter asked if she had scanned the sphere ,looking around him he saw more of them ‘’Where were these position Lt ?’‘ meanwhile the doctor went round the pod to check if it was connected to some energy source …if it was then he was not so sure about transporting it to a shuttle bay, He scanned with his medical tricoder ,wondering if anything could be picked up with the pod closely sealed.

As the away team could inform Hunter, the balls had been piled up around the sleeper pod of the child inside the box. And as had been noted earlier the whole setup had seemed jury rigged, not normal to the sleeper ship’s original construction as it had been tied into the ship’s original power systems.

Scans of the pod showed much as had been said before, the child was male, not an Alstairian, and was maybe about 5-8 years old roughly by human counts. The child was stable in stasis, and showed no signs of sickness or other maladies that were obvious. The only way to really get more information likely would be to transfer the child and pod to the Merrimack, a task easily accomplished by transporter.

The balls themselves seemed not really that impressive, the outer casing was made of a common steel not too different then those found on Earth in the late 21st century. They were about 3-4 inches spherical in shape, quite smooth, obviously machine made. Internal scans of the balls though showed they had some kind of organic matter inside, the exact makeup though was hard to discern just on tricorder scans, a scientific and medical analysis on the Merrimack’s labs and cracking open a ball or two would probably reveal more in time.

‘’Lt why not take one or two spheres and let medical and science check what kind of organic matter is inside?’‘ Hunter asked Tia .His eyes then fell on the anthropologist/archeologist ‘’ Have you managed to figure what the symbols mean ?’‘ being a doctor he could only guess and guessing was not on the table.not with the Captain.

William, still working on the computer core, checked the flight records of any data that might explain where the mysterious Stasis pod might have come from.

=/\= Captain the male child and the pod can be safely transported to our ship =/.\= the doctor’s deep voice was heard over the comm =/\= We’re also bringing two spheres as the scans show something organic inside just for medical and perhaps the science lab would work on =/\= obviously it would ultimately be Glen’s decision.

For all he knew it would be filled with clay ..he mused to himself.

=/\= Doctor Hunter? Before I transport the whole kit and caboodle across, how did you determine that it’s safe? And the transporter filter is likely to freak out if the spheres contain organic matter. We’d need to bypass the safety protocols! =/\=

Hunter could be heard clearing his throat =/\= Captain from my scans the male child is stable ,obviously we cannot determine more not without opening the pod and I would not recommend it at this point.The transporter could easily transport both the the pod with the child in it ,what I’m not sure is if it be of benefit or harmful to transport it directly to the statis unit in sickbay .=/\=.

=/\=Sir the spheres outer layer can be found on earth as well, its common steel =/\= . The doctor would have much preferred not to tell the Captain over the comm but he had no choice =/\= Sir we can confidently say the human body is organic =/\= .

=/\= It was the organic content of the sphere I was concerned about rather than the shells, but we can try and see what the transporter says about them. The child should be okay to beam over to Sickbay while in stasis and you can decided whether to wake him up over here. =/\=

= /\=Aye Captain=/\= Hunter responded =/\= Though its up to the CMO who has to take that decision =/\=.

=/\= I’ll inform the Transporter Chief that you have an item to beam over. Glen out! =/\=

-Glen, CO

=/\= Aye Captain=/\= came Hunter quick response =/\= We’ll beam to the ship after the child =/\=.

He went over to the other crew members and asked the Anthropologist if he had anything to offer with regards to the symbols.

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